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Albrecht Durer
Jackson Pollock's Artwork Confiscated...? 
Germanisches National Museum
24 May – 2 September 2012
American Artwork in Midle East Museum Collection
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The exhibition “Der frühe Dürer” (The Early Dürer) 
about Albrecht Dürer opened at the Germanisches 
National  Museum in Nuremberg, Germany, on 24 
May 2012.
As stated by the magazine art das Kunstmagazin on 24 May, the queue in front of the museum was already long half an hour before the opening.the exhibition brings together over 200 works from some of the most famous museums in the world. Many works are shown together here for the first time, and give an idea of the artistic climate of Nuremberg circa 1500 when Nuremberg was the center of the world artistic avant-garde.
The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran has recovered a spectacular painting by Jackson Pollock that had been withheld by the customs authorities. 
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, has been holding a special exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of American abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock.
The huge painting "Indian Red Ground" (183  × 244 cm) is considered to be one of  Jackson Pollock’s finest works; its estimated value is around  $ 250 million. The work had been confiscated by the Iranian customs authorities on 11 May 2012. It was the first time this monumental work has left Iran, since its acquisition by the Shah’s wife shortly before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. 
Valuable Artwork Stolen  
Chihuly Garden and Glass opening in Seattle Private Collection in Detroit
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Chihuly Garden and Glass is located at the Seattle Center and includes an exhibition hall, a gigantic glasshouse, and gardens. It features a large number of works such as installations, large chandeliers and one of Chihuly’s largest sculptures.
The fact that entrance to this new museum would not be free was strongly criticized as stated by the Seattle Times on 20 May 2012. The entry fee between of $15 and $19 in particular has drawn criticism as it is considered too expensive for an exhibition dedicated to a single artist.
As for the artist, he is very pleased with the exhibition: “The best works of my career are brought together in this exhibition and I hope everyone likes it.” 400,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle each year.
The theft of 19 works of art, committed in the Corktown neighbourhood of Detroit, has caused much debate.
Collection of works by Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Francesco Clemente, Peter Scuyff, and Larry Rivers was 
qualifyed by FBI as “minor” and consequently bemoaned the amount of resources mobilised to find the thieves and the $5,000 reward offered for information regarding the theft. FBI agent even dared to give a piece advice to the thieves, saying they should wait a couple of years then “dump this stuff in a regional auction house”. Simon Shaykhet, FBI spokesman did not enjoy this piece of advice and said “The artwork is listed on the National Stolen Art database and can be viewed on the FBI’s website”, justifying the resources mobilised to catch these thieves.
Open Concept Gallery went on a very exciting trip to Detroit to view the Detroit Beautification Project to meet local galleries and artists.  We are excited to begin working with them in the near future, and are looking forward to introducing this scene to the Grand Rapids audience.  Check out some of the art we found!

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