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OPAL Portland


BRU TIP Advocacy Team

Bus Riders Unite

for Transit Justice in TriMet’s Transit Improvement Plan (TIP)

We are seeking bus riders who are interested in making change for those who depend on public transportation.  Bus riders, particularly those from working class families and communities of color, need to have a greater role in TriMet’s annual Transit Improvement Plan (TIP) to ensure equity and fairness in future service planning and priorities.  This unique leadership program will unite a core group of bus riders to strengthen our advocacy and leadership skills, with the goal of increasing our influence on transportation decisions.  Participants will meet at least once each month for advocacy training around public transportation processes, health impacts, and environmental justice issues in the Portland metro region.

Join our Bus Rider Leadership Program
Apply to be a Bus Rider Advocate for Transit Justice and join our BRU TIP Advocacy Team.
Applications are due Friday, January 21st, 2011.

Bus Rider Advocates will:
  • Work to ensure Bus Riders’ transit concerns are included in TriMet’s TIP
  • Learn how to train others about their transit rights and advocacy opportunities
Position details:
  • This is a 10 month commitment starting in February 2011
  • You must attend a monthly 2.5 hour meeting, plus a two-day orientation
  • You are expected to use your leadership skills and engage in continuing advocacy
  • $600 stipend (paid in ten monthly installments of $60) is included
We are looking for bus riders who are:
  • Interested in improving TriMet’s public transit system for regular folks
  • Ready to make a 1 year commitment to becoming an advocate for transit justice
  • Able to attend a 1 and a half day orientation and training on January 28-29, 2011
  • Dependent on transit for everyday basic needs and use the bus on a regular basis
  • Diverse bus riders are encouraged to apply; bilingual skills are a plus

For more information and/or to apply:
Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, OPAL Co-Director 503-928-4354

BRU TIP Advocate Application Form

Applications due: Friday, January 21st, 2011

Name (Last, First):                                                                                    


City, State, Zip:
Best Phone Number:                                            

Email Address:

What is the best time to contact you?
□ Day_________□ Evening_________  □ Weekday_________  □ Weekend_________              

Race/ethnicity: _______________________________________

Language(s) you speak and understand: _____________________________

Availability for Weeknight Meetings: (Please check all that apply and specify a time range)
*Meetings will be held at OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon 2407 SE 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97206
□ Monday_________             □ Tuesday_________  □ Wednesday_________  □ Thursday_________
Can you attend a leadership retreat Friday January 28th 4pm to Saturday January 29th 5pm?  ________

Which of the following issues most interest you: (Please check all that apply)
□ Bus Service/Frequency □ Bus Stop Improvements □ System Planning
□ Health Impacts □  Accessibility □ Other: __________________________________

Please briefly answer the following questions.  For additional space, continue on back.

1)   Why do you want to be a Bus Rider Advocate for the TriMet TIP?

2)   Describe any previous experience with advocacy, community service, volunteering and/or other leadership opportunities that you were involved in.

3)   Is there any additional information that you would like to share with us?

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