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Dr. Dalia Fadila at the URJ Biennial
| December 6 - Boston

DaliaIn a panel discussion titled, Social Justice: One Way for Teens to Care about Israel (Youth Engagement), Dr. Dalia Fadila will share how her work integrating personal development into Arab youth education in Israel is part of changing the paradigms by which they think about their own identity as Arab citizens of Israel. Her insights will be part of a larger conversation on how American Jewish teens can be engaged around issues of co-existence and dialogue between Jews and Arabs (Muslim and Christian) to strengthen their connection to Israel and to their own Jewish identity.



Conference Call: IDI Survey on Majority-Minority Relations in Israel
| December 14

In 2017, the Israel Democracy Institute's survey of Jewish-Arab relations focused on differences in perceptions on the state, societal and interpersonal levels. According to IDI, results show that while definite, substantial disagreements exist between Jews and Arabs on the state level, relations on the societal and, to an even greater extent, personal levels are less tense. What do the different quality of interactions tell us about Jewish-Arab relations in Israel? Join us for a conference call with Professor Tamar Hermann, Academic Director of the Guttmann Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at IDI and chief author of the 2017 survey, for an in-depth discussion.



Arab Women's Leadership and Shared Society in Israel
| January 15 - 19th

Amal Elsana Alh'jooj, founder of AJEEC-NISPED — the largest Arab-Jewish NGO in the Negev — and faculty member at McGill University, will speak to American Jewish communities and Hillel groups on a week-long tour to discuss women's leadership, social change in Israel's Bedouin society, and working to strengthen Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. A life-long activist and expert on social change, Amal combines her personal story with experience leading civil society organizations and working on majority-minority relations in Israel to provide an insightful and eye-opening perspective.



Shaykh Muwaffak Tarif, Spiritual Leader of Israel's Druze Community
| January 23 - NYC

Israel's Druze community is part of the Arab minority, but also its own unique ethnic and religious group. While suffering from many of the socio-economic gaps shared by Arab citizens as a whole, the Druze have historically had a less fraught relationship with the state of Israel, as evidenced by the high rates of military conscription among Druze men. Shaykh Muwaffak Tarif has been the Druze' spiritual leader since 1993, continuing a lineage of spiritual leadership tracing back to 1753. Join the Task Force and the Conference of Presidents to hear about his vision for the Druze community in Israel, and his efforts to promote stronger connections among Israelis of all faiths.


Recent Publications and Resources

Task Force Update: The Council of Higher Education's Plans to Enhance Arab Citizens Access to Higher Education - Progress and Priorities

Higher-Ed-plans This update provides an overview of the current status of Arab citizen representation in Israel's higher education institutions following the CHE's first six-year plan to enhance access, launched in 2011. It then outlines developments in the plan's major programs and how the second six-year plan, launched in 2016, builds on and expands the these efforts. View the update here and on the link below, and read a related column in the Jerusalem Post by Kenneth Bandler, here.


Recent Events and Presentations

The Other Israel Film Festival
| New York City

The Task Force co-presented two screenings of In Between, a feature-length film by Israeli director, Maysaloun Hamoud, at this year's Other Israel Film Festival. The film centers on the story of three young Arab women navigating life in Tel Aviv, exploring issues of gender, religion, and sexuality in Arab society.


Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel in 2017
| New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas

Ghaida-Rinawie-ZoabiGhaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Founder of Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance and Hartman Fellow, spoke to audiences in southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Dallas about how Arab leaders are navigating shifting trends in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, their role in advancing the government of Israel's economic development efforts in the Arab sector, and visions among Arab citizens for shared society.


Pittsburgh Community Education Day: Arab Citizens in the Jewish State
| Pittsburgh

Ghaida-MyriamThe Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh held their third annual Pittsburgh Community Education Day on Arab Citizens in the Jewish State, which featured a screening of the documentary film "77 Steps", by Ibtisam Mara'ana, and a discussion with Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Founder of Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance, and Myriam Darmoni Charbit, Director of Civics and Shared life Education, Center for Educational Technology in Tel Aviv, about the complexities of being an Arab in the Jewish state and on efforts being made through education to foster shared society.


Bedouin Philanthropy in the Negev
| New York City

Ibrahim-NsasraThe Task Force and Jewish Funders Network hosted a presentation with Ibrahim Nsasra, philanthropist and entrepreneur, who shared his personal story of overcoming barriers to success as a Bedouin Arab citizen of Israel, and spoke about his vision for Bedouin society and how his actions and those of philanthropists like him are affecting perceptions of leadership in the community. Nsasra was featured in the Task Force briefing paper on Arab philanthropy in Israel.


Social Enterprise in the Negev: Employment, Empowerment and Jewish-Bedouin Relations
| New York City

Itzik-ZivanItzik Zivan, Founder of Zivtex, philanthropist and social entrepreneur, spoke to a Task Force audience about why he is committed to advancing Jewish-Arab relations in the Negev, his involvement and vision for social enterprise in the region and in Israel on a larger scale, and more specifically how Al Sanabel is influencing the government's efforts to boost Arab women's employment.


Jewish and Arab
Women of Israel | New York City

WESAs part of their Women of Israel program, West End Synagogue hosted Liron Shoham, Associate Director of the Task Force, who spoke to congregants about accomplishments Arab women have achieved in Israel despite the barriers and challenges they face related to the more traditional aspects of Arab society and their status as minorities within the state of Israel.


Online Resources

Visit iataskforce.org for ongoing updates and resources


Upcoming Visits

CONTACT US to arrange a meeting or event with a visiting colleague.

נעמת – תנועת נשים עובדות ומתנדבות

Maisam Jaljula, chairperson for the Hadash party in Na’amat, a leading women’s movement in Israel, will be in the US as part of the US Embassy's program 'Women as Political and Community Leaders." A former MEPI partner alumna and Abraham Fund Initiatives staff person, she is one of the leading Arab professional women in the country, and one of a new generation of Arab women entering Israel's political arena.

Visit Details: 11.27-12.15 East Coast

Ifat Baron, Founder and Executive Director of ITWorks, will be in NY to speak about the organization’s efforts to empower Arab citizens through technological training and professional skill development within the wider, national focus on better integration of Arab citizens in the Israeli hi-tech industry.

Visit Details: January; New York

Micah Hendler, Director of Rana: Arab-Jewish Women’s Choir, will be in the US to speak about the unique role of the choir in promoting collaboration, cultural exchange, and coexistence between Arab and Jewish women through music. 

Visit Details
: 1.6-1.15 in CA; mid-January-mid-March in DC.

Ayal Kantz and Shawki Khatib of INJAZ: the Center for Professional Arab Local Governance, will be in the US to speak about leadership development at the municipal level in Arab localities and their involvement in the implementation of Government Resolution 922.

Visit Details: 1.15-1.16 in DC and Baltimore; 1.17-1.19 in NY; 1.22 in Boston; 1.23-1.24 in SF and 1.25-1.26 in LA

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