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July 2012
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Summer 2012 by the numbers: 

Paid Staff - 4 
Volunteers - 25+ 

12 regional training classes coast-to-coast

Adult Chaperones: 
9-Latvia 10-Ukraine 

Flying into 22 airports across the country 
...on 11 different airlines! 

140 host families a total of 183 orphans! 
103 from Latvia 
80 from Ukraine 

106 single children 
26 - two siblings 
7 - three siblings
 1 - four siblings! 

Host families can be found across
31 states:
AL 1 
AR 1
 AZ 3 
CA 5 
CO 2 
CT 1 
FL 5 
GA 19 
ID 1 
IL 5 
KS 1 
KY 3 
MA 2 
MI 1 
MN 1 
MO 5 
MT 1 
NC 16 
ND 1 
NE 3 
NJ 1 
NM 1 
NY 5 
OH 9 
OK 2 
PA 12 
SC 3 
TN 4 
TX 12 
UT 3 
VA 10 

Each number represents one soul that will be touched this summer! Praise God, we trust He has great things in store!
OUR MISSION is to identify school age orphans
in Eastern European countries who have an ability to integrate with and temporarily live in a functional family environment through a 4-5 week hosting program with American Christian families who show the love of Christ
and with the hope of the children being adopted.


Our summer host children have almost been in the US for almost three weeks now.  Everyone arrived safely, with a few bumps along the way, thank you for your prayers in making that possible. 

Host children and chaperones are getting settled in their families and are experiencing all sorts of new things!  Please keep praying for our host families and children throughout the next 2 weeks!

God's Promises Photo/Video Project!

ChildrenOfGodIt's time for one of our favorite activities of hosting, host children holding signs of God's promises for them... and all of us! 

Current Host Families - 
Guidelines for Submitting Photo: 
  • Select a verse or paraphrase from the Bible that suits your host child 
  • Find a large piece of cardboard to write your message (posterboard also works) 
  • Write phrase or sentence on board, keep it simple, dark, and easy to read 
  • Find a good place to photograph, once again simple background with good lighting. 
  • If photo doesn't come out well, try again in a different location or a different time of day 
  • Email the photos to by Sunday July 28th!

Click the link below to read details about the project!

Facebook Note for Details

Summer Hosting Snapshots

Week 1 Photo Contest Winner

Every week of summer hosting, NHFC will have a photo contest with a certain theme.  For the first week's contest, the theme was photos of host children "Trying something new"!  Week1_Winner
The winner was determined by the photo with the most Facebook "likes" and it was Markus from Latvia! 

Click here to see Week 1 & future contest photos!

A word from Markus's host family - 

Our visit with Markus has been going so well.  ...we wonder how we got so blessed with an easy experience. Markus and our son get along great and play together almost all of the time that they are awake. Markus mostly listens and does what we tell him. He eats almost everything that we put in front of him. Last Sunday after church, Markus was chatting with a chaperone, and she motioned me over to tell me that Markus told her that we are good parents. Yesterday, after his telephone call with his chaperone, she got on the telephone with me and told me that Markus is happy, and that makes her happy. 
An amazing thing to us is that we got in at the end, we were approved on the deadline date, and Markus was a child who was still sitting there unchosen. We know that some people are having a rough time, and some people are having a wonderful time. I am sharing this now to say that if you are having a rough time, we encourage you to stay strong. Our Father may be using this experience in your life for a reason, and He will certainly get you through it. If you are looking at a next time, maybe he will bless you with a more smooth journey. ♥

Making a difference day by day

399394_4259188644439_1140190825_n 2
Vova has not seemed to have much interest in God since he arrived. I don't get the impression that he is opposed to God.... just that he's too much of a ball of activity to sit down and read a Bible passage like other families are able to do with their kids. It was a little discouraging to me, but I prayed that God would just reach him through us in whatever way works and that we would get out of the way and let Him speak to Vova's heart. We've just been living out our faith in front of him without the use of words and loving on him as best as we can. 
At the dinner table, we always hold hands and pray. After we were done praying last night, he kept his eyes shut, and we could hear him whispering a prayer to himself in his own language that went on for at least a minute. The look on his face (with eyes squeezed shut) was imploring and sincere. I don't know what he was saying, but my heart soared. God does not need me to do everything perfectly and follow a particular formula or guideline to reach these children for Him. He just wants me to be His arms reaching and then to stand back and let Him work even when I can't see anything happening. "We are not the healers, we are not the reconcilers, we are not the givers of life...."

The Spiritual Ripple Effect

Image2 2
Last night Otto (in the shades to the left) told us that this is the BEST summer, no- best TIME in his entire life! (Of corse added with he never wants to leave- he is saying this daily now) That made me cry a little as I am sun burnt and have gotten a nasty cold and ear infection while on vaca so I'm already vulnerable. We are here with my mom and my brother and his family, and after he said that immediately everyone gathered around and we started to pray together! So exciting to see this as my brother is not a Christian! My brother even prayed that God help us and Otto to find a way back together, and asked for our heavenly fathers protection over him all the days of his life!!! After prayer my brother sat on the porch with my husband and talked about Jesus for a long time. This is a testimony of how this program not only shares the love and power of Christ with a child, but also can bring a lost person here to Him as well. My heart is singing praises this morning even if the rest of my body is not!

Reach an orphan - donate!
Donations Please!
The blue stuffed animal in this photo sat alone and ignored in my closet for years.  When the NHFC interview team asked for donations for the missions trip to Latvia and Ukraine, I packed up a 5 pound box of old toys and happily shipped it to Atlanta.  Just a few weeks later, my heart leaped with joy at the sight of this photo and a quote from the middle child's interview that said her favorite toy was her "new stuffed animals." God used the New Horizons interview team to give my old ignored stuffed movie character a new start to be loved by an orphan on the other side of the world. 

You can donate new and gently used items to help with the upcoming missions trip! Click this link to see what you could give to bless the orphans that we visit. 

NHFC On the Road!

The New Horizons for Children team will be sharing the mission of our ministry at various conferences around the country.  Please plan to join us if we will be in your neck of the woods!

Do you know of other orphan care or adoption conferences where New Horizon's mission could be shared?  Please let us know by filling out this form and we'd be glad to try to send someone from our team!

New Memberships

Christian-Alliance-for-OrphansNHFC is now an Organizational member in Christian Alliance for Orphans (The Christian Alliance for Orphans unites more than 100 respected Christian organizations and a national network of churches. Working together, our joint initiatives inspire, equip and connect Christians to \u201cdefend the fatherless\u201d (Isaiah 1:17).) 
Also, our membership application is under review for ECFA (ECFA is an accreditation agency dedicated to helping Christian ministries earn the public\u2019s trust through adherence to Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship\u2122, which focus on board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charity resources.)
3950 Cobb Pkwy, Suite 708 Acworth, GA 30101
Phone: 678-574-4677  Fax: 678-574-4757 
New Horizons for Children Inc. is a non-denominational, Christian, non-profit, corporation licensed in GA

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