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UGA Regenerative Bioscience Center
Regenerative Bioscience Center
Jan 2017
UGA Biomanufacturing
Stice +UGA commit to BioManufacturing

$250 million, government-backed consortium: NIIMBL

Writer: Charlene Betourney

Stice, a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar and D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, will facilitate team assembly for response to the project calls, leveraging years of collective experience in regenerative medicine and technology development.

"There is a crippling regulatory gap, which is commonly referred to as ‘the valley of death’ in moving biotech products from discovery to commercialization," Stice says. "What NIIMBL presents is an opportunity to help improve government regulation, minimize failure, create job growth and improve healthcare quality, all while reducing costs in the U.S." This recent success follows an announcement ....

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Liu+and a chicken tongue
Regenerative Bioscience Center
RBC labs
Liu lab
Chicken taste buds using molecular markers

Study could shed light on the feeding behavior of chickens

Scientific Reports 6 / Article number: 37247

At the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Center, researchers are bringing forth new information about the sensory organs for taste in chickens.

The discovery concluded that previous reports underestimated the number of chicken taste buds and that taste buds were distributed more broadly in the base of the oral cavity than previously reported. Even though past research claims that birds have lower taste acuity than mammals due to presence of fewer taste buds, there is new evidence to show that chickens have oral taste receptors sensitive to specific taste stimuli – for example how bitter something might taste.

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Regenerative Bioscience Center
RBC Students+at Harvard
Anita   Vineet   Hannah
A.+Qualls   V.+Raman   H.+Mason

J. Call Lab

Karumbaiah Lab

Karumbaiah Lab

"We were able to converse with aspiring researchers across the globe, each passionate about a unique discipline of study and research interest. The commonality between all of the selected participants was our inherent curiosity and our continuous pursuit for knowledge."


The National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC)

"We met everyone from rising ethnomusicologists to neonatal researchers. The city of Boston was wonderful and we were able to explore the campus of Harvard Medical School, in addition to trying the world-famous Mike’s Cannoli’s."


"The NCRC, showed me that there is, indeed, a greater community of undergraduates across the continent pushing the boundaries of innovation and knowledge in every field of study. The focus of the conference was broad, but its overall purpose and what I gained the most from was forming uncommon relationships with the other students and the amazing keynote speakers."

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Lu+West+Stice   Shiyou+Chen   Locklin+Handa

Derivation of chicken induced pluripotent stem cells tolerant to Newcastle disease virus-induced lysis through multiple rounds of infection




A review of the recent advances in antimicrobial coatings for urinary catheters.

UGA Regenerative Bioscience Center
Jan 2017

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