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Good morning from the SWR Team,

Thanks for your interest in monthly updates from Sustainable Waterloo Region.

This month, I'm glad to share that Conestoga Mall is our most recent Regional Carbon Initiative member to set a target to reduce their carbon footprint over the next ten years: they have set a 20% absolute reduction goal, making them a Bronze Pledging Partner.

Registration is also now open for our first Educational Forum of the 2013/14 season. We're excited to bring Chantal Despres, CN's Director of Sustainability, to Waterloo Region. She will be sharing how CN has leveraged eco-gamification to engage employees in their sustainability efforts.

Please read on for details about these and other updates from our team.
All the best,

Mike Morrice
Executive Director
Sustainable Waterloo Region
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Regional Carbon Initiative Members

Upcoming Sustainable Waterloo Region Events

SWR Updates & Collaboration Opportunities

Recommended Environmental Research, Ideas & Community Events

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Regional Carbon Initiative Members

Welcome New Regional Carbon Initiative Member
KWCOC_Hori_RGB Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
Observing Organization

New Pledging Partner Conversion - Congratulations!
Conestoga Mall2 (JPEG) Conestoga Mall
Bronze Pledging Partner
20% absolute GHG reduction over 10 years
RCI member since: 2012
Increased Pledging Partner Commitment - Congratulations!
QUARRY_logo_grey Quarry Integrated Communications
Bronze Pledging Partner
25% absolute GHG reduction from 2011 over 10 years
RCI member since: 2009

Renewing Regional Carbon Initiative Members

Quiet-Nature-Logo_F 2

Quiet Nature
Observing Organization

RCI member since: 2010

UniversityOfWaterloo_logo_horiz_rgb 2

University of Waterloo
Observing Organization

RCI member since: 2012

Spicers logo (JPEG) Spicers Canada Limited
Kitchener Branch

Observing Organization

RCI member since: 2012

Upcoming Sustainable Waterloo Region Events

Educational Forum: Engaging employees with Eco-gamification
Is your organization constantly looking for new ways to engage employees in environmental sustainability? This educational forum will add fun to your struggles, introducing gamification-
a business strategy which applies game design techniques to non-game experiences to make them more fun and engaging- as an exciting new approach for you to consider. Featuring presentations from My Sustainable Canada’s Program and Research Manager, Brendan Wylie-Toal, and CN’s Director of Sustainability, Chantalle Després¸ attendees will learn about the theory behind gamification and how CN has successfully used an online platform to encourage individual sustainability-focused action and competition amongst hundreds of employees.
Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Time: 7:30 am to 9:30 am
Location: Crown Plaza Kitchener-Waterloo
Cost: $40.00 (+HST) for non-RCI members - Free for RCI members
Registration: Online
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SWR Updates And Collaboration Opportunities

The Time is Right for a Climate Action Plan in Waterloo Region
Four municipalities in Waterloo Region are poised to adopt their first-ever community-wide Climate Action Plan and GHG reduction target. The plan has been developed over the past 3 years using input and advice from community stakeholders. The plan will be considered for approval by City and Regional Councils on the following dates – we hope to see you there to show your support for taking local action on climate change!
  • Waterloo Council – Monday, November 4th
  • Cambridge Council – Wednesday, November 13th
  • Kitchener Council – Monday, November 18th
  • Regional Council – Tuesday, December 3rd
For more information and to be reminded as these dates approach, please join the mailing list and/or contact Sarah Brown.

Volunteer Opportunity - ClimateActionWR Web & Social Media Coordinator
Do you have a passion for sharing information and communicating with people online?  Are you interested in developing your social media and communications skills within an innovative sustainability network?  The Web & Social Media Coordinator will be the driving force behind the online presence of the ClimateActionWR program.  The Coordinator will work closely with the ClimateActionWR Project Manager and team.
  • Gain experience in media resources management: Twitter, Facebook and Website updates
  • Utilize your excellent social media skills and passion for environmental sustainability
  • Share your ideas to seek out new potential sources for outreach
Click here to learn more about the ClimateActionWR Web & Social Media Coordinator position and other available volunteer roles.

Recommended Environmental Research, Ideas, & Community Events

Delaying Climate Policy Would Triple Short-Term Mitigation Costs
Higher costs increase the threshold for decision-makers to start the transition to a low-carbon economy. According to a new economic study, to keep climate targets within reach it seems to be most relevant to not further postpone mitigation. "The transitional economic repercussions that would result if the switch towards a climate-friendly economy is delayed, are comparable to the costs of the financial crisis the world just experienced," lead-author Gunnar Luderer says. The later climate policy implementation starts, the faster -- hence the more expensive -- emissions have to be reduced if states world-wide want to achieve the internationally agreed target of limiting global warming to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Report Ties Climate To Extreme Events, But Shows Hurdles
Climate scientists examining a dozen extreme weather events from 2012 found that manmade global warming likely contributed to at least half of them, including a record-breaking deadly heat wave in the U.S. The international report offers a demonstration of the new capabilities that scientists are developing in an emerging, complex area of climate science known as “extreme event attribution” while also illustrating the limitations of these attribution studies.

Sustainability? Don't Go it Alone
At the recent Sustainable Brands conference, one message was clear: individual corporate sustainability efforts aren’t enough to halt climate change. The solution: collaborative partnerships — even between competitors. Sustainable Brands hosted its seventh annual community gathering in Paradise Point, San Diego during the first week of June. The complexity of business problems connected with sustainability is demanding collective action. A short list of some collective action effects gaining momentum in the corporate sector are highlighted here.


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