Regenerative Bioscience Center at UGA
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UGA Regenerative Bioscience Center
Regenerative Bioscience Center
august 2016
RBC Steven Stice
Stice +Cloning 20 years later

Cloning is taking a back burner to stem cell research

Media: US News

Stice says the lack of publicity around cloning is no accident, that generally the public and the food industry are afraid of cloning and don't want to be associated with it.

"I think cloning is safe," he says. "It's one of many reproductive tools that can be used by people trying to get better quality and safer meat and milk for more people." He adds that the ethical treatment of the animals involved has improved dramatically...

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Regenerative Bioscience Center
RBC labs
west lab
Two Part Radio Series

One-of-a-kind microscope built from the ground up.

Radio: WUGA / Pic: Davis Tucker

The University of Georgia is home to the Regenerative Bioscience Center which works on bone regeneration, traumatic brain injury and is home to the first and only stroke model using swine in the US.

"We use two-photon microscopy which allows us to see into living animal tissues and allows us to discriminate objects from their surroundings on a level of a cell or even smaller than a cell, where we can look at sub-cellular elements inside, and in our case, a living bone,"....

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Regenerative Bioscience Center
RBC+always shining
student stories
student1   student2
ADS+End of Summer   Amazing+Student

Samantha Spellicy and Christina Elling

Cali Callaway

Holly Kinder of the West lab suggested a summer year-end party, and what a party it was! See more pictures courtesy of Justin Sharma. VIEW PICS


"I’ve connected with so many fantastic professors on this campus that it’s impossible to name just one. I’ve had the honor of working with Dr. Steve Stice since my freshman year. I am continually impressed by his ability to provide careful mentorship, produce high-quality research and advocate for his community. His example has dictated many of my own goals." READ MORE

Zion   RBC   Bisel
Zion+Tse   RBC+Event   Nicole+Bisel

Cardiac catheters

Annual Meeting

Karumbaiah Lab

Dr. Zion Tse, an assistant professor at the University of Georgia Medical Robotics Labratory, and Austin Taylor, a graduate student in the College of Engineering, are planning to utilize the techniques of origami as a medical solution to invasive heart surgeries.


Save the date for the RBC Annual meeting. This year's event will include invitations to graduate students working under the mentorship of RBC faculty. All day meeting to be held in the teal room of the new VMC.


Nicole Bisel, shared her trip to Ghana this summer, where she had the opportunity to shadow professionals in the fields of malnutrition, nutrition rehabilitation, neonatal intensive care, general surgery, physical therapy, labor and delivery, obstetric surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

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Yangqing+Lu   Jason+Locklin   Zion+Tse

Cholesterol induces proliferation of chicken primordial germ cells.


Multifunctional Surface Manipulation Using Orthogonal Click Chemistry


Vaccine safety and social media in China.

UGA Regenerative Bioscience Center
august 2016

Questions: contact Charlene Betourney, RBC Marketing and Development Coordinator


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