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Silver Rescue


Clyde needs you

Clyde is waiting for you!  This sweet Border Collie/Terrior mix boy loves walks and car rides.  Can't you see this brave companion making a difference in your life? 

With his professional obedience training and gentle yet playful personality, Clyde is no stranger to sorrow, having grown up on the streets.  He also lost his girlfriend, Bonnie, but is ready to put his hardships behind him and give his new family tons of love.   


Find out if Clyde is the right match for you.  Read more details and see more photos here.

Clyde's Fast Facts:  
Fact # 1
It's HOT!  No matter the temperature, it's never a good idea to leave a dog or cat in the car while you pop into a store for "just a minute," but the extreme heat this time of year makes such errands life-threatening.  Even a warm day can turn deadly quickly inside a sun-baked car.

Fact #2
You can be a "Hotter Spotter."  Educate yourself at and download the free posters there. "I give the flyers to people who adopt from me or if I see pets in a car," Karina says.  "I wait to make sure the animal doesn't go into distress and hand the flyer to the owner or place it under the windshield wiper.  If no one comes soon I call the police or Animal Control.  I've not had to break a window yet."

Fact #3
When your pet exercises or plays hard, hot weather makes a difference in how you should care for him.  There is some debate on whether ice cubes in your dog's drinking water help cool him or if there is a danger that excessively cold water and cubes can instead cause painful stomach cramps or sometimes deadly bloat.  Check with your vet.  Better yet, be safe and not sorry.  Stay aware of your pet's condition as well as your own.  Don't exercise at mid-day, and use shade, room-temperature water and/or a cool, wet towel to lower body heat.        
Fact #4
Public beaches have strict rules about allowing pets to participate in summer fun.  Some areas ban dogs completely while others allow your pal to play in the sand and surf before 8 am and after 6 o'clock in the evening.  Plan ahead if your best friend is on vacation with you.  Check out boarding options, local rules, and what your trip will actually be like before you head for the shore.  Remember, sun, sand, and salt water can burn skin and paws.  What might be fun for your could be a day of torture for you pet, but with proper planning, many wonderful memories can be made by all.

Fact #5
Even summer at home requires careful planning and extra care for your pet.  Karina notes:  "Every several days we hear of pets and babies being left in cars and dying.  This opressive heat is also not good for pets that are left outside, without shade, shelter or water."  Be your best friend's best friend and think ahead. 


Show off your pet in Silver Rescue's December Holiday Edition!  From now through November 15, we are accepting special ads.  Our "Wall of Honor" issue - to be published on December 1 - is your chance to show other readers your special guy or gal.  Honor the animals who make your day every day, or purchase an ad in memory of a pet who meant a great deal to your family.  Each ad can include a photo (the cuter, the better) and up to 100 words of dedication, plus a link to more on your own web site.  Use your space to describe a heroic deed, to tell how your pet brightens your day, or to share what he or she really means to you.

We will run your ad in exchange for a $10 donation to Silver Rescue.  To make sure you have a spot, email Silver Rescue for details.  Need help?  Tell us about your pet, and we will compose your ad for you.

Thanks, Clyde!  Now, let's find your very own forever home! Contact us for details on how Clyde can be adopted right now.  If you are Clyde's forever family, you will also receive a free ad in our December "Wall of Honor" issue.  We can't wait to see what you will have to say about Clyde!

If you are able to adopt a cat and/or dog, there are many, many animals that are waiting to find someone to love and care for them. We would be glad to help you find the perfect fit!

Email with any questions, or for an application* if you have found a dog or cat that you are interested in.  Look at our side bar and our web site to find the one that's right for you.

*Our adoption donations include complete health exams, vaccinations, Heartworm or Feline Leukemia/FIV testing, deworming, and spay or neuter.   The donation also helps us rescue other animals in need.   

Together, we can help! 

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We'd love to have you! Email Karina and let her know how you'd like to help.

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> Read the warning signs of heatstroke from Drs. Foster and Smith Educational Staff.  

> How many stray dogs and cats live in the United States?  How many millions of companion animals enter animal shelters each year nationwide?  Of that number, how many are euthanized?  The numbers are staggering.  Get the big picture from ASPCA on pet statistics

> "Not all dogs enjoy water or take to swimming..."
Read more at Helen Fazio's "Travels With My Dog" blog,
and then add The Journey of the Shih Tuz to your summer reading list.  This book, co-written by Helen and Raja Fazio, is the "factual story about the Shih Tzu breed- a story that spans thousands of years, journeys across continents, and the poignant role the Shih Tzu played in the cross fire of history."
To our readers:  Won't you consider adopting one of our animals?  They need forever homes and someone to love them.  In return, they will love you and bring much happiness into your life.  To adopt, contact us.  If you cannot adopt, please think about what you can do.  We need you.

IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVER THROUGH DECEMBER! If you are over 70 and a half, you can make a gift directly from your IRA custodian - up to $100,000 this year - to Silver Rescue without having to count the transfer as income for federal tax purposes.

It's a great time to give a major gift.  Since you will not be paying federal income taxes on the withdrawal, you cannot claim an income tax charitable deduction, but your gift does count toward your required minimum distribution.  To get the complete details, contact your tax professional or email Silver Rescue!  

It's also a great time to give any amount, no matter your age.  Your donations make the work at Silver Rescue possible.  We hope you enjoy our newsletter. It is a labor of love.  Each person who contributes does so as a way of freely sharing his or her time, talent, and concern for the animals we help.  Now, keep reading for another glimpse into the life of Lynn and Mikko!  


By Mikko McPuppers

Here is Mikko 2

“There’s water all over the porch,” my person said, as we started on our woofie walk.
She opened a door and said, “This thing won’t turn off.” Then she knocked on both neighbors’ doors, but no one was home.
“I’ll be back, Mikko.”
She was away so long I stopped waiting and used the patio. She returned with an older man, who stood behind the same porch door and said, “If I turn this off, you won’t have any hot water.”
The next morning, she picked up a towel and her shampoo and said, “I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”
Oops! Did she know she was wearing her pajamas? “Are you all right?” I asked with my eyes.
“It’s okay, Mikko.”
“Person, you forgot to get dressed. Are you okay? Do you need me to call 911?”
“I’ll be back right, Mikko,” she said, slipping on her sandals.
While she was gone, I tipped the bathroom wastebasket. Used Kleenex. Yummm.
Then I heard water falling on the other side of the wall and thought of the man who turned off the hot water. Was Person showering at her neighbor’s? Did that bathroom have another wastebasket I could tip?
My person came home dressed, combed her wet hair, put her pajamas away, and said, “Want a woofie walk, Mikko?”
Of course I was happy to oblige.

Mikko McPuppers likes snoozing, sniffing, and eating his person’s veggies.  

Lynn's book for caregiversHis person, B. Lynn Goodwin, is the owner and editor of Writer Advice, and the author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers. She writes for and when she’s not walking, feeding, or petting Mikko.


Consider a modest donation. Your support will allow us to continue to offer hope to animals who must not only overcome being homeless or abandoned, but must also defeat injury and disease. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

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