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  CASE STUDY: Leslie's Pool Supply 
Seal-Krete Epoxy Shell Flooring
System Has Exquisite Floors
Swimming in New Business

 The Challenge:  Provide a durable, chlorine-resistant commercial floor with a polished appearance.

Pool chemicals and supplies retailer, Leslie's Pool Supplies, had a vision for their network of more than 600 stores nationwide. They wanted to replace the ordinary VCT floors found in most of their locations with durable, chlorine-resistant floors that could display a polished blue appearance to resemble water in a pool.
It was a great idea, but it didn't work out. Within months of application, spills and drips from chlorinated pool chemicals had ruined the polished look of the painted blue floors. The chemicals had exposed the gray concrete slab and the sun faded the color's vibrancy. The flooring contractor's only solution – switching to a dark gray paint that would make spots and fading less noticeable – did not meet Leslie Pools' expectations of a blue floor that would bring pool water to mind.

  The Solution:  Seal-Krete's High-Performance Epoxy Shell Flooring System  
Epoxy Shell
Enter Troy Lewis, owner of Exquisite Flooring of West Orange, a full-service custom flooring and design company with more than 28 years of experience servicing Orlando and Central Florida.   

When Leslie's approached Lewis about their flooring problems, he knew right away that the wrong product had been tried in the remodeled stores. Lewis recommended Seal-Krete's High-Performance Epoxy Shell™ concrete floor coating system. “Instead of just a painted blue floor, I told Leslie we could create a durable, chemical-resistant floor that would look like the clear blue water of the Caribbean,” says Lewis. Exquisite Floors had started using Seal-Krete products the prior year because of their extended pot life, workability and color finish

To get started, Lewis created a demonstration on a two-car garage concrete slab using Seal-Krete's  Epoxy Shell System pigmented with a blue Poly Shell 7000 top coat. “Seal-Krete's Epoxy Shell is easy to use, and by adding a blue pigment and experimenting with layering applications, we were able to create the desired color and depth of water,” says Lewis. And just as importantly, the floor coating turned out to be highly resistant to harsh chemicals and the fading effect of the sun.
The first Leslie's Pool Supply location to be remodeled with this special floor was in Davie, FL. After that, Exquisite Floors did 3 more stores, tweaking the technique with each location. By the time the fourth outlet was completed, Leslie Pools' corporate executives came in to review the look.
“They were blown away at how the floors have the color and look of water. It's not a flat blue, but has light and dark areas much like looking into a pool of water. The depth is created by how the blue-pigmented Epoxy Shell is applied,” explains Lewis of his company's proprietary application technique. “Not only is the look perfect, but the product stands up to chlorine spills and is fade resistant.”

  Bonus:  Swimming in New Business  

The Leslie's Pool Supply corporate execs were so impressed with the look and durability of the floors that they asked Exquisite Floors to supply the finish in all of their Southeastern retail locations, beginning with 20 stores in Florida and 15 in Texas. “With an average square footage of 2,500 per store, my flooring crew will require 100,000 sq. ft. of epoxy for just these first store remodels,” says Lewis. Leslie's remodels about 50-90 stores every year, and with Exquisite Floors' success applying the Seal-Krete's Epoxy Shell system, Lewis says he's looking forward to a steady flow of new business.

According to Lewis, Exquisite Floors has other projects in the works, many incorporating Seal-Krete products. “We just installed a chameleon-like floor for a local florist that appears to change colors from different vantage points and light conditions. It's another great example of what can be achieved with Seal-Krete's customized flooring systems,” concludes Lewis.

 Bonus+PLUS:  A Low-VOC Wonder

It's worth noting that Epoxy Shell is a low-VOC concrete coating (less than 50 g/L) at a time when many concrete coatings still measure in above 200 g/L. That's sure to make Epoxy Shell a popular choice for projects aiming to meet environmental standards such as LEED. Epoxy Shell complies with air quality regulations in all 50 states.

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