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 March 2016


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Federal election candidates on notice

When you cast your vote in the upcoming federal election you deserve to know which of the region’s priority projects political parties and their candidates support, or don’t support.

election imageThat’s why G21 is again producing a tally sheet of the major parties’ commitments against relevant G21 2016 Priority Projects in the run-up to the election.

They are projects the G21 Board has previously short-listed as being most beneficial to the economic and social health of the entire region.

The G21 Board comprises representatives of the five municipal councils in the region and elected representatives from the membership of G21.

The projects came before the G21 Board for consideration through a well-established and robust process.

G21’s eight community-based subject-specific Pillar Groups, which are effectively the “engine room” of G21’s work, identify projects and needs within their specialised fields, before feeding them up to the G21 Board.

G21 strongly guards the integrity of its Priority Project selection process, which has over the years earned the respect of political leaders, both state and federal.

Prudent long-term planning is a foundation of G21’s philosophy and success.

Respect for the G21 process, and for G21 as an organisation, was again evident when the G21 Board visited Canberra recently.  Politicians were eager to discuss the region’s priority projects, including the G21 pre-election tally sheet accountability process.

Twelve (12) of G21 region’s 17 current Priority Projects require federal government support.  These are the ones listed in the G21 federal election tally sheet below.

The tally sheet will be updated regularly as parties make commitments against specific projects during the upcoming campaign.

The tally sheet will be periodically sent to G21 members, and interested others, in the lead up to the election, and will be available on the G21 website.

You can view the latest G21 Priority Project election tally sheet at any time by clicking here.

We urge you to lobby your local candidates on behalf of the G21 Priority Projects, and to follow the candidates' commitments through the G21 tally sheet.

G21 will shortly commence a social media campaign, running through to the election, in support of the G21 Priority Projects.  We invite you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, showing your support by re-tweeting and sharing. Links to all of G21's social media accounts are on the G21 website.

Election Commitments against relevant G21 Priority Projects
Federal Election 2016
Current @ 30 March 2016
G21’s Federal Election 2016 Priority Projects Project
Federal support sought Federal Coalition
Federal Labor
Federal Greens
Addressing Disadvantage Implementation of the GROW (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) project. Completion of the regeneration of Northern Bay College, and projects that address community, education and employment issues in Colac, Norlane, Corio and Whittington. Funds of $2m for the GROW Strategic Plan implementation. Infrastructure and program funds of $82.75m for Corio/Norlane; $750K for Whittington; and $650K for Colac. #
? ? ?
Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct To finalise planning and begin development of Apollo Bay Harbour, servicing the local community and underpinning expansion of the town’s economy through tourism.
$10.6m to implement Stage 1 of public infrastructure development including new internal promenade sea wall and harbour management compound, expansion of the boat ramp and parking facilities, realignment of dangerous harbour road entrance, walking trails and new sailing club facilities. #
? ? ?
Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area Development of further infrastructure to serve the new urban growth area, including schools, community facilities and public transport. $829m of community infrastructure and services of various kinds. # ? ? ?
Avalon Airport Creating the conditions to allow new or expanded business at Avalon Airport, including attracting an international carrier. Reclassification of Avalon Airport to make it eligible for benefits under the Regional Airport Package; provision of border agencies once an international airline operates at Avalon Airport;
standardisation of border agency and Airservices’ charges, equal to the rates charged at Tullamarine; and assistance in attracting an international carrier.
? ? ?
Central Geelong Revitalisation Implementation of the Central Geelong Action Plan that will transform Central Geelong into a smart vibrant city. $10m for short-term projects within the Action Plan; $17m to deliver stages 2 & 3 of the Malop St Green Spine; funding to deliver streetscape upgrades and greening strategy projects for the ‘City in a Park’ vision; $80-100m to allow heavy vehicle and through traffic to bypass the CBD; support for transport network improvements; redevelopment of the Geelong Railway Station; planning the location of the NDIS headquarters in Central Geelong; and funds to create a new public space as the City Heart. # ? ? ?
Cruise Ship Destination -Yarra Street Pier Purpose built cruise liner facility accommodating visiting cruise ships, naval vessels and tall ships and the RGYC’s Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Precinct. $29.5m for detailed planning, design and construction of the pier facility.
$9m for Stage 1 of the Geelong Waterfront Safe Harbour Precinct (a $19m project, with partial funding already committed from the State Govt, RGYC and City of Greater Geelong). #
? ? ?
Geelong Cultural Precinct Redevelopment of GPAC (Geelong Performing Arts Centre) and planning for the upgrade of the Geelong Gallery. $50m towards redeveloping GPAC (Stage 3); $40m to redevelop the Geelong Gallery. # ? ? ?
Geelong Ring Road Connections Links from the Ring Road across to the Portarlington Road, upgrading freight connections to the Port of Geelong and the duplication of the Midland Highway to Bannockburn. $300K for a feasibility study to investigate an upgraded Midland Hwy to Bannockburn; $120-$160m for detailed planning and construction of the Midland Hwy to Bannockburn. ? ? ?
Geelong Secondary Schools & Community Digital Learning Hub Project to increase internet speed/capacity and access to digital learning and cloud-based resources to meet contemporary learning requirements of students and teachers in the G21 region. $4.7m to deliver a high-speed learning platform to each of GSSC Digital Learning Hub partner schools (state and private) and other locations, via AARNet. ? ? ?
G21 Adventure Trails Development of a major network of foot, bike and horse trails across the region, including the Great Ocean Walk, Bellarine Rail Trail and Barwon River Parklands
$18.9m for Years 1-4 critical works on ‘Leading Trails’ and ‘Support Trails’ within the expanding G21 region network.# ? ? ?
Land 400 Support in securing Geelong as the base for design, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of the Australia combat vehicle – Land 400 Military Vehicle. Nominate Geelong as the National Centre of Excellence for the LAND 400 capture project. ? ? ?
Transport Links to Melbourne Support in accelerating western access to Melbourne, which will ease traffic congestion on and around the West Gate Bridge. $1.5b to partner with Transurban and the State Government to build the Western Distributor project. # ? ? ?
Footnote:  # - See G21’s website for specific details on funding previously provided and commitments currently being sought on these projects www.G21.com.au

Membership of G21 is open to eligible businesses, organisations and government bodies associated with the G21 region.  Details about eligibility for membership, annual fees and an application form may be viewed by clicking here.

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