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Jewish and Arab
Women of Israel | Sept 09 - NYC

WESWest End Synagogue hosts long-time member Annette Crohn and Task Force Associate Director, Liron Shoham, for Women in Israel, a Saturday services educational program. In Arab women navigating challenges within traditional Arab society as well as those of being a minority in the Jewish state. Yet, more are making strides in recent years. The Government of Israel has made integrating Arab women into the job market a domestic priority, and those that succeed often become role models and change-makers intent on helping others. Today, there are Arab women in senior positions in government, entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, scientists, academics, filmmakers, journalists, and elected officials. Join us to hear what this means for Jewish-Arab relations and Israeli society at large.



Social Enterprise in the Negev: Employment, Empowerment, and Jewish-Bedouin Relations
| Sept 12 - NYC

Itzik-ZivanIn 2009, Itzik Zivan, a successful Israeli businessman from Caesarea, joined a promising catering project providing jobs for Bedouin women, whose employment rates are less than 25%. Today Al Sanabel Catering, a joint initiative of AJEEC-NISPED and the Municipality of Hura, is one of Israel's most successful social enterprises. Its employees (mostly single mothers) prepare 9000 meals a day for schools throughout the region. As a result, the initiative is being scaled and studied for duplication in Israel and abroad, and Zivan is working with government and civil society partners to make social enterprise an integral part of a new Jewish-Arab industrial park in the Negev. Join Itzik on September 12th for a breakfast discussion about Jewish-Arab relations in Israel's southern region, and his vision for social enterprise in the Negev and Israel as a whole.



Pittsburgh Community Education Day on Jews and Arabs in Israel
| Oct 23

Ghaida-Rinawie-ZoabiThe Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh will hold their third annual Pittsburgh Community Education Day on Arab Citizens and Jewish-Arab relations featuring a screening of the documentary film "77 Steps", by Ibtisam Mara'ana, followed by a discussion with Ghaida Rinawie-Zoabi, Founder of Injaz Center for Professional Arab Local Governance. Ghaida will speak about the complex and changing realities for Arab citizens of Israel, for Arab women in particular, and current government efforts to economically advance Israel's Arab communities.




"In Between" at the Other Israel Film Festival | NYC

Join the Task Force at the 11th Annual Other Israel Film Festival for a screening and discussion of 'In Between" by Maysaloun Hamoud, nominated for 12 Ophir awards. "In Between" shed insight into the complex identity of Arab citizens, navigating expectations of their more traditional communities, challenges of being an Arab minority in the Jewish state, and their parents' expectations, and the possibilities available to them via cosmopolitan Tel Aviv life. Screening schedule to be announced.

Recent Publications and Resources

Task Force Briefing Paper: Informal Education in Israel's Arab Society

Informal-Ed-paper Informal education in Israel is a vibrant and diverse field, though largely unregulated and unevenly implemented. Over the years, Israel's Arab society has had exceptionally limited access to extracurricular and after-school activities, despite also having high rates of poverty, youth dropout, inactivity, and delinquency—issues that informal education is known to address. Enhancing informal education for Arab youth has therefore become a priority in Israel, and a major aspect of government efforts to advance Arab economic development. This Task Force paper provides an overview of informal education in Israel's Arab society, and insights into the unprecedented government and civil society initiatives underway to enhance it.


Conference Call: Shootings on the Temple Mount – Arab Discourse and State-Minority Relations in the Aftermath

Yonatan-RawnakThe July 14th shooting attack of two Druze police officers on the Temple Mount by three Arab citizens, and its aftermath, brought to the surface internal challenges within Israel's Arab community, deteriorated Jewish-Arab relations inside Israel, and reignited tensions surrounding control of the site. Dr. Yonatan Mendel, Head of Manarat, The Van Leer Center for Jewish-Arab Relations, and Rawnak Natour, Co-Executive Director of Sikkuy, spoke to Task Force members about the events in their broader social and political context, and the related discourse on state-minority and internal Arab relations.


Task Force Report: First Year Implementation of Government Resolution 922

922-updateIn 2017, Government Resolution 922 (GR-922), the unprecedented, five-year, NIS 12-15 billion economic development plan for Israel's Arab society, entered its second year. As part of ongoing Task Force updates on GR-922, this report focuses on the status of implementation over the plan's first year including specific areas of development across government ministries. An overview of ministry workplans for the resolution can be found here. Overall, in the first year of implementation, a total of NIS 2.5 billion was allocated in 2016 (NIS 900 million of which went directly to Arab localities) setting in motion a significant number of programs and development supports. See the report for details.


Recent Events and Presentations

ONWARD Israel - Connections Conference | Israel

Onward Fifteen hundred ONWARD participants attended the Connections Conference. In groups, they heard from leaders from various sectors of Israeli society. Through the Task Force, one of these speakers was Samah Heib Jaljuli, Director of the regional Riyan Employment Center in Tira who spoke about integrating Arab professionals into the Israeli labor market and her efforts to advance Arab women in professional and leadership positions.

Through Others' Eyes: An Exhibition
| New Jersey and Texas

TOE-GivatHaviva As part of the exhibition entitled, We Were Born Here, 20 Israeli Arab and Jewish high school age youth traveled to New Jersey and Texas to speak about their daily realities and share their experience participating in Through Others' Eyes, a year-long photography program offered by Givat Haviva during which they explored questions of identity, culture, faith, and coexistence.


JCPA – ARZA Symposium: Seventh Day – Israel at a Crossroads
| New York City

Mohammad_DarawsheMohammad Darawshe, Director for the Center for Equality & Shared Society at Givat Haviva in Israel, was part of a panel, Future Possibilities of Peace, on the impact of the 1967 Six Day War. He spoke about current day Jewish-Arab relations and the status of Israel's Arab citizens of Israel at the symposium which examined the 1967 war as a historical turning point and its long-lasting effects on Israeli and Jewish communities today.


Amir Levi, Director of Budgets at the Ministry of Finance, on the Economic Development Plan for the Arab Sector
| California and Washington, DC

Amir-LeviAmir Levi, Director of Budgets at the Ministry of Finance, one of the chief architects of Government Resolution 922, spoke to audiences in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC about how this plan became a reality, its key commitments, and why Arab economic development is a top domestic priority for the Government of Israel.


7th Annual Community Education Day on Arab Citizens of Israel
| Washington, DC

Washington-Ed-DayThis year's Education Day featured a screening of the documentary "77 Steps" followed by a panel discussion featuring Fida Nara, Co-Director of Mahapach-Taghir, a grassroots, feminist, Jewish-Arab organization working for social change through education and community empowerment; and Reem Zoabi Abu Ishak, Director of Nazareth Riyan Employment Center, one of 21 employment centers established in Arab society through Al Fanar, via a strategic collaboration between the Israeli government, JDC-Tevet and Yad Hanadiv Rothschild Foundation.


Online Resources

Visit iataskforce.org for ongoing updates and resources


Missions in Israel

Contact us for support planning your next mission to Israel.

TAMID Group | July 2017

Participants in TAMID's Summer Internship Program--which connects students from over 30 American universities with Israeli businesses--learned about efforts to integrate and expand high tech into Israel's Arab society. Two groups of 120 participants each visited the Nazareth Industrial Park and met with Arab high tech leaders including Dr. Fadi Swidan, Director of the Nazareth Business Incubator and Accelerator and Co-Director of the Hybrid Program, and Dr. Ramzi Halabi, Chairman of the Board of Tsofen and former Mayor of Daliat El Carmel.

ONWARD Israel - Tech Group | July 2017

OnwardAn Onward group focused on Israeli high tech visited the mixed city of Akko to learn about Jewish-Arab relations. Task Force representative Avivit Hai provided an introduction to Arab citizens of Israel and presented on mixed cities and current realities in Jewish-Arab relations.

Taglit-Birthright - Excel | July 2017

The Task Force helped organize a half-day of learning on Arab society in Israel for 80 participants of Taglit's Excel program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The group (50 international and 30 Israeli students) learned about Jewish-Arab relations through art and building a more shared society through economic development. They toured the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and met with the Founding Director, Said Abu Shakra, and toured the Nazareth Industrial Park where they met with young Arab engineers and heard from Arab entrepreneur, Imad Telhami, who shared his personal story and vision of success.

JFNA Young Leadership Mission - 3 site visits | July 2017

JFNA_logo Three JFNA groups learned about women's empowerment, shared society and economic advancement for Arab society through visits to Kfar Qara, Yafiya, and Nazareth, respectively. The first group met with local activist Amne Kanaane, Director of Awareness for You who show and why she works for Arab women's empowerment and Jewish-Arab relations. The A second group visited a local chapter of Mahapach-Taghir, a Jewish-Arab women organization, where Branch Coordinator Mona Arok, spoke about the impact of encounters between Jewish and Arab women. The third group visited the Riyan Employment Center in Nazareth and learned from Director Reem Zoabi Abu Ishak about government and local efforts to enhance Arab employment.

ONWARD Israel | July 2017

OnwardA group of Jewish ONWARD participants from Georgia visited Kfar Qara to make Jewish-Arab relations part of their Israel experience. The Task Force provided an introduction to current realities of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel prior to the group's meeting with local activist Amne Kanaane, Director of Awareness for You, at her home to learn about her efforts and vision for Arab women's empowerment and Jewish-Arab relations in the area.

JDC Entwine| June 2017

JDC Entwine's Israel mission spent a full day learning about Israel's Arab society. The Task Force briefed the group on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel before their visits to a number of JDC's programs in Usafiya, a Druze village on Mount Carmel, to learn about the early childhood center and the employment programs at the local Riyan Employment Center. They also met with the Mayor of Usafiya and visited DruzeNet, a private sector initiative to integrate Druze professionals into Israeli high-tech.

Israel Action Network - Academics for Peace | June 2017

IANs "Academics for Peace" mission learned about Jewish-Arab relations in Israel on their visit. The 25 participants met with Dr. Thabet Abu Ras, Co-director of the Abraham Fund Initiatives and Task Force representative Avivit Hai for presentations and discussion on current trends in Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

Upcoming Visits

CONTACT US to arrange a meeting or event with a visiting colleague.



Esti Halperin, Executive Director of Merchavim, will be traveling in Canada and the US to speak about the role of Israel's education system, and teachers especially, in promoting diversity and values of shared society between Jewish and Arab pupils.

Visit Details:
10.11-10.19; Toronto, Washington, Baltimore, and New York City

Matan Yaffe, founder and CEO of Desert Stars, will be traveling in the US to speak about leadership development within Bedouin society and the organization's work to nurture future business and civil society leaders in the community.

Visit details
: October; San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City




Mohammad Darawshe, Director of the Center for Equality & Shared Society at Givat Haviva, will be on the East Coast to speak about Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, developments related to shared society and the status of Arab citizens in the Jewish and democratic state.

Visit Details: 10.27-11.2; East Coast

Rawnak Natour and Ron Gerlitz, Co-Executive Directors of Sikkuy, will be traveling on the East Coast to speak about challenges and opportunities of working towards a more shared Israeli society between Jewish and Arab citizens.

Visit Details: Early - Mid November; D.C., New York and Boston

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