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ENERJOY Radiant Heat Promises
Twice the Comfort at Half the Cost
Imagine the comfort of standing outside on a warm, sunny day… That’s how customers describe the luxurious warmth of ceiling-mounted ENERJOY® Radiant Heat Panels. Not only do clients experience clean, quiet, sun-like heat, but they appreciate ENERJOY’s significant energy savings.  

In fact, a U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored ENERJOY Case Study found an annual savings of 33% - 52% in heating costs over oil, gas or other electric systems. The ceiling panels use less energy than concealed electric or hydronic radiant systems, and are perfect partners for solar, photovoltaic or wind power sources.

Enerjoy Panels in Living Room

ENERJOY ceiling-mounted panels are 99% radiant which means less than a 1% heat loss compared to other systems with convective components such as baseboard heaters, wall heaters or floor heaters. Thermal heat transfer from radiant ceiling panels is 99% efficient with a direct source-to-object advantage; heat transfer from wall or floor room heaters is only about 50% efficient and thereby results in about a 50% heat loss. The end result: more comfort and greater energy savings with ENERJOY Radiant Heat.

Enerjoy in Jacuzzi RoomIt's possible to comfortably heat a standard 40 square foot bathroom using only one 400 watt panel… or to heat an average 120 square foot bedroom with only 600 watts. In chilly New England, you could finish a 200 square foot basement using only about 1000 watts.
Eco-friendly ENERJOY can anchor a building system that is entirely recyclable, using recycled materials and Greenguard® insulation. ENERJOY is as easy to install as a light fixture: no costly ductwork, plumbing, or mechanical room, and ceiling installation takes up no useable floor space. And with no moving parts, ENERJOY Heatmodules do not require maintenance.

Enerjoy PanelsENERJOY is zone-controlled with line voltage digital or programmable thermostats, which increases energy efficiency by enabling heat to be lowered in unoccupied spaces or rooms. Users pay for heat when, where and as needed.

ENERJOY Radiant panels can be surface-mounted, recessed, or dropped into T-bar grid ceilings. Both standard and custom sizes, voltages and wattages are offered for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  

For more information, visit or call the company at 800-544-5182. Ask for a complementary system sizing of your new or retrofit project.
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