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Rabbis and Cantors for
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Yizhar Hess said it, the arrest of Dov Hayun was a gift." But it was a gift because it demonstrated to the world what we know to be true: "Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

The Hayun controversy demonstrates the destructive power of fusing religion and state: destructive of both Judaism and a democratic Homeland. Now we see that the police lied to the Attorney General, and much is yet to be revealed.

Real halakhic problems exist and cannot be ignored. But see Rabbi Lau's unifying statement about the damage done to Israel, and potentially missing the window of opportunity for Jewish history that the State of Israel represents. Mavoi Satum has created a pamphlet describing how to have a halakhic ceremony in Israel while excluding the official rabbanut. We are seeing potential solutions to the problems raised by the alliance between government and religion. Rebetzin Rivka Lubitch urges us to do weddings for mamzerim and not to skirt the issue but to meet it head on. How does a Jewish State act: on behalf of a small portion of the Jews, or on behalf of all of our people? A Homeland for whom?

But the majority of Israelis considering weddings are being turned off by and are turning away from the government sponsored rabbinate. See the statistics regarding preferences for marriage officiation: most Israelis, by far, prefer the possibility of civil marriage in Israel; and Israel is the only democracy without that possibility. The tide is turning, and an increasing number of Israelis, more than half, seek another way. Secular and moderately religious Israelis prefer choice: including all of the movements, and for Israel to truly represent the Jewish people.

Friends, the Hayun crisis starkly confronts us with the fact that Israel is turning aside from the reason it was created: a homeland for all of the world's Jews. But now is the time to spotlight and reverse Israel's refusal to fill its historic purpose on behalf of all of the Jewish people in order to achieve shortsighted political gain. Now is the time, with this crisis, to stand together as one people, across all the movements, and demand an end to religious tyranny.

Two Jewish sayings come to mind:... לא עליך המלאכה לגמור and... אם תרצו, אין זו אגדה.

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Ruach Hiddush

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July 29, 2018


Ruach Hiddush PROTESTS the
treatment of Rabbi Haiyun -

LEND YOUR NAME to our protest statement by clicking HERE!

Hiddush represents Masorti rabbi arrested for conducting wedding

by Rabbi Uri Regev

At 5:30 AM on July 19th, two policemen knocked on the Haifa apartment of Dubi Haiyun, Rabbi of the Conservative congregation in Haifa. This followed orders given to the police by the Haifa rabbinic court, which alleged that Rabbi Haiyun was in breach of criminal law regarding a wedding he conducted.


Thank you for arresting the rabbi

by Yizhar Hess

The police questioning Rabbi Dubi Haiyun for illegally presiding over a Jewish wedding in Israel brought the kind of recognition to the Conservative Movement it didn't have before. But if the State of Israel doesn't stop its fight against non-Orthodox Jews, the rift with our brothers and sisters overseas might be impossible to heal.


Israeli Modern Orthodox thought leaders react to the treatment of Rabbi Dubi Haiyun

Rabbi Benny Lau, Yair Sheleg, Rebbetzin Rivkah Lubitch

Rabbi Benny Lau's >>>

Yair Sheleg's >>>

Rebbetzin Rivkah Lubitch's >>>

Record support for freedom of choice in marriage!

A public opinion survey for Tu B'Av

70% of Israel's adult Jewish population wants the State of Israel to recognize all forms of marriage, including civil marriage and Reform and Conservative weddings. Most of the public wants legal alternatives to marriage via the Rabbinate!


Number of Israelis Marrying Outside Rabbinate Rising, Even Among Orthodox Jews

By Judy Maltz

New survey includes first ever numbers on unrecognized Jewish wedding ceremonies performed outside of Orthodox establishment, highlighting Israelis’ growing contempt for Chief Rabbinate


Boasting About Alternative Weddings in Video Was a Mistake, Israeli Ministry Admits

by Judy Maltz

Foreign Ministry spokesman concedes that bragging about non-Orthodox weddings in Israel – which are not recognized and can even be illegal – was not the smartest move.


Outrage: Masorti Rabbi Dov Haiyun Arrested for Officiating at Wedding

By the Masorti Movement

The Masorti Movement is outraged at the arrest of Rabbi Dov “Dubi” Haiyun of Moriah Congregation in Haifa. He was arrested and interrogated... for the “crime” of officiating at a wedding outside the control of the Ultra Orthodox Chief Rabbinate. Rabbi Haiyun potentially faces two years in prison for holding this wedding.


Private Halakhic Marriage - a booklet

By Mavoi Satum NGO

The project "Private Halakhic Marriage, under the leadership of the NGO Mavoi Satum, makes possible for couples to be married in a Jewish wedding according to Orthodox Jewish law, outside of the state sponsored rabbinate.



רוּ"חַ חִּדוּ"שׁ היא ארגון של רבנים וחזנים הפועל למימוש מלא של הבטחת מגילת הצעמאות לחופש דת ושוויון. מימוש הבטחה זו חיוני לחיזוק זהותה של מדינת ישראל כמדינה יהודית ודמוקרטית ולהמשך השותפות עם העם היוהדי לתפוצותיו.

Ruach Hiddush is a network of Rabbis and Cantors working to fully realize the promise of Israel's Declaration of Independence, which guarantees religious freedom and equality. The fulfillment of this promise is vital for strengthening Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, and for maintaining the solidarity of world Jewry.

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