Many do not know that parts of India eat dogs!
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Greetings to all friends of animals,

Many do not know that parts of India eat dogs. We are aiming to help stop this and bravo to the wonderful activists - especially our partner group Just Be Friendly (JBF) and the activists that the new PurrPawsFoundation of Guwahati, Assam coordinates - they with great difficulty and too many tears have gone above and beyond their comfort zone to save these precious lives! 

Dogs are "human's best friend" - is the betrayal to eat them worse than any other species? We don't know the answer to that but we do know, we can't stand to see this happening!

These dogs begged for help! Rescuers found the dogs (including some "pets"), they had their mouths taped shut and their paws tied tightly with rope. The desperate dogs - which were trapped inside bags - could be heard whining so piteously. 

These particular dogs in Assam were also helped by the local police as this is entirely illegal, in the other N.E. States of Mizoram and Nagaland there is, however, little to no police help.

The illegal consumption of dog meat is is flouted in the far N.E. states of Mizoram and Nagaland, where hundreds of dogs are killed brutally daily for the meat trade. Some consider dog meat to have high nutritional and medicinal value.

They try to say it is their tradition and they think dog meat and dog blood cures diseases like cancer!! Sadly, these type of people are rural , illiterate and sometimes drunkards.

Video of the actual (nongraphic) inspring rescue we could help in Assam is here.
Legs and front paws are tied in the bags and dogs left without food or water for days! Rescued and treated by Just Be Friendly!
Here is our favorite boy "Charlie" just waiting for a home and wondering why he was treated so badly. (See if you can spot him in the first picture above!)

Just Be Friendly is also making progress against this by working directly with authorities and has one positive news is that Kohima (Nagaland) Municipal is in constant touch with JBF and they are constructing a shelter, so in long run it is going to help for sure. JBF has also trained two Animal Handlers from Nagaland government.

More info: Laws are being blatantly disregarded with dogs packed in sacks with just their heads poking out, their mouth either stitched closed or bound tight with rope to keep them quiet, which is done to illegally smuggle them into Nagaland from neighboring states. During transport and display in the markets, they are denied movement, food or water, before finally being clubbed to death in underground 'death pit' where dogs were seen being clubbed to death in front of each other, beaten multiple times in protracted and painful deaths. Most dogs were beaten several times before dying. If they are not beaten to death there are boiling pits of water…

Another video taken undercover (and graphic, sorry) shows dogs being loaded onto a truck in gunny bags in Mizoram. All this is being done openly though according to Indian constitution it's illegal. The dogs are alive, fearful, stressed and barking in agony.

German Shepherd dog for sale to a meat market in Mizoram for $10.00! An activist is buying him to save him - should they support these meat markets by doing so, of course to save him for now. Many other costs are involved other than cost to buy the dog including to rehome him and help recovery. Not only the dogs are traumatized, dehydrated and sick but the activists saving them are heart sick over this, we must support those on the front lines as we can!

Should we work towards "humane" dog meat markets, of course not, there is no such thing as "humane" meat!

Parts of Mizoram and Nagaland this issue is so challenging that even though the dog meat is highly illegal police turn the other way and "dog meat" is openly advertised in restaurants. Activists lives are at risk the least we can do is help support them for now as they work mostly undercover.
Dogs gagged and tied in gunny bags openly carried for dog meat in Mizoram. Photo source - Mizo animal activist.

We will help these activists directly please send through our website, designate "stop the dog meat trade." Thank you for your compassion for all! 

With love from Help Animals India — on behalf of India and Nepal's animals!


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