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GEC News, Events, and Updates - December 2017

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Upcoming Events



We Are Back!  The GEC 1st Friday Lunch is moving back to the old I-HOP location, now the Sunrise Dinner.  Bobby Howard has warmly invited the GEC back to the newly remodeled private dining room at the Sunrise Diner! We have some interesting speakers lined up...



GEC 1st Friday Lunch, January 5, 11:15, Sunrise Dinner, the Sunrise Diner at 5031 New Jesup Highway, Brunswick. Meet Rick Frey, the St Marys Riverkeeper. Winding between Georgia and Florida over 130-miles from the Okefenokee Swamp to the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Marys River is scenic and historic.  The dark waters of the St. Marys River are nearly pristine and relatively free from commercial impact. Rick’s job is more challenging than that of a typical Riverkeeper because of the different rules and regulations governing waterways in both states, as well as traveling to two state capitals while serving as an advocate of the river.

GEC 1st Friday Lunch, February 2, 11:15, Sunrise Diner (former I-HOP) 5031 New Jesup Hwy., Brunswick. Going Hog Wild! Kara Day, biologist from GADNR Wildlife Resources Division's Game Management, will discuss the dangers caused by invasive species and what they and other agencies are doing to combat them.

What We Have Been Working On

Feature Article



Magnolia Park – Real-life Examples of Impacts and Shortcoming in Regulations.

The Glynn Environmental Coalition has been working with the Magnolia Park neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia efforts to seek environmental justice concerning the fence line Garbage Transfer Station/Recycling Processing Facility, Liberty Rolloffs. Real-life examples were used to comment on the proposed Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD) Solid Waste Management Rules  When Rules meet real-world conditions, and enforcement of the Rules are sought, the weaknesses in the Rules are exposed. Comments were submitted on the new Rules using our experiences as examples.

The following are some of the highlights from the comments that expose the problems encountered when seeking justice.

    SUBSTATIALLY LEAKPROOF – The Magnolia Park neighborhood community is located next to the entrance of the Liberty Rolloffs facility, a Garbage Transfer Station.  Regularly, foul liquid is seen pouring from the trucks entering and leaving the facility.  The GA-EPD proposed rule does not have a definition for “substantially leak-proof”, which means there is no enforcement.

    FREQUENTLY – The Glynn Environmental Coalition and the Magnolia Park residents asked the GA-EPD to have the trucks at Liberty Rolloffs washed to reduce the stench, as required under the Rules and the GA-EPD Permit to the facility.   The response was the Rules don’t have a definition of “frequently”.  Frequently could be once a day, once a week, or once a year.  The point is without a definition, we can’t get relief from the stinking trucks that constantly pass the neighborhood. The putrescible wastes are caked up to a depth of 3 to 4 inches on the exterior of the trucks. 

   CONTROLLED - The Rules do not define “control” or what encompasses “controlled”.  In the case of odors (also not defined), there is no description of what are the Best Management Practices (BMPs) to be followed for the control of odors at Garbage Transfer Stations. Without BMPs and definitions of control/controlled and odors, the Rules are not enforceable.

   NUISANCES – The proposed rule does not have a definition of “Nuisances”.  On hot Georgia summer days, breathing can be difficult as it is.  With the addition of strong obnoxious odors, breathing can be very difficult.  But, effort of the neighborhood to seek relief from the GA-EPD were stymied because the rule cannot enforce “Nuisances” without a definition.  Currently, residents of the Magnolia Park neighborhood are being directed by the GA-EPD to go to the Health Department for medical care for breathing difficulties related to the stench emanating from the Garbage Transfer Station.  The threshold for “Nuisance” should not be a medical emergency requiring treatment from a nurse or doctor.


   Rules for Solid Waste Management needs several revisions to meet the underlying intent. Clear definitions and operation standards will greatly improve the Rules and provide enforceable GA-EPD Permits, and help provide the environmental justice being sought by the Magnolia Park neighborhood.




- The Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/Hercules Outfall Site became a lot more complex as Hercules reverted back to their history of shenanigans. Now, Hercules is arguing that toxic groundwater does not need to cleaned up their poisoned water because there is a small area with some salt. The Brunswick Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission is aware of the threat to the Terry Creek Road residents wells and has drafted plans to extend municipal water lines out to the neighborhood because the groundwater is extensively contaminated over a large area beyond the small area where there is some salinity present.

   Toxaphene, the pesticide manufactured by Hercules and the wastes discharged though the outfall ditch, is in the groundwater with the solvents like benzene. Also, solvents are present in the outfall ditch sediments (soil) and this data is in the Terry Creek Remedial Investigation (Table 5-2) produced by the EPA Superfund Site program.

   Hercules has a long history of being less than truthful.  Two EPA Office of Inspector General investigations, two Congressional investigations of consulting firms and journals used by Hercules involving “Science for Sale”.  In addition, over the years there have been numerous Consent Decrees and enforcement actions by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA-EPD) The EPA Office of Enforcement investigated the facility and found numerous problems, too.

   Currently, most interesting is Jud Turner, the former director of the GA-EPD is pushing for no cleanup.  Years ago, another former GA-EPD director, Lenard Ledbetter, was involved in an effort to develop an analytical method to hide toxaphene.  This was uncovered and became the centerpiece of the EPA Office of Inspector General Investigation and the development of EPA analytical Method 8276.

   It is time for Hercules to be a good and patriotic American citizen and step up and pay for the extension of municipal water lines to the Terry Creek Road neighborhood.  The contamination is moving.  The contamination has left Hercules property and now is moving under neighboring properties.

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- The GEC awarded Dr. William T. Lipscomb Science and Engineering Fair Awards for the 13th year, and plans are underway to judge projects and present awards in February 2018.  Award sponsors are welcome.



STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – event at Brunswick High School (BHS) was a great success.  Daniel Rosevelt, a 9th grader from BHS, and Maegan Mack, Safe Seafood Outreach, gave the small ones a place to hang out with coloring and Seafood Bingo as the parents and older students visited the more advanced booths. 


- Twitty Park Worth Saving initiative moved to court, mediation, and we will build off the favorable court ruling as we move forward. See more at the Twitty Park Facebook page.



- Hutcheson property wetlands restoration of ~750 acres in the Sea Island Flatwoods Forest eco-region appears to not be in compliance with the March 2013 court order, according to the Southern Environmental Law Center SELC). In a November 2017 letter to Mr. Hutcheson’s attorney, the SELC wrote, “Under the Settlement Agreement, Mr. Hutcheson was, among other things, ordered to plant numerous trees on his property. He also was ordered to enter into a conservation easement with the Georgia Land Trust. I have reviewed aerial photographs of his property, and it seems that he has not planted the trees. I have also spoken with a representative of the Georgia Land Trust, and Mr. Hutcheson has not entered into a conservation easement covering his property.”

9621---7-5-16 LCP Super Fund Site

- The LCP Chemicals Superfund Site Consent Decree went to Federal Superior Court and the GEC won victories for our community. The programs recommended by the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry of the past 23 years to protect our community’s health and welfare will be administered by the GEC. The GEC is working to implement these programs in 2018.


- The Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site Five-Year Review is underway the site is nearing completion. We hope to explore reuse in 2018 and return the property to the tax rolls.



- The GEC 2017 Safe Seafood program is wrapping up for the year.  We hope to add signs in the fishing areas next year.



- Georgia Power’s removal of the coal ash pond from Plant McManus in Glynn County continues to be monitored by the GEC. Following hurricane Irma filling the ponds, the water was treated and pumped out.


Thank you to all GEC members and supporters for a terrific 2017! We look forward to a new year of working together as a community to assure a clean environment and healthy economy for citizens of Coastal Georgia.


Telephone: 912-466-0934
Postal Mail: P. O. Box 2443, Brunswick, Georgia  31521
Office: 4472 New Jesup Highway, Suite C, Brunswick, Georgia  31520

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