EcoMobility 2013 - Newsletter

Visitors try out innovative and practical ecomobile vehicles at EcoMobility World Festival

What do you use for your everyday errands if not cars? The residents of the Haenggung-dong neighborhood in Suwon and visitors of the EcoMobility World Festival tell us that plenty of environmentally friendly alternatives are available. Read more


Quotes of the week

“With a car-oriented traffic policy structure, it was hard to have active residents' participation. But we tried to overcome this by communication, participation and governance“, declared Suwon City Mayor Yeom Tae-young.

“My grandfather rode a camel, I drive a Rolls-Royce, my son will fly in a private jet, but my grandchild will ride a camel. I think this is a foretell of our challenge in oil shortage," said Suwon Mayor Yeom Tae-young.

“People were very curious that they started talking to us. This actually never happened before. In a way, the Segway serves as the ice-breaker. It makes us, the police, more approachable”, said Nam Guri, a young police officer assigned in Haenggung-dong.


Haenggung-dong police segways into the future ecomobile city

Is there an eco-friendly way of catching criminals? This September, the Haenggung-dong police force is putting on a daunting task: to chase down crooks without the aid of their shining – a la fast and furious – police cars. Instead, they were given the two-wheeled, battery-powered, self-balancing Segways. Read more


One day in a life as a handicapped person

If the escalator leading from the metro station to the underground is out of order, how do you get to the subway platform? Walk down the stairs! Read more


Not just a Festival: Suwon citizens experience the EcoMobile lifestyle

Question: Would you like to live in an ecomobile city? Why? Answer: “Yes, I would like to live in an ecomobile city. I think about my child first; it is much safer for children to walk and play in an ecomobile city.” Read more

Photos of the week
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