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“Loving kindness is greater than law; and the charities of life are more than all the ceremonies.” ~ The Talmud


Nola HennessyNola Hennessy
Author, No Boxing Allowed

Pinnacle Award-winning inspirational and spiritual Australian author Nola Hennessy, renowned for her people skills, love of life business acumen, and astounding level of energy, launches her US tour for her book, No Boxing Allowed published by Balboa Press. Nola leads the global consultancy Serenidad Consulting Pty Ltd providing a range of services in excellence, leadership and positive personal power to achieve global peace. Attend her book signings and lectures.

No boxing Allowed


Listen to Nola's radio interview and



BTSYA club Robbie Lora
Be watching for the new Be the Star you Are!™ Clubs coming to your local high schools created by two talented volunteers, Lora Galoyan and Robbie Sadre. Meet them at the Pear Festival on September 29 and find out how you can bring a club to your classroom and get community service hours and real life work experience. 


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The Nashville Public Library received the box of books today. You’re definitely doing a wonderful thing for children and adults. Thanks” Mary Barrett, Reporter Nashville News

"I agree being of service makes you happier. Thank you!" Cristina Ferrare, TV Star & Author

"I LOVE your message!  Wish everyone would try volunteering or donating and experience the good feeling. You are doing great things. Hugs."  Karen Kitchell, President, Cheerful Givers

Thank you for all your great work and huge successes this year! What a remarkable job you are doing! I'm so appreciative you have given Mason this opportunity- it has really been a great thing to see him develop through Be The Star You Are!” Dana Windatt, Mother of Volunteer

"Congratulations and thanks.  What you do, touches so many lives!!  Sal & Susan Captain,

  Captain Vineyards


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BTSYA-Banner-LogoBe the Star You Are!®
PO Box 376
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Message from Founder, Cynthia Brian

Where did summer go? It's back to school time yet there is so much more to enjoy this summer!

All of us at Be the Star You Are!® want to thank  you so much for subscribing to Star Searcher’s Express and for your continuing support of women, families, and youth. We love it when people express an interest in keeping informed about the work we are doing to increase literacy and improve positive message programming throughout the world. Every time we get a new subscriber we are very excited and grateful for the pat on the back for the work we do. We want you to know we really appreciate you. 

In this issue we have lots of fun information to share. Be the Star You Are!® has been named a TOP NON PROFIT for the third year in a row by Network for Good and Great Non Profits. We have also been honored with the Arts and Culture and Women's Empowerment Awards for 2012. 

It's been a busy summer despite the fact that many of our teen volunteers have been traveling teaching English in other countries, preparing for college, and enjoying free time with family and friends. We have shipped books to libraries and shelters, Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio showcased a plethora of fascinating guests and auditioned new reporters, Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® continued to promote both best selling authors as well as launched first time writers. On a personal note, i've been busy coaching teens to be writers, actors, reporters,  as well as working with adults to enhance their media skills and garden prowess. It's been really fun and rewarding to be growing people!

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We are super excited that Whole Foods in Lafayette, California has designated Be the Star You Are!® as the beneficiary of the Nickels for Non Profits campaign  Recycle your plastic bags at the store and they’ll donate 5 cents (and you can donate more). In addition, we are the recipient of their Facebook campaign. For every “LIKE” at Facebook, they’ll donate 25 cents through the end of September. Help us by clicking LIKE at

On September 29, BTSYA teens will bring the Express Yourself!™ radio program to the Pear and Wine Festival with a live broadcast and beginning in October, our 9th annual national essay contest launches. Sponsorships are available for these events.

We have lots of volunteer opportunities and lots of events scheduled for the fall. Thanks for being part of our STAR family. If your friends, family, company, or others would like to volunteer, sponsor,  or donate, our virtual doors are always open.

Wishing you StarSmiles across the Miles,

Cynthia Brian

Founder/Executive Director

PS: We promise we won’t ever bombard you with lots of emails and we’ll keep your contact information confidential. Typically we send out a newsletter once  every six to eight weeks to keep you informed, inspired, and motivated. We welcome your suggestions, concerns, and thoughts. Feel free to email me directly

PPS: Read how to have an extraordinary summer garden.

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Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® airs LIVE Thursdays 3-4pm PT on World Talk Radio

For Guest Guidelines, email,

PRAISE for Starstyle®

We really like your style of interview. It is direct, supportive, and informal enough to put your author (s) at ease and make easy listening for your listeners. You are a terrific interviewer. You made us feel relaxed and comfortable and we enjoyed every minute with you. We felt we truly had a friend on the other end of the line! Of course we are delighted with your enthusiastic support for our book and that certainly came across in the interview.  “ Ed and Janet Howle, Authors of The Long Road to Paris

“Thank you so much for a great interview yesterday. You kept things flowing smoothly with good questions and made the interview very conversational which was just what I was hoping for.” Rick Huntress, Author, Better to Be Broken

It was such a delight to be interviewed by you. You are an excellent interviewer- the best I have ever worked with. You are so familiar with the story details and have such a well-honed skill to zero in on the core issues. You mine the many layers of intent in a story, then convey them to your listeners with authentic enthusiasm and sterling credibility. I couldn't be happier. And you make it fun to boot. A writer could not ask for more” Dr. Peter Clement, Author, The Darkness Drops

“I appreciate hearing the wonderful story of how your show has grown into such a beautiful champion of excellence through the years, expanding and blossoming into its current superstar status. How inspirational it is!” Cynthia Sue Larson, Author of Reality Shifts

“I want to thank you for having me on 'Starstyle'.  I was very happy with the interview and you did a great job of fostering a personable tone in the conversation.  I particularly wish to express my gratitude for your many flattering comments regarding my writing and for letting me discuss my creative process and the things I like to bring to my stories.  It was a fantastic experience.” Roland Allnach, Author, Oddities & Entities

“Cynthia, thank you so much for having me on! I loved talking to you! Believe,” Kristy Robinett, Psychic Medium, Author

“ I just loved the interview Cynthia; you are so supportive and make it so easy to share. I trust you implicitly and that is a wonderful feeling. I explained to my friends here in Austin what a great lady you are.”  Nola Hennessy, CEO Serenidad Consulting, Author, No Boxing Allowed

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Express Yourself!™ with our teen hosts and reporters from around the USA airs every Tuesday at NOON PT/3pm ET on Voice America Kids

PRAISE for Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio

Had a great time on the show. The teens are sharp.” Ken Bossone, CEO World’s Positive Thinkers

“Amazing time being interviewed and playing for audience and hosts of Express Yourself™. We had such a wonderful time doing this interview! A huge thanks from all of us!!! Y I Yell Teen Band

Thank you so much, Cynthia!  Your exemplary opportunity for Youth Voice and your stellar youth leaders is outstanding and tremendously appreciated. In gratitude for you and your passionate commitment to creating opportunities for youth to have a global voice.” Dana Brown, Youth Voice Co-Founder

“Very cute and enjoyable interview. The girls were charming, The entire show is nicely done by these (Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio) kids. Readers, take a few
moments to enjoy hearing teens do a fab job as radio journalists.” C. Hope Clark, FundsforWriters


To sponsor either of our radio shows, email:

To be a guest or book media coaching, email:



The end of summer is bittersweet for all of us at Be the Star You Are!® as many of our truly amazing teens head off to college. Thankfully every single one wants to continue being a part of our organization even from a distance. As these talented teens turn the page in the next chapter of their lives, all of us wish them great success, happiness, and fun. Of course, they'll still be volunteering, perhaps virtually, and with us still the same. THANK YOU all and BE THE STAR YOU ARE!®

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BE THE STAR YOU ARE®! is a 501 c3 charity dedicated to empowering women, families, and youth through improved literacy and increased positive media.  BE THE STAR YOU ARE®! has no religious or political agendas or affiliations


Pear Festival 2012 Committee 21. Through the end of September, bring your bags to Whole  Foods Market, Lafayette to donate 5 cents to BTSYA.

Nickels for Nonprofits

2. Click & LIKE Whole Foods through Sept & BTSYA gets $.25 per click.

Express Yourself!® booth

3. Sept. 29, 10-3pm, The Express Yourself!™ LIVE radio booth comes to the Pear & Win Festival. Info & Sponsorhip

Steven interviews

4. Oct. 6, 11-3pm, Be the Star You Are!™ celebrates 150th Anniversary of St. Mary's College at Gaelebration.

5. Oct. 11 the 9th Annual National Essay Contest launches. Theme will be benevolence, compassion, & tolerance.

Keep up with our upcoming activities and events HERE!


Arts_logo_2012_bottom_of_email4 3At the charity, our Executive Director, a NY Times best selling author, Cynthia Brian, works hard to help others become great writers and reporters. For the latest published reviews, creative writing, and news, READ HERE.

CONGRATS to these teens published this summer: 

Youngjoo Ahn

Courtney Cheng:

Jullie Khidekel  

Steven & Eric had 2 ea.

Steven Zhou

Steven Zhou

Eric Pawlakos: 

Eric Pawllakos 

Check out the amazing writing talent of teens at Express Yourself!™ Creative Community. 

and our Teens in the News 



Gabriel Fuentes ArgentinaVolunteers with Be the Star You Are!® herald from around the world! Gabriel Fuentes is our podcast expert working from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Gabriel is a Kraft Foods Account Team Leader who also hosts his own music radio show. Every week he syndicates and podcasts both of BTSYA's international radio shows, Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® & Express Yourself!™. THANK YOU Gabriel for your diligence from thousands of miles away. 

Lots of Opportunities including Court Appointed Assignments 


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pastedGraphicEnjoy the final days of summer vacation. Drive safely. School starts soon!

Thank you for being a part of our Star Studded Galaxy! We appreciate you.



Click & LIKE Whole Foods through Sept & BTSYA gets $.25 per click.

Thank you from the star team.

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