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 July 2015
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Canberra's 'mandarins' welcome G21 CEOs

Some say public service ‘mandarins’, or departmental heads, are Canberra’s real power brokers.

The term comes from China which has had civil servants since at least the Zhou Dynasty (c. 1046 – 256 BC). However, it was not until the Tang Dynasty (AD 618–690 & 705–907) when the ‘mandarins’ really came into their own as the wielders of true bureaucratic power.

We’re indebted to a Wikipedia reference on the subject, which makes for interesting reading.  The image shows a 15th-Century Ming Dynasty top-rank Chinese official, Jiang Shunfu.

G21 region’s municipal council CEOs could not have wished for a more positive reception from Australia’s modern day ‘mandarins’ in Canberra recently.

The G21 delegation held meetings with departmental secretaries and deputy secretaries to explain the challenges facing the region and to promote opportunities to invest in projects to stimulate the region’s economy.

The high-level public servants were keen to hear what is happening on-the-ground in our region and provided useful advice and support.

Secretaries and deputy secretaries are the principal policy advisers to ministers and are therefore important influencers.  It’s in our region’s interests to ensure they understand our issues.

The CEOs’ delegation followed on from the latest, very successful, full G21 Board delegation in March this year, which met with a wide range of ministers and shadow ministers.

Council CEOs visit CanberraThe delegation was part of a long-term G21 strategy to reinforce the merits and importance of key projects with decision makers at all levels in Canberra.

It is the first time G21 has marshalled a delegation specifically of municipal CEOs, and the first time G21 had so strategically targeted departmental secretaries.

Among other matters, the delegation highlighted the Geelong Secondary Schools and Community (GSSC) Digital Learning Hub’s ultra-fast internet proposal, the Land 400 military vehicle project, support for the growth of Avalon Airport, and the innovative GROW (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) project to address disadvantage.

The delegation of the region’s five municipalities under the G21 banner clearly demonstrated the region’s unity.

Pictured getting ready for their meetings are, from L to R: Keith Baillie, Surf Coast Shire; Dean Frost, City of Greater Geelong; Elaine Carbines, G21; Sue Wilkinson, Colac Otway Shire; Lenny Jenner, Borough of Queenscliffe; and Rod Nicholls, Golden Plains Shire.

Family violence - the stark reality

The stark reality of family violence and its all-to-often tragic impacts on innocent women and children was the focus of the G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar’s recent Violence Against Women & Children Partner Forum.

A key note address by former Deputy Premier Rob Hulls, now Director at the Centre of Innovative Justice, together with the author of the Centre’s ‘Bringing Perpetrators of Family Violence Into View’ report, Elena Campbell, provided a comprehensive picture of the problem.

Mr Hulls and Ms Campbell (pictured) pointed to the work being done in this field and emphasised the importance of early intervention on a number of levels to help reduce
this growing social problem.
IMG_0714 - Hulls Campbell Instagram format
Other speakers outlined the magnitude of family violence issues within the G21 region and the great work being done locally across many and diverse organisations.

The forum heard that the project planning executive group overseeing development of the G21 Violence Against Women & Children Strategic Plan expected to release its draft document for public consultation later this year.

When finalised the document will be a masterplan for coordinating existing and future activities across the region to ensure the best outcomes and efficient resource use.

Senate Committee to hear from G21

G21 CEO Elaine Carbines will next month present to the Senate Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport’s inquiry into the future role and contribution of regional capitals in Australia.

G21 has made a written submission to the inquiry, but welcomes the chance to reinforce face-to-face with the committee the economic and social contribution of regional capitals to Australia, including the valuable role Geelong and the wider G21 region can play.

Not to be missed - G21 Stakeholder Forum 2015Trioli pic snip

Virginia Trioli, journalist, author and ABC TV and radio presenter will be among the key speakers at this year’s G21 Stakeholder Forum on the afternoon of Friday, 25 September at the RACV Torquay Resort.

The full speaker line-up and booking details will be released shortly, however in the meantime save this date to your diary.

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