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Product Focus: The Proven Advantages of Wool Insulation

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Product Testing Demonstrates
Performance Advantages of
Insulation Over Fiberglass, Cotton

Most people would get a warm feeling if they pictured their home or office snugly wrapped in a wool sweater. And that's not a far-fetched idea; wool insulation has always been popular in British Isles and other sheep-growing regions of the globe. But in real world comparisons, how does sheep's wool insulation stack up against fiberglass, cellulose, cotton fabric, and other synthetic materials?
Oregon Shepherd

That's what the team at Oregon Shepherd looked to discover through independent testing. The lab results were actually more impressive than they expected; according to George Cornwall, the company's operations manager, their loose-fill wool insulation offers higher R-values per square foot than comparable cellulose, cotton, or fiberglass materials without any of the health or safety concerns. It also provides excellent acoustic noise blocking performance.

Natural WoolOregon Shepherd's natural wool insulation is free of toxins and petrochemicals. It actually absorbs and traps airborne formaldehyde from other sources and improves indoor air quality. Thanks to a non-toxic borate treatment, the product is vermin resistant and performs better in high-temp or fire conditions than synthetic materials such as fiberglass.

While most synthetic insulation materials lose effectiveness if they become wet, natural wool excels where there is humidity because wool can not only absorb moisture, but exorb it as well. Oregon Shepherd's natural wool insulation meets ASTM E-84, E-1496, and C-518 standards.

Wool insulation may be the most sustainable choice possible. It is rapidly renewable, long-lasting,
naturally sourced with an incredibly small carbon footprint, and biodegradable or recyclable at end of use.

Easy InstallationThere's no learning curve for contractors or installers working with natural wool insulation - although Oregon Shepherd remains ready to provide technical assistance or answer user questions. Any equipment that will handle loose-fill cellulose or fiberglass insulation will do the job, even low-end rental units. Oregon Shepherd provides a vapor permeable membrane for vertical installations within exterior walls, and also offers natural wool insulation in rolls and batts.

The company aims to be just as easy for distributors and installers to work with. Oregon Shepherd offers economical shipping to all 50 states in packaging for either contractors, installers, or DIYers.

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