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Friendly Aquaponics
Special Newsletter

Number 13
December 6th,  2012
Images from our farmily aquaponics farm
Aloha Friend,

Today's newsletter is announcements and communications to our valued readers; we're following up on requests we've gotten lately in our email.

Back Newsletters:

First, I've posted all the back newsletters up to today's date here, for the folks who missed them or signed up recently. We have been noticing some people not receiving the newsletters even though they're on the mailing list; we suggest you check your ISP and your spam filter settings; these are to blame for a lot of missed communications.

Tank Manual Now Ready:

the webpage for our new "Fiberglass Epoxy Plywood Tank Manual" is up, with a lot of descriptive text about the plywood tank technology, and a link to the free plywood tank manual we offer. If you think you might be interested, the free manual is exactly the same as the "for-pay" manual with the omission of the photos; you can download it at no charge to check out the technology and decide if the one with photos is worth your while.

Commercial Tilapia Hatchery Manual Now Ready:

our new "Commercial Tilapia Breeding And Hatchery Manual" is finally finished! We developed this technology from 2008 through 2011 and have been teaching it as part of our live Aquaponics Trainings for over a year now. We finally found time to re-format and hugely expand the tilapia hatchery section of our Commercial course into a stand-alone DIY manual for those who want to make money raising tilapia fry and fingerlings.

Why is this hatchery technology a big deal? We had an attendee at one of our 2011 Commercial Aquaponics Trainings who was a partner in a large tilapia hatchery in an East Asian country. He said that, although they hatched and sold millions of tilapia fry a year, the standard hatchery technology they used resulted in only a 25% survival rate of fry from tilapia eggs (which means they had a 75% mortality rate).

Because commercial tilapia hatchery operators are so secretive, we are only guessing that this is the "standard" in the business, and that all commercial hatcheries experience this success rate on egg survival. We'd love to hear differently from someone who has verifiable hard data on this! Until we do, we can safely claim that our technology is the most effective in the world for nurturing tilapia eggs to become fry outside their mother's mouths.

When he saw our simple system and heard about our 95% survival rate on tilapia eggs, his request was: “Don’t teach this to any of our country’s hatchery operators until we get it working first”. We said “sorry”, because we are honor bound to teach it to anyone who comes to one of our courses. We don’t hold things back to make more money off them later as consultants. This is the commercial level technology that’s included in the new hatchery manual, and it is a big deal; it means four times the production for these guys at the same cost.

Mainland Commercial Aquaponics And Solar Greenhouse Training:

Fourth: Our next mainland training is scheduled from January 20th to the 26th in 2013, at Randy and Katie Campbell's "Today's Green Acres", in Elora, Tennessee.

Special Offer Until December 25th:
we're going to extend our $1,000 off offer on the new 7-day complete training in Tennessee until December 25th to give you a chance to affordably send a loved one to the best commercial aquaponics and integrated greenhouse course in the world. 

If you're located near Tennessee, Randy and Katie give regular free farm tours of their aquaponics systems and greenhouses to introduce the public to the benefits of aquaponics and energy-efficient greenhouse growing. Call Randy and Katie at 256-679-9488 or email Randy to find out when the next farm tour is scheduled.

Click Here To Find Out More About The January 2013 Tennessee Training, And Get A $1,000 Discount!


The photo below is our Solar Greenhouse. It's cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold (hope that makes sense to you, it's the best greenhouse we've ever seen!).

GrownOut1medium 2

Friendly Aquaponic's FIRST Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse in full bloom, Honoka'a, Hawaii, March 2012, (on a grey rainy day) showing PV panels and growing plants.

Next week: Something else interesting and valuable to know about aquaponics. Thanks for listening!

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Free Farm Tours
Aquaponics tour at the Friendly farm!

We hold a free workshop on our farm the FIRST Saturday of every month,  focused on growing food with aquaponics and permaculture.  Click here for information. See you there!

If you are a school, a non-profit organization, an organization working with the poor, Native Hawaiians, or ex-inmates, or if you are a church, we will hold a free farm tour for you anytime. You DO need to email us first to schedule, or we might be out on errands!


3-1/2 pound kalo (taro root) grown in a 2" net pot (little bump at bottom)


4-month old prawn (macrobrachium rosenbergii) grown in hydroponics troughs of our aquaponics systems

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