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Boomerang and friends

Boomerang and friends

Boomerang is a homeless dog. She belongs to a homeless person. He rescued her when she was a tiny puppy running scared across a Walmart parking lot. She was just a few weeks old then. Boomerang is 10 months old now. She doesn’t have the luxuries other dogs have but who needs treats and toys when one has love, right? But there was one thing Boomerang needed that her homeless person could not give her:  proper vetting, vaccinations and spaying. 

I recently met Boomerang, her person and their extended homeless family. This little girl is to die for! She is wonderful!  She is sweet, friendly, obedient and non-aggressive. She is even her person’s therapy dog. You see, her person is diabetic and when he goes into diabetic shock she alerts their fellow homeless persons to help. 

I could not turn a blind eye to such a wonderful dog and undertook her vet care right away. She was already in heat, and neither the homelss people nor Silver Rescue could afford puppies. We just had one problem. Silver Rescue’s till was empty. But as the saying goes “God willing and the creeks don’t rise” surely there would be a way. There was no time to wait this time.
Boomerang is now spayed, vaccinated, heartworm free and I will make sure she stays on monthly heartworm and flea prevention. She is also microchipped now so if she ever gets lost she will come to Silver Rescue. 

Boomerang racked up $350.00. Would you please help us pay her vet bill by donating any small amount you’re able to?  As always, thank you for supporting us in our endeavors to help needy animals!

Boomerang says thanks

Thank You!

Please call in or send your donations directly to:
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Silver Rescue, P.O. Box 111888, Nashville, TN  37222
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Xena gives a hug

Fall is in the air this month, and October is the perfect time for hugs. Xena loves to snuggle with her person and give gentle kisses. Happy, playful, and outgoing, she is growing up with cats, so she will be good with them when she is grown. Her temperment indicates she will be good with dogs and people, too.

When only a few weeks old, she was left outside daily in a small cage in full sun. In over 100-degree heat, tormented by the small chi incarcerated with her, her life looked grim until she was rescued. Despite this tragic start, Xena suffered no ill effects from her miserable first few weeks of life and is a happy, loving puppy.

Read more of her story here.  We think you will agree that this Boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier is the one to give you and your family all the hugs you need.  

Xena's adoption fee will be used to help other animals in need.  For an application, please email us at


Every day I look into my dog’s happy eyes and remember the worry and fear showing in them when they were first rescued.  A pathetic little wag of the tip of their tails betrayed just how hard they tried to tell me that they were good dogs and wanted nothing more than to love me and feel safe.  I am always amazed at their transformation as the days, and weeks and months pass while they learn that life can be good after all.  The loyalty they exhibit in exchange for the love I give is immeasurable. 

So many dogs’ potential never comes to fruition as they live outside, neglected, and tied out, without touch, without love.  They have no concept of what they can be.  They have no chance and really no reason to do anything but to exist day in, day out, year in, year out.

Lady and Rusty started out their lives with little hope.  But chance took a lucky turn for them and look at them now.  Their story began here.    

Then, this summer I received a letter from their human mom that brought me to tears.   How these two dogs have grown into their full potential as beloved, loyal, and protective family members is what movies are made of.   Stories like this are why we work tirelessly to save them.  The work is hard, exhausting and expensive but the rewards are great.  Without these rewards we could not go on.  Likewise, without families like Rusty’s and Lady’s, we could not do the work we do, and I am grateful to them.  Kim has graciously consented for me to share her letter with you.  

Rusty and Lady holding paws

Rusty and Lady

I am so glad to hear from you!  We have thought of you often and hope that you are all managing to stay cool this summer.  Your email came at an amazing we lost our sweet, sweet Lovie a few weeks ago. 



This was a very difficult loss for us.  Lovie, a Miniature Schnauzer, was with Scott and I in the beginning of our much had changed through the years, but Lovie was our constant reminder of where we started.  We will forever be thankful for the way she changed us and the lessons she taught us. Rusty and Lady were a sweet addition to our lives and have helped us through our grief. 
Lovie was not eating and after 3 days, we took her to the Vet (Dr. Woody - the MOST AMAZING vet in the world!).  Dr. Woody ran some tests and gave her fluids; he let us know the possibilities but gave us some hope as well.  When the blood work came back, we learned that her liver was not working properly. Through some ultrasounds, we determined that she had issues w/ her gallbladder and a blocked bile duct. 

She stayed at the Vet for two nights, while they could give her constant care, IV fluids and medication.  Dr. Woody felt we could give her a few days, and if the medications that were meant to release the blocked duct worked properly, we would see improvement quickly.  The two days she spent at the Vet were very hard; she could not lift her head and had to be rotated from one side to the other. Dr. Woody and his staff met us at all hours (to accommodate our work schedules) so that we could visit with, and hold Lovie.  He would actually meet us at 10pm and later to give us more time to spend with her when Scott finished his shift.  Over those two days, she started lifting her head and became more responsive.  We really thought she might make it. 

Lady and Rusty were literally crying while Lovie was gone.  Rusty cried at the back door until I would let him out and he ran around the yard trying to find Lovie.  Lady would lay beside Lovie's red chair on the floor.  Rusty even got diarrhea (as he does in any stressful situation)...he was so worried about Lovie.  It helped to see how much they loved and respected her presence. 
Once Lovie was showing improvement at the Vet, Dr. Woody allowed us to take her home and care for her there.  We agreed to take her back for fluids if she did not have a certain amount of ounces of water per day.  We cared for her non-stop and gave her medications and water by syringe.  I carried her to the yard and held her in my arms.  She was improving each the point that one day, she walked out of her crate on her own and came to lay by the big water bowl in the kitchen...I was in there and she wanted to be with us.  She even got up in her red chair one day! 

By the third day home, she started to plateau and we weren't seeing the same progress....Lovie kept going to the back door, as if she was trying to separate from the pack.  I knew what it meant, but it was so hard to accept.  Even Lady and Rusty could tell that it was time.  Lady would lay beside Lovie on the floor and would not leave her side.    Rusty stood guard and made sure we were all together.  He actually stopped eating for a day....he really wanted her to be better and was very in-tune w/ her struggle.  We could tell by the three dogs' behavior that Lovie had given it her all....we all had....but it was time for her to get the real rest that her little body needed. 

We called Dr. Woody and he agreed.  He met us at the office with his wife and one technician at 9pm on a Wednesday night.  I got off of work at 8pm and he agreed to meet us later so that Lovie would not have to suffer another day.  We tried everything, short of gallbladder surgery...but she was 13 years old and this was not a fair choice for her.  Dr. Woody let us spend some time alone with our sweet little puppy...then he let us hold her until she had her last breath.   I have never experienced a loss like that, but Scott and I both agreed that this was what Lovie deserved.  She came into our lives as our one and only little puppy, and in the end, we gave her 5 solid days of full attention and care.  She knew how much we loved her and we knew how much she loved us....
It was just so amazing to see how much Lady and Rusty loved her, too....
Your article was such a great reminder of how God has a plan for our lives, and He knows the next steps before we take them.  Lady and Rusty came into our lives at the perfect time.  They have changed our family completely!  They have given us love and comfort...and the midst of a very hard loss for our family.  I am so thankful we have these two. 
Thank you for all that you do.  I can't imagine our lives without these sweet "babies."  They make us laugh everyday.  Rusty snuggles up beside us in the bed and Lady "talks" to us any time that she feels we need to pay more attention to her.  She will even box at us and paw us if she wants her belly rubbed (as if we don't constantly love on her already :-)) Rusty watches out all our windows and growls and barks at people in the streets...he is very protective of his family and home. 

Lady, is our sweet innocent girl that will growl at people who approach us while she is on a leash (did you ever think she had it in her?!)  Lady has the protective nature of a mother dog with her pups.  She ADORES Macy and is very protective of her. 

Rusty is the social butterfly....he LOVES anyone that will give him attention...especially if they will let him give them a kiss!  He loves to give actually bothers him if someone denies him the opportunity.  It is so funny to watch this "scary" looking dog, go in for a kiss with every random stranger he encounters!  People are always first afraid, and then they can't get enough! 

Lady has become the "snuggler" that you said she would be.  She loves to play and run in the yard, but she also loves to be held and loved.  She has this very tender side that is so endearing.  She is a very special dog.  She is the ONLY dog that Lovie allowed to be close to her... Lovie even let Lady give her kisses on the head!
Well, I won't write a book....we have missed you and hope you are well.  I would love to visit again sometime. 


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By Mikko McPuppers

Here is Mikko

Mommy’s sick. Her voice rasped yesterday. She kept saying, “Excuse me, Mikko. I have to use ‘the facilities.”

I’d been hoping for a little bonding time. I wanted to tell her I was a good dog while she was away in Texas. But when we walked the morning after she got home, she told somebody on the phone, “…flu-like symptoms… no appetite… a while.” 

Her voice choked. “I can’t get any saliva,” she said, and I thought about offering her mine, but I couldn’t get her attention.

I resisted when she took me home the minute she hung up. She slurped water from a plastic bottle and ignored the bowl I butted towards her. She grabbed her purse, without giving me a treat, and said, “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes, Mikko.” 

She walked in with new pills. “I have to stay home and rest for a week or two, Mikko. If I can’t walk you, I’ll call Suzy. Okay, Hundle Bundle?”

Suzy’s my sitter. Mommy called her, then said, “Suzy has late customers.”

So Mommy struggled up the stairs, and I did my business quickly. We’d only gotten to the turnabout when she said, “Mikko, I can’t,” and cut our walk short.

She’s still not eating the microwave dish with the broccoli bits I love. Hmmm. How can I get her to notice me more? 

Mikko McPuppers likes snoozing, sniffing, and eating his person’s veggies.

Lynn's book for caregiversHis person, B. Lynn Goodwin, is the owner and editor of Writer Advice, and the author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers. She writes for and when she’s not walking, feeding, or petting Mikko.  

Learn how you can write with her this fall through Story Circle Network.


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