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Friendly Aquaponics
Special Newsletter

Number 14
March 22nd,  2013
Images from our farmily aquaponics farm

Aloha Friend,

What is a "Special" newsletter? Didn't I just get a "regular" one with an aquaponics "Nugget" in it? What's this for?

Although we publish regular newsletters with valuable technical information in them, our "Specials" contain announcements about our new developments in the field; also about upgrades for existing clients and where they can receive them.

We always have specific new technology offerings in the works and announce those here in the "Specials". So here goes:

For Those Who Need LARGE
Energy-Efficient Commercial Scale Greenhouses:

We have developed a new series of truly "Commercial" greenhouse designs that are much larger than our "Farmer's Market" Greenhouses ("Farmer's Market" houses are 3 aquaponics troughs "wide" inside, and come from 550 square feet in size up to 1,650 square feet in size).

All our plans for DIY greenhouses meet standard Universal Building Code (UBC) requirements, and are designed to be built by any competent carpenter or contractor using standard framing methods or our new "modular" method (also meets UBC requirements). They are more expensive to build than conventional greenhouses, but they save on energy costs forever! This quickly makes the difference between failure and success in your greenhouse business once you begin operation.

And ALL come with our latest Aquaponics Technology manual (at a minimum!) so that you don't need to purchase anything else to get your aquaponic solar greenhouse fully operational!

What does the "DIY" in our greenhouse description mean? Simply that you build these greenhouses out of commonly available construction materials that you can source from large, economical suppliers such as Lowe's or Home Depot (or your favorite local lumber store!). There are no specialty "greenhouse items" that you have to buy from a greenhouse supply company at exorbitant markups, then have shipped to you at additional cost!

Our new commercial greenhouse plans and technology package includes two different widths of commercial greenhouses in the plans: the first is 4 troughs/24 feet wide inside, and comes in three sizes of 1,536; 2,304; and 3,072 square feet. The second is 6 troughs/36 feet wide inside and comes in four sizes of 2,314; 3,472; 4,629; and 6,944 square feet. For more information, click here to go to our Commercial Greenhouse webpage.

And for those who need a backyard hobby greenhouse, we have a smaller series of greenhouse designs called the "Micro Greenhouses", from 200 to 400 square feet in size.  For more information, click here to go to our Micro Greenhouse webpage.

For Existing Clients:

We are upgrading ALL prior purchasers of the "Micro System" package: Susanne has just completely rewritten the manual; adding sections about Pest Control in Aquaponics, updated Planting Trials, and much more. We also now include two CAD drawings of raft hole patterns to make it easier to cut and holesaw your rafts properly.

We are emailing all past purchasers of the Micro System a Yousendit link (a "cloud" download site we use) to download the complete new manual. If you are a purchaser, and don't receive an email from Susanne with a link to a "cloud" site called "" by Monday March 25, 2013, please email Tim directly at and I will verify that you are a purchaser and send you your updated manual directly.
For prior purchasers of the "Farmer's Market Aquaponic Solar Greenhouse", we have just completely redrawn the plans for the greenhouse, adding three entire sheets of CAD drawings. The new additions include:

A. A new design for a ridge vent (in the back wall!) that was suggested by a contractor that attended our recent January Tennessee FIRST training. It is far less involved and less expensive to build than the previous vents (which are still in the plans, so you have that option if you wish), and you can also use an off-the-shelf transom window for these vents if you wish. This makes them easy to procure and install for the less experienced builder.

B. New detail drawings for our "Easy-Tension System" for installing ETFE film on your greenhouse that have a more economical installation method. Also includes a series of photos documenting an actual installation clearly and concisely.

C. Complete drawings for welded steel tubing trusses that can be utilized instead of the laminated wooden beams we put in our greenhouse in Hawaii. Although the wooden beams are more economical (and are what you should probably use if your greenhouse is not required to get a building permit), neither your local Building Department nor the engineer who has to stamp these plans for them like homemade wooden beams.

This is because it's difficult or impossible for an engineer to be certain that the beam is strong enough (unless he builds it himself!). As a result we've seen some expensive substitutions of things such as glulam beams by engineers who needed to be certain they were not stamping a potential failure.

These metal truss drawings are supplied at no charge, in original AutoCAD 14 .DWG format (also in the Yousendit upgrade folder you'll be sent a link for) for you to forward to any engineer you work with in order to get the plans approved by your local Building Department. This also means that if your engineer needs to increase the strength of the truss to meet local Building Code requirements, it will be easy for him to do so, by starting with these CAD drawings with correct measurements.

We are emailing all past purchasers of the Farmer's Market Greenhouse package or Micro Greenhouse package a Yousendit link (a "cloud" download site we use) to download the complete new drawings and information. If you are a purchaser, and don't receive an email from Susanne with a link to a "cloud" site called "" by Monday March 25, 2013, please email Tim directly at and I will verify that you are a purchaser and send you your updated materials directly.

Purchase Construction Plans and Operating Info for 4 Different Sizes of Table Top Aquaponics Systems $49.95

Our TableTop System package includes easy-to-understand building instructions and operating information for 4 different sizes of small aquaponic systems based on our years of experience. Anyone can build a system out of plastic barrels or IBC totes, but operating one successfully without good and easily-understood information can be frustrating. You simply use the "Daily Operations Checklist" in the manual and follow the step-by-step instructions on your way to success. We also cover how to make aquaponics systems out of weird things like old refrigerators and door frames; this makes aquaponics much more economical to get started in, and fun too!

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and built our first commercial aquaponics systems with FAR less information than this manual contains. We included all the information learned from that experience in this manual so you don't need to make any of the same mistakes we did.

Learn about our TableTop Systems!

 The photo below is our Second Generation Solar Greenhouse, at ten in the morning in the Tennessee winter. It's growing plants inside right now, and you have to take your jacket off because it's so warm! It's cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold (hope that makes sense to you, it's the best greenhouse we've ever seen!).

GreenhouseSnow3Small 2

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We hold a free workshop on our farm the FIRST Saturday of every month at 10:00,  focused on growing food with aquaponics and permaculture.  Click here for information. See you there!

If you are a school, a non-profit organization, an organization working with the poor, Native Hawaiians, or ex-inmates, or if you are a church, we will hold a free farm tour for you anytime. You DO need to email us first to schedule, or we might be out on errands!


Thousands of inch-long "fifty-cent" baby tilapia from our "backyard" hatchery


What they turn into about a year later: a beautiful 2-pound white tilapia grown in the fish tanks of our aquaponics systems

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