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A. O. Smith's NEXT Hybrid Takes Water Heating Technology to the NEXT Level
Hybrid Water Heating NEXT Hybrid® from A. O. Smith is the next generation in water heating, with a tankless engine and a small buffer tank to deliver the benefits of both technologies. The NEXT Hybrid performs like a tankless but installs similar to a conventional model. It handles peak periods but can also provide homeowners the performance they expect from a tankless model.
A. O. Smith's NEXT Hybrid® Water Heater combines tankless and conventional water heating technologies into an integrated system that delivers the benefits of both technologies. Water is heated using a tankless product while additional heat is extracted by a compact buffer tank. That combination allows the NEXT Hybrid to deliver an endless stream of hot water without risk of those sudden interruptions of supply - "cold water sandwiches" - that can occur with conventional tankless units.
AO Smith NEXTHow it Works:
A. O. Smith’s NEXT Hybrid minimizes its energy usage by routing the heated exhaust gas from its tankless engine to a secondary heat exchanger, where it serves as a heat source for water in the buffer tank. As a result, the NEXT achieves 90 percent thermal efficiency - well ahead of a standard tank model's 78 percent or a conventional tankless unit's 82 percent thermal efficiency rating.
The NEXT Hybrid performs like a tankless model but installs about as easily as a conventional water heater. Installers won't need to upgrade to stainless steel venting or a ¾-inch gas line. Plus, a user-friendly LED display makes operation and temperature control easy and convenient.
NEXT Hybrid is eligible for a federal tax credit equal to 30 percent of its total installed cost, up to a maximum of $1,500. It can also contribute credits towards certification under LEED and the NAHB Green Building Standard.
AO Smith High Efficiency
A. O. Smith offers a complete variety of energy efficient tank and tankless water heating solutions for commercial or residential users, including the Voltex Hybrid Electric system, the Effex High Efficiency Gas product line, and the Cirrex Solar Water Heater line.

For more information about the A.O. Smith Water Heaters, visit or call 866-362-9898.
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