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Cup of Change
Winter Newsletter 2012

Three Resolutions for 2012

Aside from setting our personal New Year's resolutions, this year we decided to set some organizational resolutions for Cup of Change. Since 2012 officially marks our third year as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, it seems only fitting to achieve three resolutions before celebrating the next new year. Throughout these past years, you have shown a commitment to the Cup of Change cause and in return, we strive to reciprocate your generosity through action. With that said, here are three resolutions for 2012:

1. Strengthen Our Social Media
We are taking Cup of Change to the gym to strengthen our social media presence on the web. We will be actively updating all social media platforms, including: Facebook, Causes, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, among other social media sites. This includes interacting on a more regular basis with supporters and local organizations, while creating a uniform look and feel for these various platforms. We will be sure to keep you posted with status updates, tweets and videos!

2. Redesign the Website
You wouldn't know it from our website, but Cup of Change has been organizing as a non-profit. We have created a new vision, mission and organizational framework, however, we have not updated our website to reflect these new changes. So, as an organization we promise you - supporters - a redesigned website that demonstrates our new foundation. But don't worry, we will be sure to include the photos, videos and information from our previous projects too!

3. Initiate Projects in Spain or South Korea
Spain? South Korea! Read below for more information on these new potential project locations...

Chaska, Leeza, Spain and South Korea!

Chaska’s New Home – Elche, Spain!

You may or may not know that Spain is a special place for Leeza and Chaska.  It’s where they met!  10 years ago, they started their friendship and shared many adventures while studying abroad in Alicante, Spain.  During that same time, Chaska met an amazing Spanish guy who has been very special to her ever since.   Last year, they finally made the decision to be together for good, and in September Chaska made the big move from San Francisco to start a new life with him in Elche.  Elche is in the province of Alicante (in the region of Valencia) on the Mediterranean coast.      

Leeza Meets South Korea
With Chaska making her big move in September, it turns out Leeza would be making a big move just one month later to South Korea. Her husband shifted job assignments, which brought them to Uijeongbu, South Korea situated approximately 40 minutes north of the nation's capital - Seoul. 

These moves not only open up two more potential countries for Cup of Change partnerships, but situate Chaska and Leeza closer to Nepal and the Women's Foundation. So far, it seems to be a win-win-win situation. As we begin to navigate these new lands, we have our eyes and ears open for new local partner organizations and communities. Only time will tell what our next project will entail, but it is a development that we hope to share with you later this year.

Women's Foundation Update

One very positive event in 2011 was the completion of the second building at the Thali Women’s Shelter. The building will be home to an additional 58 women and children, providing them with a safe, nurturing environment.  Another great update for 2011 is that the WF website got a facelift!  You can check out the new website and see photos of the new shelter by clicking here.  In addition to the positive events at WF, they also experienced a few hardships.  One being that their organic farm, which is situated just outside of Kathmandu, was robbed and destroyed in September.  There was over $15,000 in damages along with the loss of one of their main sources of income and the primary food source for the Thali shelter.   Cup of Change is saddened by this news and is hoping for a quick recovery of the farm. 

Due to the moves that Leeza and Chaska made this past year and the current challenges being faced by Women's Foundation, we have postponed our final trip to Nepal.  We are in communication with WF regularly and are trying to find the best dates for both organizations to move forward with the completion of our projects.  We are excited that the library and playground projects will now be enjoyed by more children as a result of the new shelter residence hall and can't wait to meet the new members of the WF family!

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