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Roads to recovery without re-sheeting
February 4th, 2015

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Councils count the real cost of gravel re-sheeting


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Whilst re-sheeting unsealed roads was once the norm, councils are now forced to consider other factors when evaluating the real cost of purchasing and carting in new gravel.

As gravel pits continue to close for environmental and other concerns, the challenge of sourcing new materials grows, extending trucking routes and increasing the purchase price of material plus the cost of transport to site.

Heavy truck loading to the sections being re-sheeted often leads to further deterioration of the roads en route to those being maintained. 'Chasing your tail' in this manner is financially unsustainable.

Many councils have now adopted a better method to recycle their existing road materials - at half the cost of re-sheeting. 

This simple solution decreases the need for maintenance grading significantly, as the resulting unsealed pavement lasts up to six times longer. The road performs better in wet weather and produces less dust in the dry. The road maintains shape, and prevents the damage caused by heavy truck movements to both sealed and unsealed council roads.

The answer is PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

For unsealed roads that last longer and cost less than the traditional method of re-sheeting, click here for a PolyCom information pack or reply to this email today.

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