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Tiger Foam's Spray Foam Insulation
Kits Ideal for Contractors and DIYers

Tiger Foam
Closed cell polyurethane foam is the most sophisticated choice for insulation, because it provides more R-value per inch while also forming an air barrier seal. "The product is very versatile," said Jamie Rawlinson, techical director at Tiger Foam. "It's ideal for use as residential or commercial insulation, but a lot of people have used it for boats, wine cellars, coolers for food storage as well."

While there are many suppliers to choose from, Rawlinson is quick to point out some key advantages of Tiger Foam
. For starters, the foam has the highest R-value in the industry: R-7 per inch, and its low perm rating makes it virtually waterproof.

The product is supplied in two versions: a fast rise fire-rated formulation for new construction, and a slow rise formulation for retrofitting interior space. Neither product contains any CFCs, HCFCs, VOCs, formaldehyde, or PENTA-BDEs
. That makes it a good choice for the IAQ conscious, says Rawlinson. "By the time it’s fully cured – within an hour – it’s an organic compound and there is no more offgassing." It can contribute to LEED credits EQ-7, EQ-4, ID-1, MR-2,  and for many midwestern users, MR-5.

Tiger Foam
is sometimes used as a component in multi-product insulating systems. "You can actually use foam in conjunction with other insulation materials," Rawlinson explained. "Our product has an air sealant factor, so people might use our product for that purpose and then add rock wool or fiberglass or whatever else they might want. So if you have areas that might only get an R-11 with fiberglass, using it together Tiger Foam takes them to an R-18."

Tiger Foam Installation

Tiger Foam can also be used for insulating exposed pipes; for roofing systems and crawl spaces; to fill interior voids on concrete; for use as an asbestos encapsulant; and many other applications. It also has superior accoustic qualities, and it's been applied to interior wall cavities to help soundproof home theatre systems

Tiger Foam ArmyTiger Foam has even supported our troops overseas. "We shipped a ton of product over to Afghanistan and Iraq for insulating tents so they could run air conditioning to the tent to help the soldiers cool down," said Rawlinson.

Tiger Foam's 2-pound two-part closed cell polyurethane foam is supplied in portable kits complete with hose, spray gun, and tips – sized for 200 or 600 board foot spaces. "One of the most important things for a lot of end users is the fact that this is a very portable product. You can go up multiple floors with our product, or underground, wherever you might need to work," said Rawlinson. "it can be used just about anywhere, where the big professional rigs cannot," said Rawlinson

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