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As a supporter of Liberty Guard, you’ve probably noticed that the media circus surrounding the resignation of General Petraeus has largely overlooked one very important fact.
Namely, that an FBI agent accessed and read the private emails of an American citizen – Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell - without a warrant or even a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing!
While some people may disapprove of Ms. Broadwell, like every other American she is under the protection of the Fourth Amendment. That means she has the right to be secure in her “persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”
Yet even the FBI has admitted that her email correspondence broke no laws. In other words, there should never have been an investigation in the first place.
Unfortunately the federal government - in particular the Executive Branch - no longer seems to recognize the constitutional limits on its own power.
Not long ago, we wrote on the Liberty Guard blog about the new FBI training manual, which promotes exactly the sort of unconstitutional spying that brought down General Petraeus.
All over the country, federal agents are digging through the trash, combing the cell phone records, and even tracking the movements of Americans who never even know they’re being watched.
Even the head of the CIA is a target!
General Petraeus is just one more in a long line of powerful people who have fallen victim to their own egos, but the unconstitutional way in which his mistakes were discovered and publicized is very troubling indeed.
From the FBI to the DHS to the TSA, our public servants have forgotten they work for us - and broken their oath to uphold the very document that gives them their legal authority.

With your help, Liberty Guard is doing everything we can to fight back.
More on that to come.

For Liberty,

Joe Seehusen
Joe Seehusen
Liberty Guard

P.S. Don't be distracted by the media circus surrounding General Petraeus, the real scandal here is the FBI's total disregard for the Fourth Amendment.

With no warrant or probable cause, agents of the Obama Justice Department accessed and read the private emails of an American citizen who had not committed any crime.

With your help, Liberty Guard is fighting back against these and other violations of our rights by the federal government.

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