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Dear friends and comrades,

Welcome to the first issue of our eBulletin for the new year. Our New Year's resolution this year won't surprise anyone and isn't any different than each of the years before: to fight for peace, jobs, education and socialism, to help build a strong and militant youth and student movement, and to build the YCL and our press.

We hope that you will join us in these efforts as we enter another year of struggle.

To save Earth and the Environment, defeat imperialism!

ImageThe COPE15 climate change conference last month in Copenhagen has re-stimulated the debate around the global environmental crisis. While the situation becomes ever more urgent, capitalism continues to fail to provide any real solutions, exemplified by the anti-environment stand of Harper and the Tory government. This system got us into this environmental crisis, it will never get us out.

Visit the YCL BC Facebook group ( to view the YCL BC's most recent leaflet on the environment. E-mail if you would like print copies.

read wfdy statement on copenhagen

Image Communist Party Hits Tories on Flu Outbreak

The current swine flu outbreak reveals that after many years of underfunding by the federal and provincial governments, privatization, contracting out of services, P3s, and attacks on health care unions, Canada's universal Medicare system has been stretched to the breaking point, lacking the capacity to handle any significant increase in the numbers of people needing medical care.

The Harper government has failed to deal effectively with this outbreak. Relying on one, private and unaccountable pharmaceutical corporation - GlaxoSmithKline - to produce the swine flu vaccine is a giant abdication of responsibility by the Harper Conservatives. It has proven to be a mistake that may cost the lives of many Canadians.

Big Pharma's investments and production are based on profitability, not the health and well-being of the majority of Canadians. The swine flu vaccine shortfall is thus no accident, but a predictable outcome of the profit-driven interests of the industry.

This failure brings into sharp relief the need for public ownership of the entire pharmaceutical industry, especially the removal of the profit motive from the production of drugs and vaccines.

The government is failing to take other obvious steps that would reduce the spread of the swine flu and other infectious diseases.

read the full statement

Rebel Culture: Salt of the Earth

In December, the YCL in Vancouver held a movie night event featuring the famous film Salt of the Earth, the true story of miners’ strike in New Mexico.

The film was banned and those involved in its production were blacklisted during the anti-Communist terror of the McCarthy period. Most of the cast was composed of the very miners who went on strike, and their families.

It's an inspiring story of working men and women uniting to militantly fight for a better life, Salt of the Earth, brings forward many important lessons for working people today.

For example, Salt of the Earth was well ahead of its time in carrying forward a strong and clear feminist message. It is a lesson in class unity across lines of gender, nationality, and age to fight the bosses and win.

If you haven't seen it, check it out and the link below. Could film nights with movies like this help build your Club?

watch salt of the earth


Image International Solidarity: Against anti-communist measures in Poland!

Last month the Polish government instituted a ban on communist symbols such as the hammer and sickle, and the red star. This move is part of a broader anti-communist campaign taking place across Europe spearheaded by far right governments on behalf of the ruling capitalist class.

As with the ban of the Czech Communist Youth (KSM) which was overturned in 2009 after a courageous struggle by Czech Communists and a broad campaign of international solidarity, this fascist ruling will not stand. Capitalism can not ban the working peoples struggle, it can not ban the fight of youth and students for their future. Watch for possible actions in solidarity with Polish Communists later in the year.

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Rebel History: 51 Years of the Cuban Revolution

On January 1st, the Cuban revolution turns 51 years old. On that day in 1959 Cuban revolutionaries, many of whom were youth, entered Havana. This completed their two year war with the forces of US sponsored dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Batista has already fled to the Dominican Republic after hearing news that his re-enforcements were defeated and had surrendered at the Battle of Santa Clara to revolutionary forces under the leadership of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. This had been cleverly accomplished by derailing the train using a bulldozer, and laying siege to it with Molotov cocktails produced by the locals for the rebel army. Fidel Castro then led the rebel army into Havana unopposed.

In the years immediately after 1959, Cuba began to build a socialist society. It nationalized the means of production so that they were owned and controlled by the people. It began to end the racist and sexist structures of the old society and did away with the colonial control of US imperialism.

Today Cuba remains a socialist society which provides for the basic needs of its people and continues to improve the standard of living. This is despite the efforts of US imperialism to destroy Cuba's independent and socialist society and restore capitalism. The YCL stands in solidarity with the Cuban people and congratulates them on the 51st anniversary of their historic revolution.

visit cuba's young communists online


Image Join the YCL!

Want to fight for peace? Jobs? Education? The environment? Socialism? Join the YCL!

Even in area's where no Club exists, you can join the YCL and join the fight! We want to start new Club's all over BC and we need your help to do it. Contact us at and we will put you in touch with the members closest to you, and/or provide help and materials for building the YCL in your area.

ycl website

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