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Pacific Shores Region 12
Stroke of Twelve
January 2012
  Regional Excitement Ahead at AIM Weekend! See you there January 20-22!
Top-Notch vocal instruction by Darlene Rogers
YWIH Workshop and Sweet Expectations Contest - Saturday
QDQ Parade of Double and Novice Quartets - Saturday night
New Regional Song: Let's Sing Again - will be taught Friday night

The deadline for booking a hotel room at our group rate is January 6th. 
To book your hotel, call (866) 263-1461 - ask for the “Adventures In Music” group rate,
or click this link for online booking.

Pre-register for AIM weekend with your chorus -
$20 pre-registered, or $25 at the door.
Chorus contacts: remember that pre-registration sign-ups are due by January 13th.

Please make checks payable to Pacific Shores Region 12 for pre-registration and mail to:
Sherry Rowe 1580 Charm Way Sacramento, CA 95835
Please send pre-registration chorus lists via email to

The Gift of Music

It keeps on givin'...

2011_sierra_gold_holidaySierra Gold Chorus started working on Christmas songs way back in September! We invited members of the community to come sing with us and be in our annual Christmas shows. We had nine ladies (three were young ladies - 9, 11 and 13 years old!) who stayed with us and joined us on our shows.

This membership program has been very successful for us year after year. Most of our chorus were "Christmas Chorus" singers to begin with and then became members. We are hoping to have our guests from this year join us, too. It was wonderful to have such lovely voices added to our chorus.

Sierra Gold’s Christmas shows were great successes! We had our, "Grand Ol’ Christmas" show on December 3rd in Nevada City and December 10th in Auburn with Special Guests ~~ Lipschtick! What a hoot and a half they are. The audience as well as chorus members thoroughly enjoyed their hilarious and well tuned performance. We all had a grand time singing and entertaining our audiences. Then after cleaning up, we had our Afterglow with a whole lot of eating, talking, laughing and of course, singing!
- Cindy Henry
Chorus News

Ewa Field Ceremony

2011_12_na_leo_lani On Saturday, December 10, members of Na Leo Lani Chorus participated in a ceremony in Hangar 111 at Ewa Field in West Oahu to remember the 15 servicemen and civilians who died in the December 7, 1941 attack. People recall the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but are less knowledgeable about other battles on Oahu that occurred on that fateful day.

The Ewa airfield is now abandoned, but supporters are working to have this battleground recognized by the Federal Government as a historical site. Na Leo Lani sang the national and state anthems following a prayer and color ceremony. They also sang "God Bless America" after the laying of wreathes and lei, and ended with an inspirational "God Bless the U.S.A."
- Rosie Ramiro

Bay Area Showcase Guests on VIH Show

basc Bay Area Showcase was happy to appear in Harmony Holiday!, the Voices in Harmony holiday show held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on December 3rd.

The matinee featured both choruses, and an enthusiastic audience. The evening performance added the PDQ quartet, and even more audience.

Lots of fun for everyone at both performances was The Twelve Days of Christmas sing-along, where each section of the audience had to pick their own choreography for their verse. The choruses stood in the aisles and along the back wall, singing along, and doing the spirited choreo the audience had chosen. It was a fine start to the holiday season, featuring some great music and lots of happy people, both onstage and out front. We had a blast!

The Doris Zerbini Emerita Member Program

doris_zerbini2011 ended on a high note for Diablo Vista Chorus as we sang songs of the season at a December 13 holiday party with family, friends, and an abundance of delicious food! And while there was plenty of Christmas spirit to be found, the night was also the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of our oldest and dearest members with a unique chorus honor.

(photo of Doris Zerbini with fellow bass Sara McKinnon)

In the fall of 2011, our management team voted to establish a new form of membership: that of the member emerita, or retired member. Such status, which is the equivalent of associate membership but without payment of chorus dues, will be granted to women who have given at least ten consecutive years of service to the chorus, and who, for whatever reason, are no longer able to maintain the level of commitment required of full-time members. The member emerita maintains her membership in Sweet Adelines International and Pacific Shores Region 12, and receives VIP benefits from Diablo Vista Chorus, including complementary show tickets. We decided to call this program the Doris Zerbini Emerita Member Program, in recognition of the extraordinary contributions that our inaugural honoree has made to the chorus over the past 55 years.

Doris has been a member of Diablo Vista Chorus since it was chartered in 1956, and she is the only charter member still active with the chorus today. Although health challenges currently keep her from singing as much as she’d like, Doris, who turns 88 in February, continues to be a mentor, role model, and beloved friend who inspires us all. While we miss having her on the risers with us, we are grateful that she maintains her connection to the chorus by attending our shows and by sending along Christmas gifts, birthday cakes, and an endless supply of love and support.

With Doris’ blessing, Diablo Vista Chorus has hit the ground running in the New Year. We’re already working hard on our contest pieces, guided by our fabulous coaches Chris Hebert and Lynne Smith, and we look forward to catching up with all of you at AIM later this month. Here’s to a fun and fabulous year in Region 12!
- Kelsey Lindquist

San Francisco Sound Wave is on the rise

San Francisco Sound Wave has four great new members this year – one tenor, two leads and one baritone. They are all young, energetic and enthusiastic! It has been a good year.

Over the last few months we’ve had many public appearances - at retirement homes, annual lunches, farmers’ markets, holiday boutiques - spreading harmony throughout the Bay Area…But for many of us, the most rewarding performance came in December when we were asked to sing at a memorial service for a Sweet Adeline we had not met. Her daughter found us on the internet and explained that her mother had been a Sweet Adeline member for over 30 years, not in the Bay Area but in Scottsdale and Santa Barbara. "It would mean so much for my family" was all that was needed to bring 12 of us together in San Rafael and sing for one of our sisters in harmony. It turned out to be a very moving experience for her family and especially for all of us. The connection we all share through Sweet Adelines is truly a blessing!

In addition to our singing, over the past several months we’ve been busy doing fundraising. When we received a very generous bequest from a chorus member, we decided to do the necessary fundraising to add to this amount and purchase new risers. We bought SCRIP, shopped through iGive, sold See’s candy, and had book sales at our rehearsals to raise money. We also received some donations from lovely "angels" either within or connected to our chorus. Now we have reached our goal and are ready to order our new risers! Hooray!! (Anybody looking to buy some used risers?)

On December 15th we had a wonderful holiday party which included caroling around the neighborhood as well our traditional and very entertaining white elephant gift exchange. It has been a great year! Now we are back to work and looking forward to competition weekend in April. See you all there!
- Carol Small and Sue Kelton

New Year's Greetings from SOS!

2012_sosSong of Sonoma is 1 year old, and this baby skipped crawling and charged into 2011 running full speed. Our year included our Charter party, an exciting spring contest season, 2 flash mobs, 7 mini shows, our first annual show (including a ride on a broom), fundraising events, coaching, caravanning to sing at nursing homes, parties to celebrate EVERYTHING, over twice the members on the risers, and a partridge in a pear tree. No Zombies at SOS...we're thriving, we're loving it, we live! Can't wait to be with you, our Region 12 sisters.
- Elizabeth Wolfe

Terri is a Treasure! 

judy"Pop, zap, wow!" Those are just some of the noises Sacramento Valley Chorus is chanting after hearing Terri Carrozzella had joined the chorus in July 2011. 

Terri recently transplanted from Massachusetts. She was invited to share the title of Assistant Director to the Sacramento Valley Chorus. Terri relates she has always been singing. Her stage performances started at the age of 6 while in the first grade. She was a "Christmas present" and had one line to memorize. In elementary school she learned to play several instruments. While in high school, a  teacher suggested that since her major was music composition, she should take a voice training class. She blossomed and joined the high school chorus and became the alto section leader. Terry attended the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music after high school from 1983-1985. 

Terry has been involved with barbershop since 1996. She started singing with the Merrimac Valley Chorus Chapter in Wilmington, Massachusetts. She moved over to the Profile Chorus in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2007 where she competed with them at the international competition. Terry has had the extreme pleasure of singing with two competitive quartets. The first called themselves "Wild Pitches". The second quartet was called "Nuance", who came in 7th after only being together for a few months. For a period of 7 years, Terry served on the Region 1 management team. She climbed the assistant director ladder for the Profile Chorus in 2008 and nailed the title of Certified Director in 2010. 

The most influential persons in Terri’s life include a group of individuals. The first person who has impacted her life the most is her very supportive husband Michael. Second would be a former director, Diane Dixon. Ms. Dixon was full of passion and fire showcasing the complete barbershop singing style. Another person acting as a guiding light in her career would be Dale Syverson. Ms. Syverson is a baritone goddess with a brush of comedy and total confidence. Last of all leaving a major imprint on Terri’s character shaping would be a former disgruntled boss. This boss told Terri she would never make the grade as a good manager. Not only did Terri receive an award for outstanding management, she received the award from the curmudgeon boss, who had to eat his negative words. 

When Terri is not involved in any sort of singing or musical endeavor, she enjoys decorating, photographing (wildlife) and traveling with her husband. Terri currently works as an online web designer. 

Terri is a very compassionate, curious, driven woman who is a shining star occupying the top of any Christmas tree. Her talent, experience and vision are tenets of what embodies and produces outstanding musical results. Her synergetic style and drive are a winning combination of a recipe for success in any adventure she chooses. Sacramento Valley Chorus embraces her talents with warm hearts and open arms!!!!
- Judy Halloran
'Round the region...

Checking in with LoveNotes

lovenotes 2It was October 18, 2011, a sunny morning in Houston, Texas and we were lugging our suitcases and costumes down two flights of stairs, preparing to move to the headquarters hotel just before contest briefing. As we completed our task, a stroke of fate brought us face to face with a smiling group of Region 12 women who were just moving in! They told us they had come this year not to compete, but to enjoy from the audience, and they would be cheering loudly for us. Their words of luck and encouragement were the perfect way to begin our week and we thought back to that moment and the incredible support from the region many times throughout the next few days. We will always remember this moment, along with many other over the past nine and a half years, as a time when we felt proud and lucky to be a member of this caring and supportive region.

Our week in Houston was better than we could have imagined and we were so excited that our 5th place finish will allow us to experience the International Stage in Denver next fall. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your unconditional and lasting support. We also wanted to take this opportunity to check in and give a little LoveNotes update! December has already included some exciting milestones for us as a group...The Sweet Adelines International Global Promotional video was released. The video will be used as the organization works to expand and include more women in this art form that we love and we were incredibly honored to be a part of it. Furthermore, after another round of birthdays, the LoveNotes are officially all over the age of 21! Finally, two weeks of vacation meant a lot of rehearsal time all together. We have two new performance package songs and a new contest ballad in the works.

Now, as we make the transition to 2012 we are looking forward to our annual fundraiser for International. This year we will be performing our newest music, raising funds for contest, and celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a quartet (has it really been that long?) at a Casino Night! The event will be in June, if you are interested in attending keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.

The next 10 months will include a lot of coaching, rehearsing, and working toward that week in October when we may once again try to make you proud. The past 10 years have been an incredible journey and we look forward to so many more. Thank you again for all that you have done for us. Please know that we are sincere when we say it has made all the difference in the world. We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces at the next regional event! Happy New Year!
-Mia Dessenberger

The Stevens Sisters sing all over Sonoma County

Stevens Sisters and SantaThe Stevens Sisters have had a very busy year. We contracted with Sonoma County libraries for seven performances, over a period of six months. Somehow, St Helena Public Library heard of us and asked us to sing too, so we did, making a total of 8 libraries with a combination of Christmas and non Christmas programs, each about 45 minutes long, with a Q and A session after, (and sometimes, cookies). Several of our library programs led to other engagements too.

We sang for several local clubs and groups, including Spring Lake Village (their 50th anniversary), Brookwood Social Club, St James Women’s Group, Cloverdale Senior Center (where we ran into a former Pacific Empire Chorus member, who grinned through the whole program). We also performed at the Korbel Champagne Cellars, singing with Santa Claus, as we have for several years. We also sang for a 50th wedding anniversary, a wedding and several birthday parties, and shows with Song of Sonoma and Pacific Empire Choruses. We had lots of great coaching this year with Jim Arns, Joe Connelly, and Sandy Marron. We look forward to more coaching in the new year. We are busy working on more music and buying more bling.
- Angie Brunton

Gratitude from PDQ

PDQ_2011_houston-smallPDQ was so extremely Proud to be Designated as region 12's Quartet champions on the big stage in Houston. It was a wonderful experience! Thanks to each of you who helped us get there, and who cheered us in person or through their computer screen. Congratulations to our great friends, Cheers, on their first appearance on the International stage, and kudos to LoveNotes on their fabulous Top 5 medals!

We are having another amazing year. There was no break after International - we jumped right into coaching and performances, including Voices In Harmony's holiday show. In December, we performed at multiple times each week, at shows, corporate parties, and benefits. We're looking forward to seeing you at AIM weekend.


Presto 20111002 OvalWhat do you get when you mix three Region 12 quartet singers who need a lead, the latest issue of the fabulous Region 12 Stroke of 12, Facebook, some sheet music, an international coach and just three days time? Presto!!! A New Quartet.

On Wednesday, Debi Thomas, Wendy Gibson & Kerry Kaempf-Wood were just lonely little harmony parts “Desperately Seeking Lead”. On Thursday we happened to be reading the Stroke of 12 and learned San Francisco Sound Wave Chorus just welcomed their newest member ... Alisa Peters ... an International quartet competitor!! Not known for being dawdlers, and equipped to cyber-stalk, our harmonizers pounced at the opportunity and Alisa who was the baritone of "Rio", Region 11 champs who competed in Calgary, took less than a minute of coaxing to say YES!!! We have quickly discovered that she is an amazing singer and a LEAD in every way. Thank you so much San Francisco Sound Wave for your article in the Stroke of 12! And thank you so much Sandy Marron for naming us (in about 15 minutes) and coaching us right after we had sung for just 1 hour with Alisa. We promise to sing everything we possible can - really really fast. :)

We started our year with our first social event, a day with PEC gals watching the International Quartet finals. We have had several sessions with our favorite coach, Shirley Kout, and are getting ready for a weekend retreat with Martha Segura at Laghetti Vineyards. And... funny thing, Alisa went to school with Martha’s daughter - what a small world. Kerry loves having a baritone for a lead .... they truly understand each other (even if nobody else understands either of them - and easily switch notes whenever necessary). We are thrilled to be part of Region 12 and can’t wait to sing for all of you.
-Wendy Gibson

Looking ahead to September AIM

The international faculty for next September's Adventures in Music (AIM) weekend will be Vickie Maybury.

Maybury, VickieVickie's many accomplishments include being a certified Expression Judge, a certified International Faculty member and a Master Director. As if that weren't enough, she also sings baritone in RAVE quartet, the 2011 Region 8 Third Place Quartet Medalist. In addition to sharing her expertise, energy, and quest for musical excellence with the Skyline Chorus, Vickie coaches many Sweet Adeline choruses and quartets and gives private voice lessons. She recently joined the coveted "700 Club" after Skyline scored a region-high 701 at the 2011 Region 8 Chorus Competition. Vickie's creative approach includes teaching vocal skills to both right- and left-brained learning styles. She focuses on positive energy and love for the music, performing and especially each other.

A Cappella Harmony Academy in July

AHA-Logo July 19-22, 2012 at Chapman University in Orange, California

Invest in yourself and expand your musical potential by attending the new Sweet Adelines International A Cappella Harmony Academy. A literal virtuoso of well-known faculty will be on hand to enlighten, motivate and inspire you. A wide array of topics in the barbershop craft are categorized into vocal, visual, musical and mental subject areas. Whether you aspire to be a choreographer/visual coach, learn more about music theory, improve your vocal skills, or exude confidence as a performer, there are classes designed for your specific area of development. Register now for just $399! Fees include on-campus housing and meals, classes, materials, links to download seminar songs with learning media, and special events. Download the syllabus and registration forms. Register online.

In Memorium

Diana Jessie

diana_jessieOn December 15, 2011 Harmony Fusion Chorus lost our long-time member and friend Diana Jessie. Congestive heart failure took her from us.

As president of the former Harmony Bay Chorus, Diana was a driving force in the consolidation of that chorus with Harmony Crossroads to form Harmony Fusion. She was a member of Harmony Fusion’s first board of directors and was a baritone section leader throughout her tenure with us.

Diana was a well published author, with several non-fiction books and innumerable articles to her credit. She wrote extensively about sailing, and is noted for her passion in opening up the world of sailing to others, especially women. She and her husband Jim lived together aboard their vessel the Nalu, and have circumnavigated the globe together.

Diana was known and appreciated for her sardonic wit and indomitable determination. If she made up her mind about something, you might as well just get out of her way, because there was no stopping her. However,she always employed her dry sense of humor to accomplish her goals.

Diana was an inspiration and role model for newer chorus members and for us all. She took an active role in show productions, event planning, and other chorus projects. She was always supportive and eager to find ways to make the final result better. Diana expressed herself honestly and forthrightly--she did not fear to disagree, and she did not hold anything against those who disagreed with her--so you knew that you could always speak your mind with her. She consistently maintained an open, can-do attitude. Diana was a fine singer and dedicated section leader. She had many endearing personal qualities, but perhaps most of all, we will all remember her for that warm smile and twinkle in her eye. Rest in peace, Diana.

Amy Jones

Amy_Jones 2Retired U.C. Davis Student Health Nurse, Amy Jones, passed away November 21, 2011 at Woodland Memorial Hospital. Born in Dixon, Illinois to Gerald and Marion Cahill Jones, Amy's family moved to San Mateo, California, where she graduated from Hillsdale High School in 1959. Amy graduated from St. Vincent's College of Nursing in Los Angeles and was employed at UCLA Medical Center.

Amy's next relocation took her to Myrtle Beach Air Force Base in South Carolina as the wife of Lt. David W. Muris. Although living the life of an officer's wife brought its challenges to free-thinking Amy, she enjoyed writing a column for a local newspaper and performing in several local theater productions. It was in Myrtle Beach that Amy and David found their Southern dog Heidi.

Amy came to Woodland, California in 1969, where she worked as an office nurse. In 1973, she began working at U.C. Davis Student Health Center and continued there until retiring in 2001.

Amy enjoyed singing with Sweet Adelines, Woodland Chamber Singers, and finally with the Sacramento Valley Chorus until problems with her vocal chords did not allow it. She remained their biggest fan and a good friend. Amy loved dogs, all things Notre Dame, bird watching, reading, philosophy, traveling, the annual block party, and maintaining lasting friendships with everyone she met.

A celebration of Amy's life is planned for Saturday, January 14, 2012 at Woodland Community and Senior Center, 2001 East Street, Woodland, between 1:30 and 5:30 p.m. Music and sharing will begin at 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to Doctors without Borders, the Humane Society of America, or a charity of your choice.

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