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Pacific Shores
Region 12 eBlast
December, 2014

Food and Friends at AIM 

I hope all of you are able to attend our fabulous January AIM weekend at the Doubletree aim_logoHotel in Sacramento, January 16 – 18, 2015. If you are able to attend, I encourage you to make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. The cost is $98.00 per night and there is no charge for parking! (even if you are not registered to stay at the hotel) Please go to our region’s web page for hotel reservation information as well as for class information. The cut-off date for making hotel reservations as well as pre-registering to attend AIM is January 2, 2015. Here's the schedule for the weekend.

Speaking of AIM weekend at the Doubletree, I want you to know (based on the comments received concerning the dissatisfaction with the restaurant’s hours) that the Doubletree’s management has assured me they want to be of assistance in making sure that you have a successful stay at their hotel and that they want to help you stay on track with our tight schedule. For our group, their restaurant will be open until 11pm on both Friday and Saturday evenings. For faster service during the lunch period on Saturday, a deli-type buffet (soup/salad or soup/sandwich) will be set up in the bar (RJS Happy Hour Club). The price will be $14.95 plus tax. If you prefer a “cook to order” meal, you will need to eat in the restaurant. You will also be able to get “to go” food at their cash and carry bar located just outside their restaurant’s entrance. We are hopeful that you will find these changes satisfactory. 

Now speaking of friends -- Pacific Empire Chorus will be our Host Chorus for the weekend. One of the duties of a host chorus is to create a theme and logo to be used for the weekend. Their theme for this January is “Grow Music with Friends”. When I first read their theme and saw their logo, I was immediately reminded of the wonderful letter received from a member of one of our Oregon choruses that was previously published in the February 2014 Region 12 eblast. However, I include it here to share with you again. Who knows, maybe there are some who didn’t see it the first time around. 

I hope to see as many of you as possible attend our fabulous educational weekend, taking advantage of as many of the educational opportunities as you can, but especially I hope you take advantage of this weekend to “Grow Music with Friends”.

Bonnie Garlow 
Region 12 Events Coordinator (EVC)
Feeling the Love 
Tammy Roberson, Lead, Oregon Spirit Chorus Salem, OR

This started out to be a review of my experience at Region 12's January 2014 AIM in Sacramento, but has become something of a love letter! 

I was a charter member of Pride of Portland until I "retired" after a few years to sing gospel with my friends. I’ve been away from Sweet Adelines for awhile, but I still missed the sweet harmonies of acappella barbershop! After singing nine seasons with Oregon Spirit Chorus' Holiday Chorus, my friend, Margie Talley, and I auditioned and became full chorus members just a week before AIM. It was just what I needed! 

On Friday night Lynn Erickson, director of Sacramento Valley Chorus, taught all of us "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" On the risers. What fun to be part of a HUGE chorus like that with almost 200 singers on the risers. I was sorry to hear that Marcia Pinvidic was ill, but thrilled to hear Lori Lyford would be presenting. I've been in many coaching sessions with her over the years, and loved every minute, but had forgotten how much fun she is! I also discovered how rusty my skills are and I heard her lessons with "new ears". 

Lori is the queen of illustrations, isn't she? Some I noted: Relaxed jaw-mass transit mode, Sing the poetry! Don't make fuzzy consonants--be understood! Breathe together like a flock of birds soars & turns! Honor the commas (is it "Let's eat, Grandma" or "Let's eat Grandma?") Projectile breathing! Breathe for the placement of the next note--plan ahead! Be an actress! Be flagrant! How would [insert actress name here] characterize this part? Sing between the goalposts. Give yourself goosebumps! Bubble the pitch (or the whole song) for practice. 

If I had any adolescent worries about being a newbie in Region 12 and finding my way around or fitting in with a group of women who already know each other, that was dispelled in the first 15 minutes! I met directors, management team ladies, quartet members, and chorus singers who all seemed genuinely surprised and pleased that we had flown in for this event. Every lady I passed in the hotel hallway spoke to me and smiled. We even had help getting back to the airport from chorus members! Thanks Lynn Erickson and her husband Dan! 

Seriously, if all that wasn't enough, then came the Rising Star contest, Novice Quartet / Double Quartet Parade, and the celebration for LoveNotes, our 2014 International Queens of Harmony (they are so YOUNG and beautiful!). The novice quartets and Rising Star contestants were great, each in their own way - song choices, costuming, tuning. I hadn't heard LoveNotes in a long time and they gave jaw-dropping performances, plus we had the added fun of hearing about their paths to stardom that began in childhood! Judie Wykoff and Kathy Triolo coordinated a "This is Your Life" for them that was thoughtful and fun! 

Region 12, you really know how to entertain and teach! Based on what I experienced in Sacramento and the new generation of singers, I would say the future of women's barbershop is in good hands! Oh, and when you bubble---don't let your teeth fall out!


Want a PVI at AIM?

Our Regional faculty provide no-charge coaching as a service to you, our members, at every AIM weekend! You can get 25 minutes as an individual (or 55 minutes as a quartet) of customized, individualized coaching in either vocal or visual elements of your performance.


PVIs (Personal Vocal Instruction) and quartet coaching time slots are booked on a first come, first served basis, so don’t wait! When all available time slots are full, we won’t be able to fill any more requests. No on-site registrations are accepted for PVIs or quartet coaching.


Please note that you cannot request a specific instructor – instructor availability varies throughout the weekend. If you want a PVI or quartet coaching with a specific Regional faculty, contact them separately for a time outside of an AIM weekend. The list of current Regional coaching faculty and their areas of focus is on the Region website.


Sign up now for a free PVI at AIM.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Birgit Andersen at or 510-206-3834.

Got some great photos from your holiday shows? Coaching success stories?

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February eBlast 


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Saturday, February 7, 7:30pm Show featuring LoveNotes - University Coventry Church, Davis, CA (click the image below for more information.)

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Tag, You're It!

Look for the Tag Team roaming the halls in January at AIM Weekend – they need YOU to sing a tag with them! They’ll always have 4 parts, so no matter what part you sing (or want to try), you’re covered! They’ll have music, too, for those who don’t feel comfortable learning by ear alone. 

Think there’s not enough singing at AIM weekends? Here’s your chance to sing your heart out!

Free the Girls!

We have the opportunity to FREE THE GIRLS, literally! All that is necessary is to donate new or lightly used bras of any size or style. 

What is the story? Currently, over 27 million men, women, and children are being held as slaves in many parts of the world. Human trafficking may take place in fields, brothels, fisheries, factories, and homes. Approximately 80% of these people are women and girls. 

Free The Girls launched in February, 2010. Its mission is to help women and girls who were rescued from sex trafficking to re-enter the work force and to return to school (most of the women were sold into slavery as children, 8-10 years old)!. A second goal is to educate people and organizations worldwide about the scourge of human trafficking. 

What We Can Do? Help your Sweet Adeline Chorus to collect bras. Go to and click on the first tab that says GIVE BRAS to find out where you can drop off your treasure. To date, over 400,000 have been collected.

What They Do Currently, Free The Girls ships its bras to Mozambique (73,000 in 2013), Uganda (57,000 in 2013), and El Salvador (20,000 in 2013). It helps provide job opportunities to the rescued women by helping them to set up micro enterprises selling bras in the second hand clothing markets. The women receive the initial inventory of bras for free. Additional inventory is sold to them at a lower-than-wholesale price. This sale provides funding for the shipping fees of bras from the U.S. Also, in this way, Free The Girls is training women to operate a business, so that they can become independent. All this comes from our donating a few bras to the cause. Think about it! Consider it! Do it! FREE THE GIRLS!

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