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March 2018

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Mark Morgan
Producing Artistic Director 

March 16 - What a year 2018 has been already!!  

We have had a start to this MTC Season unlike the start of any other MTC Season - some of it Bad, some of it Good, and some of it Great!

The Bad:  We are not able to produce Rent, School Edition as our Summer Stage Session IV (our teen show) this August because of a national tour.  We also had to drop both Guys & Dolls, Jr. (which we replaced with Disney's The Lion King, Jr. in our May slot after moving Seussical, Kids & Character Sing-Along from May to March) and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (which we did not replace, and which is a first for MTC in our 16 years - to just cancel a show!).  Finally, losing Annette De Rosa as a full-time MTC employee (although she is still our Webmaster) is definitely bad!

The Good:  We are able to add the show listed to the top right in the auditition notice as our Session IV Teen production (although we can't announce or advertise this production anywhere else, even on our website or our Facebook page until July 1, 2018).  We have also brought back our 'Sing-Along' portion of our Winter Stage production after a two-year hiatus! So come dressed as your favorite character or superhero if you already have tickets to Seussical, Jr. & Character Sing-Along  this weekend.  More good - all four remaining Winter Stage shows this weekend are sold out and we are trying to add a performance either Sunday and/or Monday nights. Check our website tomorrow. 

The Great:  Having Jen Morris Grasso on board as our new Administrative Director is great!  She brings a career as a Broadway performer and arts administrator to this very important full-time position.  It has also been great to have been given permission by First Baptist Church to build a small, 'black box-like' performing space in FBC's Fellowship Hall.  With new risers for 'stadium seating', theatrical LED lights, and 'wing' curtains, we have a great 'bridge' theater for our smaller-cast productions until we get into our permanent 'home' theater (hopefully sooner rather than later)!

2 JTF '19 Casts Again!
To both celebrate our JTF '18 Casts, and to kick-off our JTF '19 Journey for two new casts, we will host our annual JTF Pizza Party on Wednesday, March 28 at FBC from 7 to 9 PM.  We will present small versions of our 'Excellence In Acting' Trophy to our Academy B Cast Members, celebrate our Academy A Cast's first production, and answer questions for any new people interested in jumping into our JTF '19 productions (Disney's The Lion King, Jr. for Academy B & Seussical, Kids for Academy A).  If you can't make the Pizza Party, and you have specific questions about JTF '19, please feel free to call me at 609 / 922-2506.

How To Succeed... 
Won't Be Trying In '18
As I mentioned above under 'Bad', because we did not get enough adults to audition for the revival of our Second Stage (all adult) production of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (that we haven't done since The Pajama Game in November 2015), we had to cancel a production (for the first time in 16 years!).  We will try to re-launch Second Stage again in 2019.

5.20: New Recital Date
For a variety of reasons, we are moving our Studio Class Recital to Sunday, May 20  at 4 PM in our new First Baptist Church Theater.  Please mark your calendars. 

3 MTCers In 'Secret' MTI Workshop In NYC

MTC was well represented (and we were feeling very proud) in that of the 30 cast members in the invitation- only, top-secret  iTheatrics workshop held during the week of February 19th, we had three of them: Aren Duffy, Juliet Morgan, and Faith SirdashneyWe can't say the name of the Jr. show they 'workshopped' in print or on social media, but you can ask me or any of these three talented performers, and they'll tell you.  Congrats to these three MTCers!

16 MTCers Accepted To iTheatrics Summer Workshops In NYC

In another great honor for MTC, we had 21 children audition in NYC (or by video submissions) on Saturday, February 24 for the iTheatrics Summer Academy, and 16 were cast in week-long workshops (with another three 'wait-listed'.  Congrats to these 16 performers; we're sure that you will represent MTC proudly this summer! 

Important March Dates

3.16:  Seussical, Kids &

          Character Sing-Along

3.19:  Auditions for Disney's             The Lion King, Jr.

3.25:  Auditions for Showsto-

        ppers Songs & Scenes

3.28:  JTF '18 Pizza Party /

          JTF '19 Kickoff Event


Important April Dates

4.08:  Auditions for Newsies

4.18:  G2K: The Sound Of               Music Opens at OLGC

4.22:  Annie 'Watch Party'

4.23:  Annie Auditions Begin

Check MTC's Calendar for more details and / or elsewhere on the MTC Website for more information.

Upcoming '18 Season
So you can plan your 2018 Summer Vacations, we have announced the following shows so far for our 16th Anniversary Season in 2018:

JTF:  Hairspray, Jr. &

         Willy Wonka, Jr.

WS:  Seussical, Kids &

         Character Sing-Along

CS:  The Sound Of Music

SpS:  Disney's The Lion

         King, Jr. 

SC:   Spring Studio Recital

ES:   Showstoppers Scenes

         & Songs, Jr. (New!)

SS I:  Magic Tree House:

          Pirates Past Noon,


SS II:   HS Musical 2, Jr.

MS:     Annie 

SS III:  Fiddler On The 

            Roof, Jr.

SS IV:  Newsies (New!)

SS V:  Broadway Kids IV

EG:    10th Extrava-Gala

         (Sat., October 6, 2018

        Riverton Country Club)

AS:  Scenes & Songs V

FS:  Annie Warbucks

ES:  Showstoppers

        Holiday Spectacular

Donations Welcome

There is never a bad time to make a charitable contribution to MTC (which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization)! Please click on this 'Donate' logo to make a tax-deductible donation to MTC!  Thank you!

Donate2015 2

Costume Shop Help
We are going to try something different with our 'Work Days' at our Costume Shop.  MTC Costume Designer Thom Sirkot said that if you have sewing skills and would like to work with him building costumes for MTC, please email him at  He will get back to you very quickly!  He is also looking for people who have strong organizing skills.  (Volunteering at the MTC Costume Shop is also an ideal way for serious high school students to earn 'community service hours'.)

Production Partner / Advertise With MTC
Call me at 609 / 922-2506 if your company (or your family) would be interested in being a Production Partner for any of our shows listed above in our 2018 Season. There are many benefits to supporting the arts with MTC!  Call me at 609 / 922-2506 with any questions!

Social Media Update 
If you haven't 'liked' MTC's Facebook page yet, please do so!  We now have over 1,700 'likes'.  And if you can, please 'rate' us on FB (hopefully with a 'rave review')!  Finally, when you post anything about MTC on social media, please spell out Moorestown Theater Company (as opposed to just writing MTC), as there is another local MTC that does theater.

Still Trying To Update Our MTC Calendar,
P.S.  Please feel free to call me at 609 / 922-2506 about any item in this newsletter!
In This Issue:
  • Now:  Rent, School Edition Is Out; Newsies In For SS IV
  • Now:  Register For Summer Stage '18
  • Now:  Seussical, Kids & C S-A Is Sold Out!
  • Now:  Come See Our New Theater Space!
  • Mon.:  Auditions For The Lion King, Jr.
  • 3.25: Showstoppers Songs & Scenes, Jr.
  • 4.18:  The Sound Of Music Opens At OLGC
  • 4.22:  Annie Watch Party & Auditions
  • 10.6:  Extrava-Gala X; Mark Your Calendar!

Now:  Rent, School Edition Is Out (Boo!); But Newsies Is In For Summer Stage IV!

In a classic case of Bad News / Good 'Newsies', we are announcing these changes to our 2018 Season: 
Bad News = Rent (School Edition) is Out!
Good 'Newsies' = Newsies is In!!
Unfortunately, due to a national tour, we cannot produce Rent, School Edition in August during Summer Stage Session IV.  The Good News is that instead, we have been given a license to produce Newsies (but we are only allowed to announce this title in this audition notice in this electronic newsletter; we are not allowed to announce or advertise the show title on our website or Facebook page until July 1, 2018).
The MTC Production Staff for this show will be:
Director: Mark MorganMTC  Producing Artistic Director
Vocal Director: Carol Ann MurrayMTC Managing Director
Choreographer: Jennifer Morris GrassoMTC Administrative Director and Broadway Veteran
We will hold auditions for this show on these dates and times:
Sunday, April 8, 5 - 8 PM
 Monday, April 9, 7 - 10 PM
Tuesday, April 10, 7 - 10 PM
We will hold rehearsals on Fridays and Saturdays in June and July (and anywhere else we can squeeze them in, with specific dates and times TBA).  For those who already registered for Rent, School Edition but don't want to audition / perform in Newsies, we will either transfer your registration fee to another MTC production, or give you a full refund.

Now: Register For Summer Stage '18


It's time to register for a session (or sessions) of our award-winning Summer Stage '18, which you can do by clicking here.

Here are some highlights:

  • Session I (Ages 6-12) - Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon, Kids: A new two-week+ camp that will start on Thursday, June 21.  This new Session I will overlap with Session II (former Session I), so pre-teens will have to decide which Session they want to do.
  • Session II (Ages 6-17) - Disney's High School Musical 2, Jr.: We will do this musical for the first time since 2009, and until Hairspray, Jr. topped it last year with 99 cast members, our 2009 show had our largest cast with 98 members.
  • Session III (Ages 6-17) - Fiddler On The Roof, Jr. We are very excited to do this Jr. version of one of the all-time greatest musicals for the first time.
  • Session IV (Ages 13-17) - TBA:  While we are very disappointed that we can't do Rent, School Edition (but hope to do this show next summer), we are just as excited to perform this new musical listed at the top of this column.  We will let girls audition for some of the male roles, and we will have auditions for this full-length show starting on Sunday, April 8th.
  • Session V (Ages 6-12) - Broadway Kids IV:  We present this all-new version of our summer franchise.

Due to the rehearsals we will have on Fridays and Saturdays in June and July (with specific dates and times TBA), the Teen Session will be a three-week session.

So here are the Summer Stage '18 Fees (which at an average of $310 per week, are less than any other local, full-day camp):

 Session I = $750

Sessions II, III, IV, & V = $930

 Please click here to register for Summer Stage '18.  Call the MTC Office at 856 / 778-8357 with any questions. 

Now: Seussical, Kids & C S-A Is Sold Out


After two great opening performances of Seussical, Kids & Character Sing-Along in our new First Baptist Church Theater, we have four more sold-out shows this weekend (of the show that will be our 'Academy A' production at JTF '19):

Today at 7 PM ('Black' Cast)

Tomorrow at 3 PM ('Black' Cast)

Tomorrow at 7 PM ('Gold' Cast)

Sunday at 3 PM ('Gold' Cast)

Click here during the weekend to see if we have been successful in adding a Sunday night and/or Monday night performance(s).  (We are polling our cast at tonight's show about their availability.)  If you have tickets already, children are invited to come dressed as their favorite character or superhero to ‘sing-along’ with our Act II performers: ‘Ariel’ (“The Little Mermaid”), ‘Woody’ (“Toy Story”), ‘Moana’ ("Moana"), ‘The Genie’ (“Aladdin”), and ‘Dorothy Gale’ (“The Wizard Of Oz”)!  See you on Main Street this weekend!

Now: Come See Our New Theater Space

FBC Theater Pics  2
These photos show MTC's new performance space, the First Baptist Church Theater, in which we have added raised 'stadium seating', theater lighting, and wing curtains (created by a wonderful group of volunteers - thanks everybody!).  We have opened this new theater space with our Winter Stage '18 production of Seussical, Kids & Character Sing-AlongWe plan to do several of our smaller shows in this space, so we hope that you enjoy it!

Mon.:  Auditions For The Lion King, Jr.

If you "just can't wait to be king", your wait is almost over. MTC's auditions for our 'Spring Stage' (and JTF '19 Academy B) production of Disney's The Lion King, Jr.  will be held on these dates / times at FBC:

Monday, March 19 at 4 PM (Sing / Read) OR
Tuesday, March 20 at 4 PM (Sing / Read)
AND Wednesday, March 21 at 7 PM (Dance)
The MTC Production Staff for this show will be: 
Director: Mark MorganMTC Producing Artistic Director 
Vocal Director: Carol Ann MurrayMTC Managing Director Choreographer: Jody HaggertyMTC  Dance Director
Assistant Choreographer: Jennifer Morris Grasso
MTC Administrative Director and Broadway Veteran.
You must be registered to attend an audition; click here to register.  You only need to attend Monday OR Tuesday to sing / read, AND Wednesday to dance.  If you can't make the audition dates, you can email an audition video to  Where you register, you will see the show's rehearsal and performance schedule.

3.25: Showstoppers Songs & Scenes

MTC '18 - 000 - ES - MTC Showstoppers (With MTC) 2

The next production for our Showstoppers (ages 13 to 21) will be Songs and Scenes.  This new production is a unique stage show (following the model created by MTC Trustee Tom McHale) in which our teenage to 21-year-old Showstoppers will be the staff for a production where we visit some of favorite scenes from: Broadway plays (comedy or drama) and/or musicals, Hollywood movie scenes, TV shows, comedy sketches, and even original scripts!  This promises to be one-of-a-kind production!!   

Previous Showstoppers, ages 13 and up, are being invited to suggest songs or scenes that they would like to direct, choreograph, vocal direct, and/or in which they would like to perform.  They should email song / scene suggestions to by Wednesday, March 21.  These songs and scenes can be performed by fellow Showstoppers or other 13- to 21-year-old actors that audition on one of these audition dates:

Sunday, March 25, 7 - 10 PM OR
 Tuesday, March 27, 7 - 10 PM

The rehearsal schedule will be flexible and based on the availability of directors/vocal directors/choreographers and actors.  Registration for this new production will go live on Friday, March 23 and you must be registered to audition.  Please call the MTC Office at 856 / 778-8357 with questions.

4.18: The Sound Of Music Opens @ OLGC

SOM 2 6

Reserved tickets are on sale on our website and selling fast for our Counsel Stage '18 production of G2K: The Sound Of Music (which many people would say is the greatest musical of all time!).  This Rodgers & Hammerstein classic will be performed on the stage within the Our Lady Of Good Counsel School, 23 W. Prospect Avenue on these dates and times:

Wednesday, April 18 at 6 PM ('White' Cast)

Thursday, April 19 at 6 PM ('Green' Cast)

Friday, April 20 at 7 PM ('White' Cast)

Saturday, April 21 at 7 PM ('Green' Cast)

Come join us as the the hills will be alive at OLGC with The Sound Of Music!

4.22: Annie Watch Party & Auditions

Annie 2
It has been 15 years since the Moorestown Theater Company began with an all-ages 'Main Stage' production of Annie.  After trying for several years to get the 'rights' to produce this classic musical, we will finally get to put on this show again (it will be our 150th production!).  We have set these dates at FBC:
Sun., Apr. 22 - 5 PM - Watch Party
Mon., Apr. 23 - 4 PM - Audition: Orphans OR
Tue., Apr. 24 - 4 PM - Audition: Orphans
Wed., Apr. 25 - 7 PM - Audition: Teens/Adults OR
Fri., Apr. 27 - 7 PM - Audition: Teens/Adults
Mon., May 14 - 6:45 PM - First Rehearsal
Thu., July 19 - 7 PM - Opening Night 
Our Main Stage 'rule' will be in place, i.e., all pre-teen cast members must have an adult relative be on-stage in the show with them!  Get ready for a great summer of 'Tomorrow'! 

10.6: Extrava-Gala X; Mark Calendars!

MTC's 10th Annual Extrava-Gala has been moved up two weekends to Saturday, October 6, 2018, so put this date on your calendar now so you can come celebrate all-things MTC with us.  This event will be back at Riverton Country Club.  If you are interested in being a Sponsor or Advertiser for this event, call Mark Morgan at 609 / 922-2506.
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