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 October 2014
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Long term plans need long term commitment

We already have the Geelong Region Plan – a sustainable growth strategy looking 35 years into the region’s future.
Recent media reports suggest some want to reinvent what already exists.  Why?
The Geelong Region Plan is a comprehensive long-term sustainability plan that looks towards 2050 addressing the challenges our region faces in the areas of environment, land planning, community strength, and economic growth.
The Plan’s architects foresaw the significant economic and social challenges our region now faces.PLAN building block image
It was shaped by two years of consultation involving hundreds of people including from local government, business, industry and the broader community.

It has been endorsed not only by our five G21 councils but also the state and federal governments.
The Geelong Region Plan contains five key directions for our region’s future:
  • protect and enhance the environment;
  • create sustainable settlements;
  • strengthen our communities;
  • refocus our economy; and importantly,
  • make it happen.
The Geelong Region Plan has endured. It has survived political cycles and changes of government at both the state and federal level.  A great credit to those involved in its development.
It has been used as a model, with all regions across the nation now required to develop their own vision and plan for their futures.
To implement The Geelong Region Plan, each year the G21 Board identifies projects aligned to the vision of the plan which form the basis for G21’s advocacy for investment on behalf of the region.
The Geelong Region Plan is the reference against which G21, its Pillar committees, its member councils and other arms of government work.
As the Regional Strategic Planning Committee, G21, since leading the development of The Geelong Region Plan, has continued to work with our regional community to develop other strategic plans to complement its long term vision.
These include the G21 Regional Growth Plan, the G21 RGP Implementation Plan, the G21 Public Transport Strategy, the G21 Regional Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the G21 Regional Economic Development Strategy.
By undertaking long term consultative strategic planning on behalf of our region, G21 continues to ensure our region is well placed to address the challenges we face.
The recent announcements by Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, and Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews, of funding promises for the much-needed redevelopment of the Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) shows The Geelong Region Plan at its best.
The plan not only identifies the significance of the arts to our regional community, it also outlines the broad mechanisms by which our community can go about achieving its objectives, whether in the arts or in other fields.
It was no accident that G21 made the redevelopment of GPAC its equal number one Priority Project in this election year.  The GPAC board and others in the community were equally determined to support GPAC’s redevelopment as a priority.
The effectiveness of a community and its organisations working together, showing bipartisan support, to achieve common goals is fundamental and powerful.
The Geelong Region Plan is the umbrella for such cooperation in our region.
Let’s not forget however that such long term planning requires long term commitment from everyone in order to achieve the outcomes to which our community aspires.

The Geelong Region Plan – a sustainable growth strategy is available on the G21 website by clicking here.

The state election G21 tally sheet

G21 Region residents could be mistaken for thinking our state political leaders have taken up residence in Geelong; they have been here so often in recent weeks.

What wonderful news. No matter who wins next month’s election, there will be funding for significant elements of a much-overdue redevelopment of GPAC.

Years of lobbying by the Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC), G21 and many others have paid dividends. 

As mentioned above, the redevelopment of GPAC has been a central element of G21’s advocacy work, including as the equal top Priority Project this year.

The people have spoken.  The politicians have listened.  A great outcome.

However this is not the only good news for the G21 region from Spring Street.

The most recent tally sheet on election commitments against G21’s election year Priority Projects can be viewed at any time on the G21 website  www.G21.com.au

We will also keep you informed of updates to our election tally sheet over the weeks leading up to the election.

G21 'Our Place' magazine

As a G21 family member you have an early opportunity to participate in the 20Cover of media brochure image15 edition of the joint G21 and Geelong Advertiser ‘Our Place’ magazine.

Now a well-established annual publication, ‘Our Place’ is published as an insert in the Geelong Advertiser in April, but has a 12 month shelf-life as a valuable promotional product for our region, used widely by business and government.

To find out more about how you can be part of ‘Our Place’ click here.
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