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World Elephant Day:
A Jumbo Journey

12 - 19 August 2012

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World Elephant Day is on 12 August. From 12 - 19 August, we will be featuring posts about elephant conservation. African and Asian elephants are threatened by illegal poaching for ivory, habitat destruction, human-elephant conflict and the captive elephant trade. Learn about the issues and solutions needed to protect these majestic creatures.

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We applaud the Gabon government's elephant ivory stockpile burn,
a bold statement in support of zero poaching in Africa.
Exclusive Launch of the Cameroon Elephant Massacre Video
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Elephant bones and carcasses after the mass slaughter of elephants by heavily armed poaching gangs. © WWF-Canon / Green Renaissance 

A record number of elephants were killed for the ivory trade in 2011 since the ivory trade ban in 1989. Wild elephant populations are plummeting especially in Central Africa.
The heartwrenching footage of the massacre of over 200 African elephants in Bouba Ndjida National Park, Cameroon is a sobering reminder of the reality on the ground. By publicising the ivory crisis, we can garner mass support against the illegal wildlife trade fuelling the brutal murder of our endandered species. 

Past successes have shown that effective enforcement of the international ivory ban and anti-poaching initiatives resulted in remarkable recoveries of African elephant populations.

Watch the exclusive video on our Facebook from 12 August.
Click here for more on the illegal wildlife trade and what you can do.
Expert Forum: Dr Tammie Matson in the House!
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elephant conservation on our 
Facebook from 12-15 August. Our
elephant guru will answer the top
10 questions in an exclusive video
interview on 16 August

tammie matson
Dr Tammie Matson is an Australian wildlife conservationist, zoologist and author who specialises in human-elephant conflict. She has worked on human-elephant conflict in Africa and India in the last decade and is the former head of WWF Australia's Species Program.  Tammie has published two non-fiction books on her conservation work and is currently working on her third, due to be published in 2013.

Did you know: Apart from being sensitive and intelligent animals, elephants also play an important role in our ecosystems as herbivores and seed dispersers. 

Top: A breeding herd of African savanna elephants, Kenya © Martin Harvey / WWF-Canon
Gabon ivory burn: © WWF-Canon / James Morgan

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