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AGL, formerly AgLogica, meets funding goals and invites strategic partnerships

AGL positioned to modernize how veterinary analytics improve animal care

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NORCROSS, Ga., Dec. 10, 2015 — Today, AgLogica Holdings Inc. announced a new name for the company as it makes preparations to market novel, sensor-analytics-based technologies that will help veterinarians and owners provide a higher level of animal care. Now called AGL, the company expects to launch its technology platform and services in 2016.

“We have assembled a team with years of experience using analytics-based systems to provide unique insights into animal health,” says Joe Young, chief operating officer, AGL. “And, our internal experts have partnered with Georgia Tech, a world leader in sensor technologies. Together, we are combining state-of-the-art technology with real-world understanding to help veterinarians provide a higher level of care for chronic conditions and improved health programs.”

AGL is led by people with proven animal-health business and technology expertise. Company co-founders, Rich Shuler and Marcel Sarzen, AGL president and CEO, along with COO Joe Young, all have previous experience building animal-analytics systems, including one of the largest-ever cloud databases that provides easy-to-access health and performance data on animals.

The advanced AGL systems will be based on animal-behavior algorithms developed by and exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech. AGL is combining these unique genetic algorithms with rapid advances in sensors, cloud computing and mobile apps to create a novel technology platform. As it develops practical veterinary applications using this platform, the company is tapping into a board of experts — including veterinarians representing practices from coast to coast — to provide advisory counsel.

“While our products will use cutting-edge technology, we are truly excited about how they will be easy for people to use to manage their animals’ health,” says Young. “AGL systems will be welcomed by today’s pet owners and veterinarians who depend on technology to make their lives better, more efficient and connected.”

After being invited to present its vision and business plan at the Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum, AGL secured an additional $3.5 million in funding. GRA Ventures, a nonprofit catalyst for seeding research-based companies, also has provided research-and-development funding. AGL has been accepted into ATDC, Georgia Tech’s accelerator program named a Forbes Top 12 Business Incubator, and is partnering with Microsoft BizSpark to access its Azure cloud infrastructure.

“Not only does AGL have a solid financial and business foundation, but we also are well-suited to strategically partner with other organizations that specialize in veterinary pet care,” says Young. “For example, companies focused on dermatology, obesity, osteoarthritis, chronic-care management, rehabilitation and other specialties can benefit from our data-driven insights when developing new products or repositioning current products.”

For more information about strategic partnerships with AGL or to discuss other development opportunities, call 913-219-1859 or email

Based in Norcross, Georgia, AGL develops novel systems that help owners and their veterinarians manage animals’ health to provide the best quality of life for pets. AGL works with strategic-development partners, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute, to combine the very latest technologies with exclusively licensed animal-behavior algorithms. The result is convenient, noninvasive monitoring systems that are extraordinary.



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