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Who Bombed Judi Bari?
This suspenseful story is about people who risked their lives to save the California redwoods and took on the FBI for impeding their freedom of speech. It shines a light on an monumental protest movement that succeeded against all odds – with creativity, music, and humor.
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Who Bombed Judi Bari? is a a documentary about Judi Bari vs. the FBI, her advocacy for both ancient redwoods and timber workers, her death-bed deposition, and the successful court ruling for justice and vindication. “Who Bombed Judi Bari?” profiles the late, legendary labor and forest organizer and her struggle with FBI’s attempted frame-up after she and Darryl Cherney were car-bombed in Oakland, CA  in 1990 while on college tour to save the redwood forest of northern California. Despite receiving death threats, the pair was instantly arrested by the FBI and Oakland Police for bombing themselves. They sued the authorities for violations of the constitution. Eventually, they would win a $4 million award in this historic case. In 2014, Cherney continues his investigation of the bombing, collecting DNA, fingerprints and offering a reward for information on the case.



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The 1980’s saw the pace of old-growth redwood forest clear-cutting increase dramatically in California, leading to a resistance movement spearheaded by Earth First!. In 1990, while driving through Oakland, CA on an organizing tour for Redwood Summer, a car bomb was detonated in the car of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney — members of and activists for Earth First!  The FBI and Oakland Police accused the pair of bombing themselves, leading to a winning lawsuit by Bari and Cherney against both organizations for Constitutional rights violations. The case remains alive to this day, as Darryl Cherney still searches for the true bomber.  The film is composed of archival footage, including appearances by Bonnie Raitt, Woody Harrelson, Jerry Brown and David Grisman.

Director / Editor: Mary Liz Thomson Producer: Darryl Cherney Executive Producers: Elyse Katz and Sheila Laffey Co-Producers: Bill Benenson and Laurie Benenson

Format: NTSC  
Region: All Regions 
DVD Release Date: March 2012
DVD Run Time: 93 minutes  
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WHO BOMBED JUDI BARI? won the CINE Golden Eagle Award, as well as 5 Film Festival Awards, including Best Documentary at the Malibu International Film Festival.

The film, produced by Cherney, makes a clear and cogent case (later upheld by a court verdict) that police and FBI falsified evidence in order to discredit Bari’s cause.

Ronnie Scheib
, Variety

While Thomson’s unabashedly admiring tone too often turns the film into an outright tribute, she does present enough evidence to suggest that Bari, who died in 1997, deserves one.

Elizabeth Weitzman
, New York Daily News

Mary Liz Thomson’s tough and intriguingly well-told account of the fight between environmentalists and corporate raiders. 

Michelle Orange, 
Village Voice

L.A. TIMES ARTICLE (excerpt):
Within its limited scope, the film is a compelling tribute to Bari, a fiery speaker whose background as a union organizer put her in a unique position to bridge the cultural divide between "hippie" activists and rank-and-file loggers. Long before Julia Butterfly Hill became famous for tree-sitting, Bari was on the frontline, and was targeted for her efforts.
- Read full L.A. Times article here.

For more information including press, reviews, and testimonials, please visit the WHO BOMBED JUDI BARI website.
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