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Back in Black Adoption Event

Black tie, black t-shirt or a little black dress... this year’s hot trend is furry, black and will lick your face or purr for you. Whatever your taste, add style and love to your life by adopting a beautiful black dog or cat during the national "Back in Black" adoption promotion. Adoption fees for black animals are 50% off! 

Silver Rescue is holding a "Back in Black" promotion through Saturday, Sept. 17 to highlight adorable, adoptable black dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. It is part of 34-day promotion across the United States being supported by national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society.

Rescue groups and shelters across the country know black cats and dogs are often incredibly friendly and loving, sometimes really silly, they can be your best hiking buddy or a real lap baby... they each have their own personality. Unfortunately, they get overlooked. By participating in this national promotion and featuring only black animals -- and cutting adoption fees in half -- we are hoping people will take a second look and get to know these characters for the wonderful four-footed family members they can be.

To meet Silver Rescue’s ebony charmers see our list of adoptable cats and dogs

This adoption event is part of Best Friends Animal Society’s lofty, but reachable goal of No More Homeless Pets, which aims to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. Silver Rescue is a participating member of the No More Homeless Pets Network which offers help and support to animal rescue groups that save lives in their communities.

Please contact us for more information.

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Amigo and FlipFlop look alike

DudeMan aka Amigo is a most handsome boy in his tuxedo coat, white whiskers and necktie.  He is perfectly built and looks like an exotic Pharaoh cat.  He is a sweet, affectionate cat.  His favorite place to be is in his person’s lap.  He is a laid back boy, yet athletic and playful. 

FlipFlop is the spitting image of her brother in looks and attitude, just a little smaller.  They love to greet you at the door with twists and turns and reels and writhings to show you just how happy they are to see you and they request belly rubs in return.

The siblings are good with cats and calm dogs.   They are not use to children and noisy environments; however, calm children 6 yrs old and older who are respectful of animals should be fine.  They are a little shy around new people, but they adjust within a few days to new situations.

We found the 8 week old siblings (6 babies as well as their mother) last October 2010 in a very bad and dangerous neighborhood.  Fearing for their safety so near Halloween, we immediately set out to rescue them.  We were able to get all but one baby and the mother.  In the days to come we tried to find them but we never saw them again.   We can only hope someone kind took them in.  

We believe the kittens were born mid September 2010.  They appear to be Siamese or Oriental Shorthair mixes.  They have that oriental look to them.  They are not very vocal but sweetly greet you with a gentle meow.   Amigo and FlipFlop are looking for their forever home.  They are great companions to each other and we would love to see them adopted together; however, they will be fine if adopted individually.  

Amigo and FlipFlop will be adopted to an inside forever home only.  Reference, and vet checks, as well as home visits are required.  Adoption fees are 50% off through September 17, 2011.   The adoption fee will be used to help other kittens in need.  For an application please email us at

"As She Lay Dying"

Spot - April 2000 - 2.5 yrs old
Spot - April 2000 at 2.5 years old

She lays quietly ~ sometimes sleeping, sometimes alert to the noises around her. She purrs softly. Every so often she meows plaintively and stretches her legs in a walking motion. Her breathing is not labored like it has been for weeks on end. Her little chest heaves and ebbs smoothly, regularly. Sometimes she talks up a storm. Just talking. It’s the Siamese in her. She makes biscuits now. And now she sleeps again.

Yesterday morning she was still screaming at me to hurry up and feed her. By midnight she turned her little nose up at every flavor I served her.  This morning she could no longer stand. She is dying.

She appears at peace but I know she’s not comfortable. It's been a hard decision to let her die at home vs. taking her in for euthanasia. She so hated going to the clinic. She endured so much there and she did it with so much patience. She is so thin that I didn’t think a vain could easily be found. I did not want her to go through that ordeal. It is hard to see her dying. Every time she has a seizure, I question my decision but then I remember. I owe her that her last hours be as comfortable and comforting as possible instead of subjecting her to fear and stress. She is not in pain, just uncomfortable.

She looks at me unwaveringly now, no longer finding it necessary to politely avert her eyes. Her pupils contract and widen with the change of light and she follows my eyes and movements. I talk to her and she blinks. She’s running in place again. She’s always been more like a dog than a cat. I wonder…  is she dreaming that she’s running? Playing? She used to play fetch with me. I would throw the fuzzy little ball and she would race after it with lightening speed. When she returned it, she would look at me with those pretty little crossed eyes full of mischief and joy and meow “c’mon, throw it again!” And I would.

She just had another seizure. She stretched and arched backward.  She called out plaintively and moved her thin legs in that running motion. Her eyes dilated and I thought this was it. But it wasn’t.  A moment later her eyes were back to normal and reacting to movement. Another 5 to 10 minutes later her breathing was normal again, her heart rate down and steady. I used to not be able to find her pulse. Now she is so skinny I can feel it as if it were in my hand.

It’s been hours since I found her this morning half in, half out of her little cat house, waiting to die. I’m glad I’m home so I can hold her and comfort her and keep her warm. Her little paw pads were so icy cold this morning. They are warm now as she rests in my lap wrapped in towels. I’m glad she’s warm. Her cold feet disturbed me.

I pass the time watching and comforting her, remembering her life. She was born on October 10, 1998. She was the 2nd born to her momma’s 2nd litter. She was a long girl and was ready to come out of that cramped womb. She grew into a pretty, elegant and trim Russian Blue. I believe by the looks of her there is Siamese somewhere in her family history. She was a talker but she was not obnoxious.

Spot - 3 months old 2
Spot at 3 months old

At 6 months of age her older sister from a previous litter decided Spot was not to her liking and beat her up on a daily basis. Spot learned to dodge and get in corners where Precious (not so precious) could only beat on corners of furniture or table legs. She was shy and the others picked on her but she outgrew them all and their antics. Like her momma, she hated being picked up but she loved coming to my lap. I named her Spot because of that pretty white spot on her belly.

Twistet Spot - A happy little girl
A happy girl

She, more than any other, had a special bond with her momma, Midnight, and the two spend a lot of time together. Midnight died of cancer a few months back. I hope it’s true what they say about the Rainbow Bridge. I’d love to think that Spot and Midnight will soon be together again.
Two years ago Spot became very ill with Hyperthyroidism. She almost didn’t make it. But she was cured and we thought she would live another good 5 yrs or so.

Spot on way to Atlanta for HT treatment
On her way to Atlanta for the Hyperthyroidism cure

But it was not to be. Just a few months later she was diagnosed with Chylothorax. 250 cc’s of chylo fluids were drained from her little chest cavity the night she almost died from this disease. How in the world could she hold so much fluid? There were weekly and by-weekly visits to the animal hospital to withdraw the fluids so her lungs would not collapse under the fluid’s pressure.

Spot waiting to have fluids drawn
Spot waiting to have fluids drawn

She bore each visit with resignation and dignity, rarely uttering a complaint when that long needle went into her side. She stared death in the face and defied him time and time again.  But today, she no longer has the strength.

Spot having fluid tap
Each syringe holds 50 cc’s of fluid.
Five Syringes equal 250 cc’s.

She’s had 2 more seizures. Each time I worried: “have I made the right decision?” But it's too late to change my mind.  She seems glad to be loved on. She’s still talking here and there then calling plaintively and lately she’s added the death call.  Her breathing is weak as is her heart rate. She can’t last much longer. I tell her its ok to go over the bridge but she hangs on.  ‘Sweet baby, your fur is so soft; your bones are so jagged. You have fought a valiant fight. I will miss you.’
Spot died moments after I wrote these notes. I put her down to bring the dogs back inside. It took only 5 minutes but by the time I came back, she had kicked the towels off and seemed to have had another seizure. She was still. She had passed on. I fretted that I wasn’t there in her final moment. I wonder if she wanted it that way or of the stress of my absence set on her final seizure. I’m being silly, I’m sure. I’m putting human emotions on a natural event.  We humans tend to do that a lot.
I have often thought that I would prefer an animal to die at home where it would feel safe. In the past I’ve always given in to avoid any suffering for the animal. There were times when I had no choice because the animal was in too much pain.  But there have been other times that I might as well have let the pet live out its time at home. It is hard to know when they are suffering and when they are shutting down without pain. We don’t want our babies to suffer. We know that euthanasia is quick and painless. But it is not without stress to the pet to get their little arm shaved and to feel the prick of the needle. Yes, it is momentary, yes, but it is still stressfull.  It is hard, very hard to watch your pet die. The choice is difficult to make.   There is no right and wrong answer. It is just a difficult one. I am glad I had the chance to hold Spot and love her to the end. I believe I made the right decision for her. I saw her being born and I saw her die. It has been a privilege to be a part of her life.

Spot finally gets some rest
Spot exhausted after a vet visit

Spot, was Silver’s sister. She, Silver and their siblings were the inspiration for Silver Rescue. Thanks to them, many cats and kittens have been rescued and either found homes of their own or sanctuary at Silver Rescue. But it is also because of you that we have been able to help so many. Spot has racked up quite a bill with her latest medical care. Nearly $500. Can you help us once again? We know how times are, but the animals don’t know anything about that. We need your help. Please donate. As always, thank you for being there for all the abused and abandoned animals we help.
Call in or send your donations directly to:
Grassmere Animal Hospital
3926 Nolensville Rd,
Nashville, TN 37211
Send a check to:
Silver Rescue
P.O. Box 111888
Nashville, TN 37222
PayPal to:


Honor or memorialize a pet of your own, or for your friend or family member in our December issue! Purchase a holiday ad for our Wall of Honor.

Deadline:  November 15  
Ad price:  $10  
Email for details.

By Mikko McPuppers

Here is Mikko 2

“No, Mommy, I don’t want to go to Shampooches,” I said with my eyes. Maybe she thought she could fool me. Maybe she wanted me to think we were taking a second walk.
No way. After five years in her house, I am not easily fooled.
“Please, Mommy, may I have more broccoli?” I asked after we got back from Shampooches. I stared and stared. Once I made eye contact, I stood a 70-30 chance of getting another piece.
She understands that I hate my prescription diet, even if it’s good for me and she gives me bits of her veggies. Yummy! I prefer people food.
“People Food” reminds me that I sometimes call her “Person.” I liked making her unique. I didn’t think it sounded distant or strange.
Lately, though, there’s been a man around the house. He says things like, “We love you, Mikko,” and “Want to go for a walk with Mommy and me?”
Now that her new name is in my head, it feels good to call her Mommy.
“Please, Mommy, can we take a walk?”
“Please, Mommy, can I have people food?”
“No, Mommy! Don’t lift me. I can get in the car by myself.”
“Thanks for scritching my chin, Mommy.
“Thanks for the food scraps, Uncle Daddy. Next to Mommy, you’re my BFF.”

Mikko McPuppers likes snoozing, sniffing, and eating his person’s veggies.

Lynn's book for caregiversHis person, B. Lynn Goodwin, is the owner and editor of Writer Advice, and the author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers. She writes for and when she’s not walking, feeding, or petting Mikko.  

Learn how you can write with her this fall through Story Circle Network.


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