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Photo © Mike Mesikep Photography


iMEE presented Artistic Director, Spencer Gavin Hering's multi-disciplinary World Premiere creation, elliptical capture and Andrea Dawn Shelley's "...exquisitely sensual pas de deux..." Frozen Angels during the JCC's Dance Month on January 28 and 29, 2012 at the Kaplan Theatre in Houston, TX. This special work was a true collaborative success which was brought to life through the talents of iMEE Artists, renowned photographer, Simon Gentry and soprano, Natasha Manley.

"The performance was stunning. The dancers' passion and fluidity of movement was beauty defined. And Simon's abiltity to capture it and immediately allow the audience to experience it from the camera's point of view was captivating. More collaborations please." -Patron, Melissa Smith  

"Powerful performance - inspirational choreography! A brilliant collaboration of movement, music and photography! To me, it was a reminder that my eyes only capture fragments of the passion. Bravo to Simon as a true master for capturing amazing images in such low light! Bravo Spencer - Bravo IMEE!" -Patron, Karen Wilkson

To experience elliptical capture for yourself, click here to View now and Enjoy!  

Elliptical Capture, Photo by Simon Gentry
Image of "elliptical capture" captured on stage by Simon Gentry  Artists, Jessica Collado & Connor Walsh


On February 6, 2012, iMEE announced the appointment of Maurice Causey as the company’s first resident choreographer. Mr. Causey, an American-born European choreographer began his relationship with iMEE Directors in March 2011. The collaboration culminated in the creation of a new work set on the company in August 2011, performed in Houston, Texas.  iMEE is honored to join forces with Mr. Causey, adding his talents, knowledge and expertise to their Artistic Staff.  As iMEE resident choreographer, he will have the freedom to create one new work a season. He will also play a huge role as an artistic advisor to iMEE.  Mr. Causey has danced with such companies as Ballet Frankfurt and Ballet Gothenburg. He has held the position of Ballet Master at both: To read more...

Maurice Causey
Maurice Causey working with iMEE Artists, Britt Juleen & Cristian Laverde Koenig

Mr. Causey will set his second work on iMEE in May 2012.  iMEE Directors, Hering & Shelley, along with Causey, will take part in a two week residency in Amsterdam.  During this time, Causey will set a 12 minute duet, Dve Deserter created specifically for the Directors.  Dve Deserter delves into a couples toggling between affection and aggression.  In March 2013, iMEE will travel to Turin, Italy for the company’s first European Tour!  This is extremely exciting for us!  iMEE will be presented by Balletto dell’ Esperia's “Centro Coreografico Progetto Rettilario” and present a full evening of iMEE repertoire.  The company will reprise Causey’s acclaimed work, Grim Eye which premiered August 2011 in Houston, Texas, as well as Causey’s new iMEE World Premiere creation, Dve Deserter. The program will also include Hering’s recent World Premiere collaboration elliptical capture, presented January 2012 at the ERJCC’s Kaplan Theatre in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Causey is excited to create, build and be part of the iMEE family and we are honored to officially welcome him to our family. 

Our Cultured Cocktails event sponsored by Spactaker at Boeheme Cafe & Wine Bar on February 2, 2012 was a huge success! iMEE received 14% from the bar that evening and all proceeds will benefit iMEE artists, specifically iMEE's barefoot troubadour, Graham Patzner for our upcoming April project, FestOval of Dance 2012 in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We did very well.  THANK YOU to our friends & fans who showed their support and joined us for some great conversation & cocktails!  We also held a Silent Auction that evening with photography of iMEE Artists by Simon Gentry from our performances of Spencer Gavin Hering's, World Premiere collaboration, elliptical capture.

We congratulate Ken Yanowski for winning Simon Gentry's beauitful image of iMEE Artists (shown above) at our Cultured Cocktails event!  Thank you for bidding on our special Silent Auction item and... for your continued support. Enjoy! 


April 6, 7, 8 2012
O Dance presents FestOval of Dance 2012 which includes performances by O Dance, iMEE, Reach Dance Company & SCDT!  iMEE has been commissioned to present Andrea Dawn Shelley's, "romantic work," Frozen Angels which will feature iMEE Theatrical Artist/Musician, Graham Patzner.  iMEE will also offer the back of beyond, a World Premiere creation by Spencer Gavin Hering. Hering and Patzner have collaborated on a hauntingly, divine score.  Patzner will perform this original score live on April 6, 7, 8, 2012 at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Rinker Theater in West Palm Beach, FL.  Tickets are on sale nowClick here for ticket sales & more info.

April 28, 2012
Houston Metropolitan Dance Company presents Signature Works.  Houston Met has invited iMEE to perform as Guest Artists on April 28, 2012 at the Wortham Center, Cullen Theater in Houston, TX.  iMEE will present Hering's the back of beyond to Houston audience's! Tickets are on sale now Click here for ticket sales & more info.

Contemporary Sunday Workshop Series @ The Miami Conservatory  While iMEE is in South Florida performing, iMEE Artistic Directors, have been invited back to participate in Contemporary Sundays Workshop Series @ The Miami Conservatory.  Florida friends, come join us on Sunday, April 15, 2012 1:00-3:00 for iMEE Directors collaborative, contemporary ballet class at Thomas Armour Youth Ballet/The Miami Conservatory (5818 SW 73 St, South Miami, Florida)  Class Price: $20! Click here for detailed information... 
Ad Deum Dance Company  will present Andrea Dawn Shelley's, be of two minds that she created for their first company in February 2012.  "What an amazing week of creation I had with the lovely dancers of Ad Deum Dance Company.  I very much look forward to seeing the landscape the dancers will paint and the score in which they will compose through their movement." be of two minds is an ensemble work which tackles Sigmund Freud's concept that the Ego and the Id are built upon the presuppossed existence of conscious and unconscious thoughts and will be presented at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, May 2012 in Houston, Texas.  Click here for more information...

Sunday Ballet with Spencer (& Andrea!) iMEE Artistic Directors, Spencer Gavin Hering & Andrea Dawn Shelley and Guest Teachers alternately teach an open, two hour ballet class every Sunday!  Come join us every Sunday from 11:00-1:00 at Hope Center (1210 West Clay, Suite 26, Houston, Texas!) Class Price: $20 (Hope Center class cards are not applicable.)  Whilst we are away performing, teaching, adjudicating, ballet mistressing, choreographing... we strive to provide our Sunday Ballet participants with some of our favorite Houston teachers & artists in the efforts to keep our class open every Sunday, rain or shine! Click here for our Schedule of teachers...


Superfluous Photo by Simon Gentry
iMEE Artists, Photo by Simon Gentry

Please consider making a contribution to iMEE today by Clicking here!  Help us continue our commitment to the creation of new works. Consider Sponsoring an Artist, a World Premiere creation or even Co-Sponsoring a full evening of iMEE Contemporary Dance!  Become an...

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Such financial encouragement will help keep iMEE afloat and creating multi-discplinary, ever-evolving art.  iMEE guarantees to put your donation to powerful use by sharing our vision and love with audiences in Texas, Florida, California, New York and Italy! iMEE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

As always, let us conclude our Newsletter with one final and very important thought...  None of this would have been possible without you, our wonderful and faithful supporters. 

iMEE would like to extend an infinite amount of gratitude to the following individuals for making our upcoming participation in FestOval of Dance 2012 possible:

  • Spacetaker's Cultured Cocktails
  • Boeheme Cafe & Wine Bar
  • Ken Yanowski
  • Donna Hennessy, Silpada Jewelry
  • Sharon B. Shelley
  • Lynda Eager Wellens

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