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Meet, Plan, Go! 2011

MPG_DCThis was a fantastic event!  It made me realize that long-term travel is a completely realistic goal and that I have much amazing company also doing the same. – Seattle Attendee

Your event convinced me that my pipe dream of traveling was actually possible... and then gave me tips and tricks on how to accomplish it. NYC Attendee

After this event the excitement for traveling was high for everyone. The panelists were helpful, gave excellent examples of things to do and not do, plus lots of encouragement. Everyone with this dream should go to see how it is possible. – Chicago Attendee

I liked the breadth of experience. Some panelists were younger twentysomethings, some were older with families. They made it clear there was no one right way to do it. – Boston Attendee

I loved this event! It helped reassure me that I wasn't crazy about thinking about quitting my job to hit the road, and it connected me with many other like-minded travelers. Orlando Attendee

I loved the presenters. I was so impressed with their generosity to share their experiences. It was such a good evening for me and my partner. – Toronto Attendee

A life-inspiring event - covering an amazing amount of relevant material. I would definitely attend another and another until I "go!" – San Francisco Attendee

MPG_BostonThis was some of the feedback we received after our Inaugural Meet, Plan, Go! event on September 14, 2010. And we can’t wait to inspire more career break travelers at this year’s event on October 18, 2011! So where can you attend a Meet, Plan, Go! event this year?

Here is a sneak peek just for our newsletter subscribers.

We are excited to have many of our original cities returning, including:
Austin | Boston | Chicago | Minneapolis | New York City | Orlando | San Francisco | Seattle | Washington DC | Toronto

And we are even more excited to welcome some new cities, including:
Denver | Honolulu | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | New Orleans | Portland | St. Louis

Stay tuned as more information unfolds about our incredible hosts, panelists, and sponsors.

Michaela Potter & Sherry Ott

Register Your Career Break

“As I’ve thought about what took place on September 14th 2010, I thought about what a statement it would be if months down the road as preparations are made for the next Meet, Plan, Go! event, if hundreds of people who attended this year’s event could at that time say: ‘We met, we planned, we went’. Talk about a story that is worth telling and even more worth living.” – Spencer Spellman

Register_CareerBreakWe couldn’t agree more with this statement from our friend Spencer, aka The Traveling Philosopher. But we need your help!

Did you attend Meet, Plan, Go! in 2010 and are now planning your career break (or hopefully experiencing it)? Then register your career break with us.

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