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Welcome to the IFEAL news blog July 2012

    • Neuroscience, IFEAL and Experiential Accelerated Learning
    • A personal note about my family history & neuroscience
    • Dare to Live: a Social Enterprise Initiative broadcast on Radio 4
    • IFEAL introductory and advanced intensive courses 2012
    • NEW Accreditation for IFEAL Qualifications and Training 2013

Integral Neuro Science, the IFEAL Approach and Experiential Accelerated Learning methodologies

I am currently working with a select group of business leaders and entrepreneurs exploring the value, power and opportunity that is elicited by the IFEAL Approach.  The IFEAL methodology focuses on activating the neurology of the body to access the areas in the brain we call Implicit Knowing. Neural science demonstrates through brain imaging (CAT and MRI scanning) that accessing this part of the brain significantly affects we how operate in relationship and perform professionally.

My research shows that sustainable developmental
change only occurs when an outside stimulus facilitates an experience that speaks simultaneously to a value within ourselves or an organisation at a deep untapped level of potential, accessing  information we did not previously know (Experiential Accelerated Learning). Through this process, a state of being is achieved causing individuals to be dynamically focused, coherent, authentic and inspirational. In this way brilliant insights that creatively produce strategic solutions are naturally elicited. This process, the IFEAL Approach, is the foundational cornerstone for all 21st Century businesses and is the most valuable currency for their future success.

As a business leader and entrepreneur, these important skills are enjoyed and valued highly. A person with these qualities is literally the bright light, in a gloomy economic climate or a disillusioned office, that transforms and leads the way to growth and business success.

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On a personal note; Sir Godfrey Hounsfield

"Intuitive Genius of CT" published by BIR

My 20 year interest and study in this field, alongside my cognitive and psychological training, has been inspired by my great uncle Godfrey who in 1972 made a great scientific and medical breakthrough in the development of CAT scans, for which he received a Nobel prize for Medicine and Knighthood. Godfry was a notable pioneer with no university training and reports from school labeled him 'intellectually retarded'. In fact Godfry thought in pictures and analogies and is one of the few Nobel Laureates to have intuitively taught himself his scientific and engineering skills.  I believe Godfry was able to naturally access the part of his brain neurology we call Intuitive Knowing

Many of the IFEAL experiential accelerated learning programmes focuses on trainings that accesses this part of the brain neurology, also known as part of

'the other 90% of the brain'.

Dare to Live by contacting

IFEAL Programme of Events 2012

Monday 13thTuesday 14th August 2012

Dare to Live (military personnel only)

Monday 20thWednesday 22nd August 2012

Integral Leadership


Tuesday 25thThursday 27th September 2012

The Zone of Intuitive Knowing
led by Kathleen Barry Ingram MA co-creator of The Epona Approach ™
and Sun Tui Founder of IFEAL

Saturday 22nd
— Friday 5th October 2012
Connecting the Pieces: consultative coaching sessions with Kathleen Barry Ingram and Sun Tui

 Tuesday 9thThursday 11th October 2012

Ignite Change


Tuesday 6thThursday 8th November 2012

Working Relationships

For Consultative Programmes individually tailored for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Business Leaders and Professional Groups Ignite Change and contact

Dare to Live: a Social Enterprise Initiative

broadcast on Radio 4 PM programme

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Dare to Live a 'soon to be an accredited' qualification programme

provides interpersonal relationship skills and psychological education training for vulnerable adults with trauma, PTSD, stress, depression or addiction


Dare to Live is a groundbreaking life-skills programme that incorporates transformational experiences with horses and is adaptable to suit a wide range of clients. Dare to Live was established as a Social Enterprise in 2012, developing out of the work done by the International Foundation of Equine Assisted Learning (IFEAL) and the founder’s military background.


Many of the current programmes running are for ex or serving military personal.  The Company is currently seeking funding for provision of the programme for serving and ex-service personnel suffering the effects of PTSD, trauma, stress, depression or addiction and is seeking active corporate partnerships to support this enterprise

Dare to Live is using horses to unpick the mental wounds of war

– Sue Kinnear, BFBS Forces TV

 The programme has had a massive impact. I can now relax and go with the flow     

– Ex- Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal

For further information, clinical results and presentation packs contact

 IFEAL in partnership with Crossfield Institute is in the process of achieving professional accreditation, including BSc and MSc level Facilitator Training Programmes and are leading the way in regulating professional standards in the field of Equine Assisted Learning, Coaching and Therapy

NEW Edexcel Accredited Programmes 2013

NEW Edexcel Accredited Level 3 Facilitator Training Programme (FTP 01) 2013

March 2013
(FTP 01) week 1 Foundation

June 2013
(FTP 01) week 2 Foundation

September 2013
(FTP 01) week 3 Foundation

NEW Accredited Level 3 - 7 Facilitator Training Programmes 2013
(FTP 01) Clinical Accreditation Equine Assisted Therapy
(FTP 02) Advanced Edexcel Level 5 or BSc
(FTP 03) Trainer Edexcel Level  7 or MSc



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