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January 2012

Message from the NCSM President

Welcome to a new year in the world of mathematics. As a mathematics leader your charge in 2012 is to empower teachers and students for effective citizenry and employment in the 21st Century using the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to build mathematical muscle and using effective leadership skills to guide your important work. We must work together on challenges of 
  • Scale (focusing human, fiscal and instructional resources on mathematics);
  • Innovation (creating a climate for exploration, project-based learning and enrichment in mathematics);
  • Replication (giving all teachers access to best educational practices);
  • Evaluation and Assessment (assuring that what we do works); and
  • Collaboration (more teaching, less competing).
Be sure to renew your NCSM membership and join me at the NCSM annual meeting in Philadelphia, April 23-25, 2012.  We are looking for volunteers to help NCSM on many committees and at the annual meeting.  Please email if you have an interest in donating your time to support NCSM.


In November NCSM President, Suzanne Mitchell, in conjunction with NCSM Past-President, Diane Briars, presented a webinar titled Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: The CCSS Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools. The webinar has been archived and may be viewed at

Tune into NCSM's next webinar on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 from 4:30 - 5:30pm EST.
"New Resources for Illustrating the Mathematical Practices" by NCSM President Suzanne Mitchell, and President-elect Valerie Mills will preview new resources for classroom-based professional development that support the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The webinar is free to all participants. Register online at:


“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”
-- George Patton 

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eNEWS Editor

Mike Hall is NCSM's eNEWS Editor. Please feel free to contact Mike at with news, feedback, or suggestions.
Happy New Year from the NCSM Board. In this edition, you will find continuing information regarding the Common Core State Standards and Mathematics Leadership. You might have noticed the eNews arriving to you every other month. This is to better inform you of current happenings and information regarding issues of importance. In this edition, look for up to date news regarding the Common Core State Standards, happenings at NCSM, leadership tidbits and a message from President, Dr. Suzanne Mitchell. New to this edition of the eNews is section titled Tech Tips. Check it out for ideas for recent or novel technologies. I hope you enjoy the e-news and if you have any ideas to add, please feel free to contact me at

Partnership Possibilities

NCSM invites state, regional, and provincial mathematics leadership organizations that meet a set of criteria to become an affiliate of NCSM by completing the affiliate application process to join NCSM. The deadline to complete the process for the 2011-2012 year is January 31, 2012. The NCSM Board will consider applications and will present charters for membership at the April 24, 2012, NCSM annual business meeting in Philadelphia, PA. 

The application process is simple and begins by submitting a memo of application to the NCSM Affiliate Coordinator (below) and completing the other items listed on the Affiliate Application Process page. Your organization will be notified in early February of your acceptance as an affiliate so that someone who represents your organization can attend the business meeting and accept the Charter.
We look forward to working with you individually and as a mathematics leadership organization. We hope that you will consider this opportunity to work more closely with NCSM and to gain benefit from the association. Please feel free to contact me, or the Affiliate Coordinator, Cheryl Avalos ( for more information.

2012 NCSM Annual Conference:
“Life, Liberty, and Mathematics for All: NCSM Leads the Way" 

April 23-25, 2012 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Our 44th annual conference will provide you with a rich professional development experience that meets your personal leadership needs. 
Over 200 sessions by a variety of speakers will address current issues related to equity and access, leadership of curriculum, teaching & learning, and assessment. 
A major focus of the conference is the implementation of the Common Core Standards. A second focus is the importance of teacher leaders, mathematics coaches, and elementary mathematics specialists and the work they do to support and encourage teachers for education reform.
Whether you're a first-timer or a veteran of NCSM annual conferences, join us for three exciting days in Philadelphia focused on important issues for leaders in mathematics education. For details see the NCSM website at

Tech Tips

Common Core State Standards -- The Android App and the Apple App
Are you looking for that special app that will give you a list of the Common Core State Standards for any grade level? The best list may be on your phone or tablet if you download the free Common Core State Standards App from Mastery Connect. It even features both the traditional and the integrated mathematics pathways for middle and high school grades.  
What is the Policy about iPads, iPods, and Tablet Computers in your District or State?
This year schools are faced with an amazing array of electronic devices that will run spreadsheets, calculators (from basic to graphing), play educational videos, practice basic skills, and offer research from powerhouses like Wikipedia. Some simple steps may help you to enhance technology-based learning. First, set up a techie team to investigate the types of applications and programs out there. You may want to have one team exploring Android Devices, one working on the Apple Applications and anther team just looking at PC programs. The amount of free and powerful mathematics resources is growing exponentially! Second, you may want to establish a way to suggest appropriate technology for the classroom. The third is to establish the financial team to implement those resources that offer real improvements in teaching and learning. That third team must have the responsibility to ensure that equity in opportunity is provided for all the students as much as is financially possible.
Highlight the Successes
You undoubtedly have some teachers who are making great uses of technology. It may be a special lesson, a YouTube video, a podcast, perhaps a special research competition. Publicize the successes of your teachers! It appears popular to attack education lately and the public should have some fun links to the real stories and to the amazing work that american education is producing.

Common Core State Standards

-For the latest news and notes on the Common Core State Standards, check out the CCSS homepage at where updates are continually added.

- The NCSM website ( has recently been updated to include the very latest information in regards to CCSS overviews, implementation and leadership.

- PARCC Releases ITN To Develop New Assessments. More information can be found at
- PARCC is seeking public input on the Common Core State Standards: 
Public Input Sought on Draft Model Content Frameworks
Frameworks provide focus for common assessments in English, mathematics. For more information or to view the frameworks, visit

Equity in Mathematics Education

- Check out the latest news on equity from the Equity Trust at
- Major New Study Examines Explanations for Math "Gender Gap"
This slogan appeared on a t-shirt marketed this year to girls. After outraged objections, the shirt was pulled from stores, but is still available for sale on the internet---and its familiar message continues to echo: It's boys, not girls, who excel in math. Was the outrage over the shirt knee-jerk political correctness? Is it perhaps time just to accept the fact that boys are better at math than girls?
Not unless you ignore the data. A major new study appearing in the January 2012 issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society ( marshals a plethora of evidence showing that many of the hypotheses put forth to account for the so-called "gender gap" in mathematics performance fail to hold up. The article, "Debunking Myths about Gender and Mathematics Performance" by Jonathan Kane and Janet Mertz, takes a scientific, fact-based look at a subject that too often is obscured by prejudice and simplistic explanations.

- For up-to-date information regarding equity in mathematics education, please check out the TODOS homepage at for all of your equity needs.

Resources & Opportunities

The U.S. Department of Education has launched a student video challenge contest to help increase public awareness of the net price calculators now available on postsecondary institutions' websites. The contest is for high school and college students to produce short videos highlighting why net price calculators are a valuable resource for students and families in the college selection process. The top three contestants will each win a $1,500 cash prize.

We would appreciate your assistance in getting the word out to students, if you have an opportunity to do so. More information is available at the video challenge contest site ( and the Department's press release (

-Here is a great resource for all math leaders. This site contains information on all things mathematics education including up-to-date information on CCSS.

Triangle Coalition

Check out the latest news and notes from the Triangle Coalition at 

NCSM Website

Visit us 24/7 at to explore ways to actively engage with NCSM.

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