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Ravel Test: PolyCom Stabilising Aid vs 
Re-sheet vs Maintenance Grade
Friday 1st May 2015
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Hi there,

In March this year, a council in south-west New South Wales undertook a practical comparison between unsealed road maintenance methods. 

Selecting a stretch of unsealed road, three sections were allocated - the first to be re-sheeted with imported gravel, the second to receive a simple maintenance grade and the third to be treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

One month later, a loose fines sweep test (or Ravel Test) was conducted on each section of the road to collect all loose material from a 1 metre x 1 metre test patch. 

Only 426 grams of material was collected from the PolyCom treated section of road, a stark comparison to the maintenance grade and re-sheet sections. See the difference in results in the images below.

PolyCom treated section

Re-sheeted section vs PolyCom

Maintenance grade section vs PolyCom

What's more, four days prior to testing, the roads were subjected to over an inch of rain.

The Ravel Test results confirm that PolyCom adds water resistance and longevity to the existing road materials, preventing the expense of gravel re-sheeting. 

Call 1800 790 907 or visit our website to find out more about the PolyCom sustainable road maintenance system - in support of the environment and a more sustainable Australia. 

Kind regards,

Olivia and the Earthco Projects PolyCom team

No special machinery, no fuss.

Blade mixing PolyCom success local government procurement

PolyCom is a simple and inexpensive way of obtaining an enhanced pavement with greatly reduced maintenance and cost. All you need is a grader, a roller and a water truck.

A Life-Cycle Analysis of PolyCom.

PolyCom carbon footprint
Have you seen the findings of the PolyCom Lifecycle Analysis? Factor Ten evaluated the carbon footprint, material and water usage, and financial savings in comparison between traditional re-sheeting and PolyCom Stabilising Aid. Visit the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) for the results. 
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