June 28, 2011
How to Rescue a River
... and how you can help!
"It was as if we had a fraternity of friends who made our problem theirs."

 Dear Friend of Rivers,

Rescuing a river isn't dramatic. Sirens don't blare. Paratroopers don't drop from the sky. The evening news only shows up once in a while.

But rescuing a river is one of the more important things we can do for future generations. And you can help make a rescue possible.

All across the U.S., ordinary but dedicated folks like Rob Emerson are leading local campaigns to rescue rivers. Rob is a Georgia resident who one day decided that the nearby South Newport River needed help. But he needed resources. Thanks to River Network, he got them.

Please take a minute to read the letter of thanks that Rob recently sent to one of our staff members. It's a wonderful example of how -- even in a short period of time -- River Network is in many different ways helping one small group in Georgia do big things.

With more resources, we can save a lot more rivers.  

Now is your opportunity to make a difference for rivers and double your donation in support of our River Rescue Fund and other programs here at River Network. Every dollar you give will be matched thanks to one of our generous donors.

Yours in river conservation,

Todd Ambs, President

P.S. - Every gift, of any amount, helps and will be doubled if you contribute by this Friday. And if you aren't already involved in a local river group near you, please get involved.
Dear Katherine,
When I-95 was built in the 1970’s, sixty acres of marsh were destroyed and thousands of other acres are no longer nourished by strong tidal flows. Georgia salt marsh is the most biologically productive topography on the planet.  For years, my neighbors had sought action including site visits by DOT, the  Army Corps, and our long term Congressman.

Only when I discovered River Network in 2009 and attended River Rally in Baltimore did matters change. I read How to Save a River on the train there, “went to school” in the seminars, and was personally mentored on forming a grassroots organization.  And we did: Friends of South Newport River, Inc.
Rally folks also introduced us to April Ingle (Georgia River Network) and your own Diana Toledo who have been marvelous. And, whenever I had a need, I could use your email network to reach out nationally. This proved more than critical last November when we needed to locate a salt water hydrologist in a hurry. It was if we had a fraternity of friends who made our problem theirs!
When I think about how the Georgia DNR has said that in Georgia no group has ever formed to do what we are and that no estuary restoration has ever been attempted here, I really appreciate the enabling confidence River Network has given us.

We will save the river.Rob Emerson cropped 3
Rob Emerson, President
Friends of South Newport River, Inc.
Townsend, GA 31331

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