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January 9, 2013
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Happy New Year!!

In This Issue:
  • Never Give Up! - Tammi
  • Brent Jones presents at WESP
  • Emma - Persistence pays off!
  • Workforce One-Stop 2013
  • Membership in CCRW

Welcome to 2013! 
This year promises to bring many changes to the world of employment and persons with disabilities.  Ability & Enterprise will continue to update you on our progress both within CCRW programs and in Canada overall. 

Please feel free to share this newsletter with friends and colleagues - spread the word, hire persons with disabilities!

PWIP-SK Success Story

Never Give Up! - Tammi

TammiTammi became involved with Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program, Saskatchewan (PWIP– SK) in April 2011. She only had limited practical work experience and short term work placements. Tammi worked with PWIP – SK to develop an Action Plan and a list of employers to target.

PWIP-SK helped to set up several non-paid work trials at various employers. While Tammi received good feedback from the supervisors and managers, not one offered paid employment to Tammi. Throughout all of the work trials, Tammi had the support of a signing job coach from the Saskatchewan Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (SDHHS). These work trials helped to discover the strengths that Tammi possessed and areas to work on for future considerations.

Tammi continued to work with the PWIP–SK Employment Outreach Specialist (EOS). An opportunity presented itself at The Gap. The PWIP–SK EOS had several discussions with the manager, Tammi and the signing job coach from SDHHS. After several trial runs that included different tasks for Tammi, a system that worked for both Tammi and the Gap was established. Tammi was put on the stock team. Tammi had the support of the signing job coach for most of the summer while she learned the position and tasks required of her. Tammi has been employed at the Gap since May 2012. She has been very successful at this position and the staff at the Gap very much enjoy having Tammi as part of their team.

The Gap and Tammi were recognized at the PWIP–SK 5th Annual Business Awards Luncheon on October 22, 2012. Tammi gave a testimonial about her experience with PWIP-SK and the Gap. The following is Tammi’s testimonial, in her own words, as read at the Luncheon:

“My name is Tammi. PWIP helped me look for a job. First we made resume. PWIP help me to look for a place where I am comfortable. They listened to what I like to do and tried to find something for me. It is very hard to find a job. I had many work experiences but no one paid for me yet for work when I was done. PWIP gave me a job coach so I could help me learn more about what to do then I can do it myself with my supervisor. I am working part time at Gap and they pay the cheques for pay me. I am so happy to get some money from Gap from my job for shopping and put in the bank etc. Some things are hard for me to do and PWIP talked to manager and other staff to help them understand how they can help me do well. Thank you to PWIP for following up with the manager boss and supervisor to help me be successful and I never give up and try my best. PWIP doesn’t give up helping people. I wanted to thank you and my job coach for explaining and helping me to understand what to do at my work.”

Congratulations to Tammi on a successful employment position. PWIP wishes you all the best!

To learn more about PWIP's programs and services, please visit

Brent Jones Presents to WESP Clients

7 Fatal Mistakes Made by most Job Applicants

Brent Jones Photo-WESP November 7th 2012

In early November 2012, the WESP program welcomed Brent Jones of to our facility at CNIB Centre to present to WESP clients. Brent is a dynamic speaker who focuses on tools, articles and other resources for job seekers; and career advice for those in all situations and experience levels.

Brent discussed his latest book, 7 Fatal Mistakes, and his idea of dispelling the most common myths about interviewing and job search techniques. “The worst part is that most job seekers do not even realize they are making these mistakes”, Brent says. “Yet most do, and they are easily preventable”.


7 Fatal Mistakes book coverBrent discusses networking, job search techniques, interviewing skills and puts a creative common sense touch on helping job seekers interview with greater confidence and get the job they want.


Brent has been kind enough to offer his report free to our readers. Struggling to find work? Thinking of a career change? Then this resource was made for you. Do not attend another interview without first reading the 7 fatal Mistakes Made by Most Job Applicants.


To learn more about Brent and to download 7 Fatal Mistakes please visit


To learn more about WESP’s upcoming programs and services, please visit

PWIP-NB Success Story

Emma - Persistence pays off!

EmmaPWIPEmma joined the Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program New Brunswick (PWIP-NB) in May 2010 through an Occupational Therapist at Centrecare. Living with Aspergers and an anxiety disorder, Emma needed a great team to assist her with her goal of employment. Emma’s is a story of determination, commitment and a strong desire for inclusion and independence.

PWIP-NB staff worked closely with the Occupational Therapists at Centrecare to prep Emma for employment with essential workplace skills, job search techniques, resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques and the process of transitioning to work.

The Employment Outreach Specialist (EOS) made a connection with a local bulk food store, the Bulk Barn, and Emma was set up to clean the store. The employers were very open, accommodating and eager to work with Emma. A wage subsidy was negotiated with Service Canada and Emma was hired. PWIP-NB staff and the Occupational Therapists at Centrecare job coached and monitored Emma’s progress at work. Unfortunately, Emma became ill and had to leave her position at the Bulk Barn.

After a few months working on her recovery, Emma was back at PWIP-NB, eager to try again. Along with the support of the EOS, Emma called many employers and applied for jobs. She wanted to work in the laundry industry and one cold call led her to Personal Touch Laundromat. Emma conducted an unpaid work trial and then a Targeted Wage Subsidy (TWS) was set up through PWIP-NB. She was hired on after the TWS ended for a few months then the company lost some contracts and had to lay her off.

Shortly thereafter, Emma returned again to PWIP-NB determined to find work. Emma had applied for a position at a local cupcake bakery and was given an opportunity to work unpaid to try the job. Although it didn’t lead to employment for Emma, she benefited from learning the tasks at the job and essential health and safety rules for working around food.

Recently, Emma found a position at Canadian Tire through a contact she had made. She, again, worked several shifts unpaid and is now working as a logistics associate. PWIP-NB is providing a TWS with the employer. Reports from the client and employer are very good and she is learning new skills every day. PWIP will continue to monitor Emma’s progress in this position and is pleased to see her succeed. Emma’s persistence and desire to work has certainly been demonstrated again and again.


To learn more about PWIP's programs and services, please visit

Workforce One-Stop 2013

The Future Workforce... Are You Ready?

WO 2013Join CCRW in attending 2013 Workforce One-Stop Conference to get the latest insights into finding, developing and retaining the skilled talent needed today.

Hear expert views on how to develop and lead the workforce of tomorrow.

Learn how your labour force can go from good to great! Hot topics include:
  • Leveraging diversity in the workplace
  • Retaining your top talent
  • Making the most of multi-generational workforces
  • Hiring innovators for a cutting-edge workforce
  • Mentoring and bridging programs that work 
Participate in plenary sessions, workshops, exhibits and much more …

Make Workforce One-Stop the training and development choice of your staff. Group rates available. To learn more, email Linda Scott or call 1-888-801-8818 ext 277.

For up-to-date program details and to register for this event, visit:

Membership in CCRW

Our mission is to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities.

Our vision is to create a Canada where all persons with disabilities have equal employment opportunity.

We offer information, education, training and Internet-based services Hearing Aidsupporting the employment of persons with disabilities. We identify barriers to employment and provide solutions. We encourage all stakeholders (employers, persons with disabilities, governments, rehabilitation professionals, labour leaders and educators) to work together on the development of standards, policies and practices.

We provide leadership in programs and services for job seekers withWORKink-1 (2) disabilities and businesses committed to equity and inclusion. We are a comprehensive information source for disability and employment resources, CCRW works with businesses of all sizes in all industries.

Becoming a member of CCRW not only gives you discounts for our programs, services and events and access to our "Tip of the Month" e-newsletter, but it also shows you support the employment of persons with disabilities while spreading the message of inclusion and equity. We have several different levels of membership from Student to Corporate.

Please consider becoming a member today.

For more information, please contact Maxima Kagoo at (1 800 664 0925 ext 226). 

For more information about membership, please see out web site

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CCRW AODA Consultations--The Job Accommodation Service®
AODA training, policy review and development, accessibility audits and solutions. 
For more information and to book a consultation, contact Nayla Farah, or 1-800-664-0925 x 224 or visit our website at

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If you have something that would be of interest to the membership, we would be happy to consider it for a future issues of Abilities & Enterprise, please contact Monica at


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