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Lady Beetles

Have you been itching to get outside and clean up your garden? The weather has been unusually warm this winter here in Zone 9 and this means plants are responding by pushing growth earlier than an average winter. While you’re out in your garden be watchful for the helpful Lady Beetles and their young. The larvae stage of the Lady Beetle life cycle are super hungry and the best part is they can’t fly away yet! In the photo this Lady Beetle was found when I was removing old leaves from a clematis. Once I spotted this beneficial, I slowed way down and took my time, leaving the dead leaves where the beetles were to encourage them to stay and make babies (called Lions)!

The green beetles that look like Lady Beetles but are green are Spotted Cucumber Beetles and are Not beneficial. Also, it’s best to encourage Lady Beetles to the garden vs. buying bags of them from the nursery. If we could buy the Lions that would be awesome since they wouldn’t fly away like the adults tend to do. If you do purchase Lady Beetles, dampen the area a little and place the bag out at night, preferably near some aphids.

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