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September 12, 2012
Reaching New Horizons

In This Issue:
  • Starwood Hotels Visits WESP
  • CCRW ES Client reaches new heights
  • Ryerson University Workshop at WESP
  • Membership in CCRW

Starwood Hotels Visits WESP

Gillian Lockett Photo-July 24 2012The Workplace Essential Skills Partnership (WESP) was very pleased to have Gillian Lockett, Manager of Talent Development in Toronto for Starwood Hotels and Resorts present to our workshop clients. With more than 1,100 hotel and leisure properties worldwide, Starwood Hotels and Resorts is one of the pre-eminent hospitality ownership and management organizations in the world. Comprised of 9 hotel brands, Starwood properties include Sheraton®, Westin®, W® and the St. Regis® hotel chains, among others. Gillian’s presentation highlighted Starwood Hotel and Resort’s commitment to inclusive hiring and mentioned the variety of learning and career development opportunities (including a mentorship program) available to employees. As well, Gillian reviewed the importance of branding; a key component to success within the hospitality industry and the necessity of communicating passion during a job interview. Thank you very much, Gillian, for your informative presentation and we look forward to your next workshop at WESP! For more information on Starwood Hotels and Resorts please visit .

For more information on upcoming WESP programs and workshops please visit .

CCRW ES Client Reaches New Heights

skydiving1Candice, a CCRW Employment Services (ES) client since April 2008, has just graduated with her B.A. Psychology.  ES helped her achieve this goal by providing funding for her accommodation needs.  On August 4, 2012, Candice achieved another lofty goal:  she became the first person who uses a wheelchair to skydive in New Brunswick.

Here is Candice's account of that remarkable day:

Skydiving is an experience that many able–bodied people have on their bucket list and most you never dream to do. The thrill and exhilaration of exiting a plane, free falling, and parachuting gently down to Earth compares to nothing else. It is the closest thing to flying that an actual human being will ever have the opportunity to partake in.

For the able–bodied, fear is the greatest barrier that prevents most from engaging in adrenaline filled activities that shatter comfort zones. As a person with a significant physical disability, I have had the desire for many years to have the liberation of flying and embraced the fear and anticipation of the dive. The sensation of being unrestricted from the challenges of living with a disability and the sheer joy of an adrenaline rush w
Skydiving5as an unparalleled phenomenon that I longed to feel. On August 4, 2012 that dream finally became reality. There are no words to sufficiently describe the extent of the emotion, excitement, and pleasure that I experienced in those moments of skydiving. From the plane ride up to 13, 000 feet to the 120 mile per hour free fall to the picturesque parachute view of three provinces on the way down, each component contributed to an unforgettable life event.

Living with the daily challenges of a physical disability can be extremely frustrating. Its consequences are widespread and infiltrate every aspect of one’s life. It is easy to become complacent and forget about the potential one has when you put fear aside and embrace things that are uncomfortable. It is magical occurrence when you realized what you can accomplish when you are not defined by your limitations. It is certainly not an easy journey, but after I had a perfect skydiving experience I realized that determination and patience are a vital combination for a person with any variety of disability to be successful in any endeavour.

When you are fearless and willing to be uncomfortable, on the groundyou will know why the birds sing because you will gain a new perspective and understand the importance of embracing the moment. Skydiving changed my mind set. When you willing jump out of a plane for fun you can do anything well and as a person with a disability can break barriers to visualize your potential.

For more information on CCRW Employment Services, please visit

Ryerson University Workshop at WESP

In mid-July the Workplace Essential Skills Partnership (WESP) was very pleased to have Laurie Shemavonian (Human Resources Recruitment and Retention Advisor), Sri Pathmanathan (Human Resources Recruitment & Retention and Employment Equity Advisor), and Lindsay Wiener (Human Resources Recruitment and Retention Assistant) present to our workshop clients.

Ryerson University is Canada’s leader in innovation and career-focused education. Located in downtown Toronto, Ryerson is a distinctly urban university with a mission to serve societal needs and a long-standing commitment to community engagement.

Laurie, Sri and Lindsay’s presentation provided an overview of Ryerson University’s commitment to inclusive hiring and discussed methods of
Ryerson Photo-July 25 2012 submitting a successful job application. They also reviewed what keywords and qualifications to include on a resume, as they typically receive upwards of 200 applications for each job posting and have only a few seconds to spend reviewing each application. Demonstrating marketable skills was a concept highlighted by all three presenters as was showing enthusiasm through a job application.

Thank you very much, Laurie, Sri, and Lindsay for your informative presentation and we look forward to your next workshop presentation at WESP! For more information on Ryerson University please visit .

For more information on upcoming WESP programs and workshops please visit .

Membership in CCRW

Our mission is to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities.

Our vision is to create a Canada where all persons with disabilities have equal employment opportunity.

Hearing Aid-facebookWe offer information, education, training and Internet-based services supporting the employment of persons with disabilities.  We identify barriers to employment and provide solutions.  We encourage all stakeholders (employers, persons with disabilities, governments, rehabilitation professionals, labour leaders and educators) to work together on the development of standards, policies and practices. 

We provide leadership in programsWORKink-1 (2) and services for job seekers with disabilities and businesses committed to equity and inclusion.  We are a comprehensive information source for disability and employment resources, CCRW works with businesses of all sizes in all industries.

Becoming a member of CCRW not only gives you discounts for our programs, services and events and access to our "Tip of the Month" e-newsletter, but it also shows you support the employment of persons with disabilities while spreading the message of inclusion and equity.
We have several different levels of membership from Student to Corporate. 

Please consider becoming a member today.  For more information, please contact Maxima Kagoo at (1 800 664 0925 ext 226) or Elizabeth Smith at (1 800 664 0925 ext 228)

For more information about membership, please see out web site

Check us out on Facebook!

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Welcome to Canada's most powerful online career development and employment portal for Canadians with disabilities. connects employers and qualified candidates.  Contact to find out how WORKink® is helping employers become equitable.

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