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Thanks to Breakthrough Pricing, LED Lighting Now Practical for Everyone
VIRIBRIGHT 5-watt LEDUntil recently, LED lighting was the wave of the future. But thanks to major advances in design and production from Matrix Lighting Inc., that future may have already arrived. For example, Matrix's new 5 watt VIRIBRIGHT LED light bulb is equivalent to that of a 40 watt incandescent, illuminates evenly across a 270° spread, and has an expected life of over 20,000 hours.
But what's really grabbing people's attention is the price. Kathy Hawk, Marketing Director for Matrix Lighting, says that VIRIBRIGHT bulbs can retail for as little as $10. In 2009, similar bulbs from some manufacturers sold for as much as $100.
According to Hawk, the 5-watt VIRIBRIGHT bulb is not only less expensive than last year's LED bulbs, it's better looking and it performs better as well. "There’s no transformer in the base now (it uses a chip), and there’s a better heat sink. The whole bulb, even the base, stays cool to the touch," said Hawk. "And now it’s UL approved, which is something new for the LED industry."
There is, of course, another family of energy saving bulbs: CFLs. But fluorescents are less energy efficient, start up slowly, contain toxic mercury, are easily breakable, and have a reputation for flickering.
By contrast, Viribright's LED bulbs are mercury and toxin free, will not shatter if dropped, start instantly, last for more hours, produce more lumens per watt, and can be recycled or safely thrown away. That last advantage is important because as many as 90 percent of mercury-containing CFLs end up in landfills.
Viribright bulbs are supplied as 5 watt or 11 watt (60 watt equivalent) in warm white, natural white, or cool white, with other varieties scheduled for introduction soon.
Matrix T8 Tube
VIRIBRIGHT is also offering an economical 20 watt LED alternative to the traditional 40 watt fluorescent T8 tube."One difference between our T8 LED tubes and a T8 fluorescent tube is that there’s no ballast required," said Hawk. "When we talk to light fixture manufacturers, they get excited because not installing a ballast saves them $15 per fixture." The long-life LED tubes come in cool white, natural, or warm white, and can retail for under $40.
Unlike other LED suppliers, Matrix Lighting manufactures their own bulbs and tubes, rather than just assembling them from off-the-shelf components. And according to Hawk, VIRIBRIGHT will make the most of that advantage. "We are dedicated to R&D, and we have a lot in the works that we hope to release in the next six months," said Hawk.
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