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May Day March & Rally: One Movement, One World

may day 2011 We encourage everyone to join in this event being organized by the Vancouver & District Labour Council...

International Day of the Worker

One Movement - One World

Sunday, May 1
Gather 1 pm
Clark Park (13th & Commercial)
March 1:30 pm

Rally 2:30 to 3 pm
McSpadden Park (5th & Victoria)

Join with unions, community groups and individuals to march and call for the protection and advancement of workers' rights. Bring your banners & signs.

Communists Demand "Environment, Not Profits!"


In this election, the Communist Party of Canada has advanced a wide-ranging set of proposals designed to protect the environment. The major opposition parties and the Greens base their policies on "market-based" tinkering with the "real costs" of human economic activities. But the Communist Party argues that capitalism itself, a system based on the extraction of maximum profits, is inherently a threat to human survival. The goal of the Communist Party is public ownership of key industries and resources, which would allow for democratic control and economic planning to protect the interests of working people and the environment.

In recent years, the corporate-backed Harper Tories have made Canada a key opponent of serious measures to tackle the deepening global climate crisis. The Communist Party demands emergency action on this issue, as well as support for reparations to countries affected by capitalist-driven climate change.

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CLC Structural Reform and the Ghost of Democracy Past

Resist17.sizedSince 1956 and the formation of the Canadian Labour Congress, the labour movement and the society we live in has changed dramatically. CLC affiliate representation has grown from 1 million to 3 million workers, but the percentage of the working class organized has dropped, and public sector unions now represent the majority of union members.

The cold war, McCarthyism, the attack on left class struggle trade‑unionism, and the escalating barbarity of world imperialism are also part of the transition from 1956 to 2011. The socialist alternative has largely been abandoned by trade union leaders who don't see any real alternative to capitalism.

Because of this lack of an alternative vision to fight for, the main tactical and ideological response of trade unions in the industrialized states has been defense at best, and capitulation at worst.

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BC Minimum Wage Workers Still the Working Poor

wantfairpayThousands of hard working British Columbian's will get a raise on May 1st. To some, it probably felt like the day would never come. A ten year wage freeze instituted by the Liberal Party under Gordon Campbell has left BC with the lowest minimum wage in the country at $8 ‑ more than $3 below the poverty line and less than half of a living wage.

The minimum wage became a topic of shame in British Columbia, particularly given the province's record levels of homelessness and the highest levels of child poverty in Canada. The BC Federation of Labour and the Canadian Federation of Students launched the $10 NOW campaign in 2007, when $10 was still above the poverty line. The demands of the campaign included an immediate increase to $10, a subsequent increase to $11, the abolition of the hated and ageist "training wage", and indexing the minimum wage to inflation.

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International Solidarity: WFDY Greets WFTU Congress

wftu_new-logo-1Dear comrades,It is with great pleasure and honor that I salute this Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions, on behalf of the World Federation of Democratic Youth!

Since the year 1945, when our Federation was born that we were closely related to WFTU and throughout the years we have been made even closer, united fighting against the wars, injustices, inequalities and exploitation of imperialism.

For the youth of the world, the development of your congress, as well as the development of trade unionist movement as a whole, is a vital aspect of its present and future. Unlike what many imperialist sponsored tendencies like to promote, the trade union and the struggle in each work place are the key factors of the struggle, the resistance and the transformation of societies.

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Rebel Culture: Shit Harper Did


Stephen Harper wants to buy 65 stealth fighter jets with 29 billion of our dollars.


Learn this and other reasons why you should help defeat the Tories this election at

shit harper did .com

Rebel History: A Closer Look at "Humanitarian Intervention"


The bombing of Libya by NATO countries, including Canada, has sparked debates in the anti-war movement. While most anti-war groups and activists condemn the imperialist military intervention, a few have tried to justify the war on "humanitarian" grounds. These arguments have had some impact in the wider public, especially since Libyan opposition forces made the initial calls for a "no-fly zone" against Gadaffi's government.

One expression of these differences was seen at the Vancouver April 9 rally against the war in Afghanistan, organized by the broad-based StopWar coalition. StopWar speakers and a statement condemned the NATO war against Libya, warning that this attack has serious potential consequences.

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