Congratulations to the Healthy Homes Coalition of Multnomah County!

Healthy Homes CoalitionMultnomah County Health Department received an award from the EPA for their work to reduce asthma and has been honored as an exceptional asthma program with the National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management.  The county runs a healthy homes program in coordination with a large group of partners, including NCAP and other community-based organizations, medical providers, case managers and community health workers.
NCAP is a member of the Outreach and Education Task Force for the Coalition.  NCAP’s participation in this workgroup focused on public housing and toxics reductions which have been demonstrated to reduce in-home environmental triggers.  The County program has reduced by 2.5 times the likelihood of emergency room visits for children with poorly controlled asthma resulting in approximately $350,000 in annual healthcare cost savings.
Through involvement with these groups, NCAP ensured that pesticide use reduction is part of each group’s policy options and overarching goals. For example, the Healthy Homes Coalition of Multnomah County has prompted proposed changes to the Property Maintenance Codes for the City of Portland. The proposed changes, to be brought before City Council later this year, include language to reduce pesticide use through the implementation of integrated pest management. 


GMO Ban Passes in Jackson & Josephine Counties!  
Voters in Jackson and Josephine Counties of Oregon took a huge step this week when they voted to ban cultivation of genetically modified crops in their counties. They overcame out-of-state spending led by Monsanto and Syngenta that amounted to about $1 million (or almost $10 for every registered voter).
The effort to ban GMOs in Jackson County started two years ago when organic farmers learned the Swiss company Syngenta was growing sugar beet seed in local fields that was genetically altered to resist the pesticides in Monsanto's weed killer Roundup. They wanted to protect their crops from being cross-pollinated by genetically modified ones. Monsanto and its allies pushed hard to win this one. But they failed. Congratulations, Jackson and Josephine Counties!
Next up: the voters in Oregon will build on this momentum and vote on labeling of foods containing GMOs in November. You can stand with the people of Oregon, whether you live there or not, and help them pass the GMO Labeling Initiative. Because what happens next in Oregon will have huge national and global implications.
Click here to sign a petition of support.


Upcoming Events

March Against Monsanto This Saturday | May 24th

Cities around the Northwest and all around the world are marching on May 24th in protest of Monsanto and their Genetically Engineered Foods.

Why March? Read more Here about this global event.
To find a march near you, Check Here.

Mother Earth News Fair | May 31-June 1
Puyallup, Washignton

NCAP is excited to be featured at this year's fair in Puyallup. Mother Earth News Fairs are fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle events. The Washington fair features practical, hands-on workships, local and regional exhibitions, and amazing local organic foods! Bring the whole family and be sure to stop by and say hello!

Read More

Blueberry Farm Tour | June 5 | Alvadore, OR


Please join us to learn about managing for mummy berry disease from certified organic blueberry farmer Ken Berg, Oregon State University researcher Jay Pscheidt and graduate student Jade Florence.

Jay Pscheidt and Jade Florence are currently working with NCAP and collaborating growers on a project to improve mulching practices for managing mummy berry. Ken Berg of Berg's Certified Organic Blueberries produces blueberries on one acre. The farm has been producing organic blueberries since 1991.
Click Here for More Information

Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee | June 4-6 epa-logo

NCAP is heading to Washington DC to participate in a workgroup and public meeting of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee. The PPDC provides a forum for a diverse group of stakeholders to provide feedback to the pesticide program on various pesticide regulatory, policy and program implementation issues. This meeting will focus on Integrated Pest Management and Pollinator Protections.

National Pollinator Week | June 16-22
Let's Save and Celebrate Pollinators!

pwlogo2014Seven years ago the U.S. Senate’s unanimous approval and designation of a week in June as “National Pollinator Week” marked a necessary step toward addressing the urgent issue of declining pollinator populations.  Pollinator Week has now grown to be an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats and beetles.

NCAP will be involved in several events next month surrounding National Pollinator Week. Stay tuned for more information!

Learn More and get involved at pollinator.org


May 2014

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Evidence builds that Neonics are the main, and perhaps only, driver of bee die-offs.
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Environmentalists Sue to List Bumble Bee as Endangered.
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Review of 30 years of research links Glyphosate to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
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Tent Caterpillars
and Web Worms

Web Worms

What's the best way to deal with these unwanted pests?

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NCAP is a proud member of EarthShare Oregon, a network of 80 conservation and health groups that work to promote clean air, healthy streams, safe habitat, secure food sources, and more. 

You can engage with EarthShare Oregon at your workplace to support environmental causes in your community, across Oregon, and around the world. See what member groups were able to accomplish just last year: 
2013 Accomplishments
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