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"I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won''t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life."

~ John 8:12



Malawi Africa


26% (over 1 billion) of the adult population cannot read


98% of non-literates live in developing countries


More than 1/2 of all non-literates live in India and China


Illiteracy has an immense negative impact on reaching the world for Christ

Some Ideas to Consider

Save up your extra coins in a can.


Start a recycling program at your church and have the congregation bring in the recycling funds Every Sunday.


Contact the missionaries that your church supports and ask how they might use a Talking Bible in their ministry.


Every little bit helps and if we all work together we can help to bless the lives of so many people. 1 Talking Bible has been know to reach over 800 people. That is a small investment towards the Kingdom of God

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

~ Romans 10:15

It''s hard to imagine life with no Bible. Look around you. Bibles can be found anywhere: personal Bibles, themed Bibles, digital Bibles, Bibles for children, Bibles for women, Bibles for men, Bibles for devotionals, Bibles for study. Thin, thick, paperback, leather-bound, gold-leafed, red-letter . . .

We have Bibles all around in our homes, in church, in books and tapes, in music, in radio and television broadcasts, and all through the Internet. It is almost as if the sheer availability of Scripture is piling up like boxes in a crowded room. We are overflowing. It isn''t only availability; it is also readability. God''s Word is readily available in our mother tongue, the language of our heart, the language that children and parents can listen to without effort.

I wonder if we''ve lost the ability to cherish the Word as we should. When we hold a Bible, are we so moved that our eyes fill with tears of joy? When we listen to the Word of God, does time seem to stop for that which is Holy? Would we walk for days for one chance to hear a Bible verse or the hope of bringing a single Bible for the whole of one village?


Take inventory one day this week and imagine the silence that most people in the world hear in the absence of the Word of God. Take away all Scripture, all of it. Nothing in the house or your church. No leftover church bulletins, sermon notes, favorite hymns or praise songs. No memory of a verse. No family legacy of faith. Take it all away and hear the silence.

That is what most of the world hears. Silence. Not Scripture, silence.

Now imagine, filling up that world with the same kind of abundance you have had. 016

Start with one simple gift:

the pure voice of Scripture, amplified so a group of 30 people of all generations and backgrounds can hear. They gather closely around the Talking Bible and hear of the wonders of God in words that they can understand, repeat, and memorize. They listen and go back to their homes and talk about the promises in the Old Testament and the fulfillment in the New Testament. They hear and believe, trusting in the power of God in their lives. They learn to fellowship and pray. They learn to minister the Word to others in their community. They equip pastors and build churches. They become sisters and brothers in Christ. It starts with one simple gift that you can give today.

It''s easy to send a Talking Bible, or ten, or one hundred into the world. Contact Talking Bibles International today 




We are making Dinka Bor Talking Bibles for the people of South Sudan. Hundreds of Dinka Talking Bibles will soon be heading to the Sudan but many more are needed. We are running out of Talking Bibles and desperately need the next shipment of 5,000 Talking Bibles to arrives soon!



Please pray for Talking Bibles ministry. We need God to move in a mighty way to reach the illiterate people who don’t know our savior. Even though the way may seem impossible, he is the master of the impossible.



Talking Bibles is here thanks to our donors who support us financially! We are genuinely encouraged and pray for your support. If you''d like to help keep this ministry going strong, please visit our website







P. 760-807-3477  E. INFO@TAKLINGBIBLES.ORG  Web.


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