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  September 2015
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As an important member of the broader G21 family, each month we will keep you informed of the key projects and activities of the G21 Alliance. G21 is the formal alliance of government, business and community organisations, working together to improve people's lives in the G21 region.

G21 Stakeholder Forum standout success
GSSC Digital Learning Hub Business Case launched
G21 appears at Senate Committee hearing
G21 Board endorses new Priority Projects
Portarlington Harbour tenders called
New schools in G21 region among those fast-tracked
Save the date: G21 Annual General Meeting
Book now for G21’S Health Literacy & Disability Forum
Building Norlane community is helping to build lives
Geelong Port to benefit from Murray Basin Rail project
GMC to boost innovation in manufacturing
Sweet boost for Surf Coast tourism

RDA BSW Committee update
Items of regional interest

Latest news from the G21 Pillars
Media articles of interest to the G21 region
Welcome to new members


G21 Stakeholder Forum standout success

low_Stakeholder 1Australia’s political leaders spoke to a sell-out audience of 250 people at Friday’s annual G21 Stakeholder Forum at the RACV Torquay Resort.

Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt MP, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten MP and Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale, spoke enthusiastically about the importance of the G21 region at a federal level. They each explained their vision for the G21 region and outlined opportunities for investment that would develop the region, grow the economy and strengthen our community.
Journalist and commentator Virginia Trioli spoke about the despair she feels the general population have at the current status of politics in Australia, noting that in her experience, people were desperate for political reform. She showed herself to be an ‘urban planning’ boffin; stating that she had ‘ministerial envy’ with the recently created Minister for Cities and the Built Environment role, and believes that the sustainability and amenity of our built environments are crucial to our economic outcomes.

WorkSafe CEO Clare Amies, spoke about WorkSafe’s upcoming move to Geelong, the impact it will have on current workers and the opportunities it will bring to our region in construction of its new purpose-built building and in ongoing employment. WorkSafe will soon begin a two-stage relocation process to Geelong, with the first group of staff starting in late 2016.

low_Stakeholder 2Brad Dunstan, Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM), spoke about the important role that manufacturing still had in the Australian economy, noting that ‘innovative jobs’ and ‘innovation hubs’ not only grow the economy but also help create other jobs. He highlighted the importance of educating our work force, connecting to university and accessing capital and that VCAMM was there to support businesses in creating a competitive advantage.
Photos of the event are available here.

GSSC Digital Learning Hub Business Case launched

On 11 September, the Geelong Secondary Schools and Community (GSSC) Digital Learning Hub Business Case was launched by Member for Geelong, Chris Couzens MP.

low_GSSC 2The Business Case establishes how the GSSC Digital Learning Hub, a G21 Priority Project, could deliver world class high-speed internet access through Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet) – to allow students, teachers and community in the G21 region to become leaders in the digital age.
Currently, the G21 region suffers inadequate access to a high speed internet platform that has the capacity to meet needs of local schools, which are each endeavouring to provide digital access of up to 500+ users per site.
The Business Case underlines the importance of developing an educated, nimble workforce to sustain strong economic growth. Making education accessible and affordable will meet the needs of students from a diverse range of backgrounds and address the barriers of financial disadvantage.
The project asks for $4.7 million, a relatively small investment that will help strategically realign the G21 regional economy to become a leader in digital learning and vastly improving the future education prospects of our students.
G21 appears at Senate Committee hearing
On 21 August, G21 CEO Elaine Carbines appeared before a Senate committee hearing into the future role and contribution of regional capitals to Australia
G21 had already provided the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee with a written submission and invitation to visit Geelong. This face-to-face appearance has allowed G21 to better explain what we are achieving and our future plans.
As the nation’s state capitals increase in size, the economic and social significance of regional capitals to Australia will inevitably grow.  This is a trend already well advanced, and one which must be managed carefully.
G21 has planned well for this, with the development of the Geelong Region Plan: a sustainable growth strategy (2007), and support documents such as the G21 Regional Growth Plan and its implementation plan (2013), all of which reach towards 2050.
G21’s work emphasises the inevitably of regional growth and the importance of managing it in an orderly fashion, while also protecting our lifestyle.
G21 Board endorses new Priority Projects
At its September Board Meeting the G21 Board endorsed three new projects as priorities at the recommendation of the Sport and Recreation Pillar. G21 now has 17 Priority Project.
low_motocross 2Regional Motocross Facility
There is a strong need for a motocross venue in the G21 region to provide a contained, safe and controlled facility for rider education, activities and events.
McAdam Park motocross track, home of Geelong Motocross Club and the Sporting Motorcycle Club, will close in December 2015 following a four-year dispute between riders and residents.
The G21 Motocross Land Suitability Assessment is currently being undertaken. Once a preferred location has been identified, funding will be required to purchase land (if required) and construct facilities that meet the acceptable standard for a regional motocross facility.
Click here for the G21 Motocross Land Suitability Assessment Bulletin 3 (August 2015)
Armstrong Creek Regional Active Open Spaces
Development of two regional size active open spaces in the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area is required to meet the immediate demands of this growing community.
Detailed planning for these active open spaces has been undertaken. Development of these open spaces is recognised as an element of the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area Priority Project.
Regional Soccer Synthetic Pitch at Corio Leisuretime Centre
The G21 Regional Football (Soccer) Strategy identified the need for a non-aligned regional synthetic soccer pitch to service a network of clubs in Geelong’s northern suburbs where soccer participation is growing at an unprecedented rate.
Development of a synthetic soccer pitch at the Corio Leisuretime Centre will tackle this high level of demand. It will also be vital in improving community health and wellbeing in one of the most disadvantaged target areas in the G21 region.
This project is recognised under the Addressing Disadvantage Priority Project.
Portarlington Harbour tenders called

The State Government is calling for tenders to deliver a major component of the $15 million Portarlington Safe Harbour development.
The next stage of the development would include the construction of two rock breakwaters, a new finger jetty, pier improvements and a suite of marine industry access upgrades for the pier and harbour.
The project will also provide ferry infrastructure to support potential future services from Portarlington.
Development of the Portarlington Safe Harbour is a G21 Priority Project.
This project will support the Bellarine Peninsula’s growing aquaculture industry and help to boost economic development in the region.
The first stage of the project, which involved the construction of a new 175 metre section of Portarlington’s pier, was completed earlier this year.
Details about the tender can be found at tenders.vic.gov.au.  The tender closes in early October.
New schools in G21 region among those fast-tracked
The State Government has announced opening dates for five brand new schools opening in the G21 region.
They are among 15 schools state-wide fast-tracked to deliver services to the quickest growing communities around Victoria.
The new schools – totalling $291 million – will be designed, financed, built and maintained for 25 years under the New Schools Public Private Partnership Project. The private sector will be responsible for the finance, design, construction, and maintenance of the new schools over a 25 year period, while the State will retain school ownership and responsibility for delivering educational services.
Five schools to open for Term 1, 2018 in the G21 region are:
  • Armstrong Creek Education Precinct (a G21 Priority Project), including Armstrong Creek Special School and Armstrong Creek Primary School
  • Bannockburn P-12 School (a G21 Education and Training Pillar Project); including primary and secondary school components
  • North Geelong Special Developmental School, and
  • Torquay North Primary School.
Learning Communities Victoria has been selected as the preferred bidder to commence final negotiations to deliver the new schools. The contract is expected to be signed in late October, with construction of the first group of schools scheduled to begin by the end of 2015.
Save the date: G21 Annual General Meeting Thursday, 12 November

You are invited to attend the G21 Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 5:30pm on Thursday 12 November. The AGM provides members the opportunity to review and celebrate the achievements of the Alliance over the last 12 months, and to hear about G21's plans for the coming year.

This year, three of the elected G21 Directors are due to conclude their term. If you are a member of G21 and interested in becoming a G21 Director please contact Nada Malinac to obtain a nomination form on (03) 5227 4000 or nmalinac@G21.com.au. Nominations close 5pm, Monday 12 October, 2015.

If the number of nominations received exceeds the number of positions available, the membership will be called upon to vote for their preferred candidate at the AGM.

If a G21 Director or member would like to raise any ‘special business’ at the AGM they must submit their request in writing or via email to Elaine Carbines CEO of G21 at nmalinac@G21.com.au by 5pm, Monday 12 October, 2015. Please ensure you include the nature of the special business and personally sign it.

Minutes from the previous G21 AGM and the Agenda will be distributed to members with a formal invitation on Thursday 22 October, 2015.

Book now for G21’S Health Literacy & Disability Forum

low_disability 2G21's Health & Wellbeing Pillar, in partnership with Deakin University, Barwon Health, NDIA and GMHBA, are holding two 'Health Literacy & Disability Forum' in October.
The first Forum (Oct 14), for people with disabilities, will highlight the important role of health literacy in empowering people with disabilities to take control of their own health. It will provide an important opportunity for people with disabilities to voice their own experiences, ideas and opinions around health and healthcare.
Click here for information on the Health Literacy & Disability Forum for people with disabilities (14 Oct)
The second Forum (Oct 15), for people who work in the disability sector, is designed to increase awareness of the lived experience of people with disabilities when trying to manage their own health. Strategies that promote equity for people with health literacy difficulties will be discussed, along with the ethical, logistical and financial issues involved in maintaining electronic health records.
Click here for information on the Health Literacy & Disability Forum for service providers (15 Oct)
Building Norlane community is helping to build lives
Construction of the $80 million New Norlane initiative is well underway, with 87% of the public housing and 75% of the private home component, completed.
The New Norlane initiative is one of the largest public and private housing projects in Victoria, stimulating local investment and expanding the range of housing options currently available in this north Geelong suburb.
Regeneration of public housing in Norlane and Corio is an element of G21's Addressing Disadvantage Priority Project.
The State Government is working with home builders Burbank Homes, Hamlan Homes and Porter Davis to construct 160 new affordable private homes, a display village, and 160 new public homes.
Making this project of special significance is that the three building partners have linked with the Geelong Work and Learning Centre and the Public Tenant Employment Program to each provide full-time employment for at least two local people to work on the Norlane project.
Seven people are now involved in apprenticeships in carpentry, cabinet making, plumbing, electrical services and bricklaying.
Work and Learning centres support local residents by providing pathways to education, training and employment. So far, the Geelong Work and Learning Centre has helped 686 people, with 438 people finding work in industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, aged care, hospitality, building and construction and transport and logistics.
Geelong Port to benefit from Murray Basin Rail project
The State Government has committed to the biggest upgrade to regional rail freight in decades – the full Murray Basin Rail Project – which will standardise and upgrade the entire Murray Basin rail network.
The $416 million Murray Basin Rail Project will boost the safety, capacity and reliability of freight services in Northern Victoria and better connect primary producers to the State’s major ports, including Geelong.
Axle loading on Murray Basin freight lines will be increased to 21 tonnes, allowing larger trains to carry more product with each trip.  By enabling more freight to be moved by rail, the project will increase the efficiency of the freight network, remove around 20,000 truck trips to the ports each year and keep export industries competitive.
The Government has provided up to $220 million in the 2015-16 Victorian Budget for the project, with $5 million fast-tracked in February to get work started on critical maintenance and safety works.
They have now written to Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss asking the Federal Government to partner with Victoria in funding the project. A Business Case has also been sent to Infrastructure Australia for their assessment and support.
GMC to boost innovation in manufacturing
The State Government is providing funding of $185,000 to boost innovation in manufacturing businesses across the Geelong region.
This funding, from the $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, will extend the Industry Innovation Program provided by the Geelong Manufacturing Council alongside Deakin University.
Since it started in 2011, the program has initiated 86 projects, of which 57 have been completed and 29 are currently underway.
The program has partnered major companies in the region with researchers, producing several notable successes that have driven investment, local jobs and the commercialisation of new products.
Carpet maker Godfrey Hirst collaborated with Deakin University on a project involving plasma technologies and advance manufacturing techniques, and is exploring ways to further improve its plant and production processes.
The program has helped the IXL Group identify new products and explore technologies available at Deakin. It is currently working with the university to explore the feasibility of producing a six star energy-rated heater.
The program has also brought about the annual Geelong Innovation Expo, which has helped drive the region’s innovation through industry networking and collaboration.
Sweet boost for Surf Coast tourism
The State Government has announced $300,000 to improve road access to a new tourism precinct on the Great Ocean Road.
One of those attractions in the new precinct is the $8 million Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie in Bellbrae, which will create 57 full-time equivalent jobs when it opens in early 2016.
The conditions on the roads to the precinct are inadequate for a tourist attraction that is expected to attract 570,000 patrons by the end of its first year.
Upgrading the access roads will cater for significant increases in traffic, enable them to carry larger vehicles like buses and coaches and provide a stopping option for buses away from the Anglesea Riverbank area.
The project will also help attract businesses to the precinct, creating jobs and boosting tourism and local spending in off-peak holiday seasons.


Regional Development Australia Barwon South West (RDA BSW) Committee update

Regional Development Australia (RDA) National Forum

On 19 and 20 August the Victorian RDA Chairs, Deputy Chairs and Executive Officers attended the RDA National Forum in Canberra. The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development hosted the Forum, which brought together participants from across Australia.

The Working Together to Strengthen Economic Growth in Our Regions Forum included sessions on building regional partnerships, supporting the development of project proposals, using data to build the business case, and working with different levels of government. Minister Truss was the Keynote Speaker, and several participants also made presentations.

The Forum focussed on building regional economic development and highlighted the important role of the RDA's in facilitating the development of strong business cases to support key projects that align to RDA regional plans. With the regional plans in place in Victoria and with support provided by RDV, our RDA Committees are well positioned to meet Federal Government's expectations.

National Stronger Regions Fund (NSRF)

During his keynote speech at the RDA National Forum, Minister Truss identified that over 500 applications had been received under round two of the National Stronger Regions Fund.  Seventy-six of these were from Victoria.

Regional Teams and other agencies, including Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Department of Premier and Cabinet, have been asked to provide feedback to the Federal Government regarding the Victorian applications. This feedback will be considered under the NSRF assessment process.

Outcomes for round one of the NSRF were announced in May 2015. Nineteen Victorian projects received a total of $83.9 million in Federal funding, equating to just under 40% of the total funding allocated. This was a great outcome, and while it will be a hard act to follow, we are optimistic that some important projects for the region will receive support under round two.

Round two announcements are expected to be made towards the end of 2015.

For more information, please contact the RDA regional office on 03 5215 6000.

Click here to visit the RDA Committee website
Click here to follow RDA Committee on Twitter

Items of regional interest

Global Digital Thinkers Set for ‘Pivotal’ Event in Geelong

The inaugural Pivot Summit 2015 will bring global and national digital thought leaders to Geelong to highlight how future economic potential is linked to digital and creative industries and the opportunity for Geelong to be a key player in its economic transformation.
28 October 2015, 8am-5.30pm, Cunningham Pier, 10 Western Beach Foreshore Rd, Geelong
Calling all Film Makers!
Are you an aspiring film maker? If you’ve always wanted to make a short film then here’s your opportunity! The ‪#‎GAFFAS2015 short film contest is open & there are some great cash prizes up for grabs! Spread the word!
Applications for this year's competition are now open. Entries close 5pm Friday 6 November, 2015.
NaranaFEST is back!
Archie Roach headlines this music festival that provides a unique opportunity to celebrate indigenous music, culture and art. All ages event.
14 November 2015, 10am-9pm, Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre, 410 Surf Coast Hwy, Grovedale
The $50k IT Invention Test is BACK!
The $50,000 I.T. Invention Test’ is an investment pitching competition focussed on helping innovators and entrepreneurs commercialise I.T. based ideas, early stage projects and start-ups.

Applications for this year's competition are now open. Entries close 5pm Friday 2 October, 2015.

Latest news from the G21 Pillars

Each of the eight G21 Pillars meets on a regular basis to discuss regional issues and progress regional projects. Click on the below links for the most recent Pillar activity report.

G21 Arts & Culture Pillar
G21 Economic Development Pillar
G21 Education & Training Pillar
G21 Environment Pillar
G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar
G21 Planning & Services Pillar
G21 Sport & Recreation Pillar
G21 Transport Pillar
Click here to view the full list of G21 Pillar Projects

Media articles of interest to the G21 region

G21 tracks articles within the region that discuss G21 and the region’s Priority Projects.

Click here to view G21's Articles of Interest Aug - Sept 2015

Welcome to our new G21 members

This month the G21 Board welcomes the following new members to G21 - Geelong Region Alliance:


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